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Computer Science & Information Systems: Green

Selected Books

Energy limits in computation : a review of Landauer's Principle, theory and experiments 2019 by Lent, et al

Soft computing for sustainability science 2018 by Cruz-Corona

Low-power design and power-aware verification 2018 by Khondkar

Machine learning for ecology and sustainable natural resource management 2018 by Humphries, et al

Handbook of smart cities : software services and cyber infrastructure 2018 by Maheswaran, et al

Smart sustainable cities of the future : the untapped potential of big data analytics and context-aware computing for advancing sustainability 2018 by Bibri

Low-carbon smart cities : tools for climate resilience planning 2018 by Kim

Smart cities : development and governance frameworks 2018 by Mahmood

A survey on coordinated power management in multi-tenant data centers 2018 by Oo, et al

Active house : smart nearly zero energy buildings 2018 by Feifer, et al

Smarter homes : how technology will change your home life 2018 by Sonsino

Energy efficient high performance processors : recent approaches for designing green high performance computing 2018 by Haj-Yahya, et al

Wireless information and power transfer : a new paradigm for green communications 2018 by Jayakody, et al

Greening video distribution networks : energy-efficient internet video delivery 2018 by Popescu

Computational methods and models for transport : new challenges for the greening of transport systems 2018 by Diez, et al

Reliable and energy efficient streaming multiprocessor systems 2018 by Das, et al

Energy efficient embedded video processing systems : a hardware-software collaborative approach 2018 by Khan, et al

Data and energy integrated communication networks : a brief introduction 2018 by Yang

Advanced techniques for power, energy, and thermal management for clustered manycores 2018 by Pagani, et al

Green materials for electronics 2018 by  Irimia-Vladu, et al

Sustainable Cloud and Energy Services : Principles and Practice 2018 by Rivera

Normally-off computing 2017 by Nakada, et al

ICT investment for energy use in the industrial sectors 2017 by Khayyat

Smart mobility -- connecting everyone : trends, concepts and best practices 2017 by Flügge

The dark side of silicon : energy efficient computing in the dark silicon era 2017 by Rahmani, et al

Internet of Things and smart environments : assistive technologies for disability, dementia, and aging 2017 by Shahrestani

Green Mobile networks : a networking perspective 2017 by Ansari

Smart electromechanical systems : the central nervous system 2017 by Gorodetsky, et al

Fuzzy logic control in energy systems : with design applications in MATLAB /Simulink 2017 by Atlas

Sustainability, green IT and education strategies in the twenty-first century 2017 by Issa, et al

Green IT engineering : concepts, models, complex systems architectures 2017 by Kharchenko

Advanced Concepts for Renewable Energy Supply of Data Centres 2017 by Salom, et al

Green photonics and electronics 2017 by Eisenstein, et al

Green Capitalism? : Business and the Environment in the Twentieth Century 2017 by Berghoff, et al

Cloud broker and cloudlet for workflow scheduling 2017 by Youn, et al       

Lean computing for the cloud 2016 by Bauer

Smarter energy : from smart metering to the smart grid 2016 by Sun, et al

Computational sustainability 2016 by Lässig, et al

Energy efficiency in data centers and clouds 2016 by Hurson, et al

Green Photonics and Smart Photonics 2016 by Liaw

Green heterogeneous wireless networks 2016 by Ismail, et al

Enablers for smart cities 2016 by Seghrouchni, et al

 Microsensing networks for sustainable cities 2016 by Lambrechts, et al

Data Mining and Machine Learning in Building Energy Analysis 2016 by Magoules, et al

Green and smart buildings : advanced technology options 2016 by Jadhav

Handbook of smart homes, health care and well-being 2016 by Hoof, et al

Energy management in wireless cellular and ad-hoc networks 2016 by Shakir, et al

Wireless traffic steering for green cellular networks 2016 by Zhang, et al

Cooperative Radio Communications for Green Smart Environments 2016 by Cardona

Green in software engineering 2015 by Calero

Green information technology : a sustainable approach 2015 by Dasbaz, et al

Green communications : principles, concepts and practice 2015 by Samdanis

Smart information systems : computational intelligence for real-life applications 2015 by Hopfgartner

Sustainable design : HCI, usability and environmental concerns 2015 by Issa, et al

Energy efficient servers : blueprints for data center optimization 2015 by Gough, et al

Green communications : principles, concepts and practice 2015 by Samdanis

Energy efficient smart phones for 5G networks 2015 by Radwan, et al

Collaborative internet of things (C-IoT) : for future smart connected life and business 2015 by Behman, et al

Solar PV and wind energy conversion systems : an introduction to theory, modeling with MATLAB/SIMULINK, and the role of soft computing techniques 2015 by Sumathi, et al

Energy efficient smart phones for 5G networks 2015 by Radwan

Computing with Memory for Energy-Efficient Robust Systems 2014 by Paul , et al

Serialization and persistent objects : turning data structures into efficient databases 2014 by Soukop, et al

Green computing book : tackling energy efficiency at large scale 2014 by Feng

Internet of Things based on smart objects : technology, middleware and applications 2014 by Fortino, et al

Internet of things with the Arduino Yún : projects to help you build a world of smarter things 2014 by Schwartz

More Books

Roadmap to greener computing 2014 by Nguemaleu, et al

Green ICT & Energy : From Smart to Wise Strategies 2014 by Appleman

Rechargeable sensor networks : technology, theory, and application : introduce energy harvesting to sensor networks 2014 by Chen

Home energy information : measuring and managing energy consumption in residential buildings 2014 by Green

From machine-to-machine to the internet of things : introduction to a new age of intelligence 2014 by Höller

From Physics to Daily Life : Applications in Informatics, Energy, and Environment 2014 by Bressan

The making of green engineers : sustainable development and the hybrid imagination 2013 by Jamison

Interdisciplinary Mechatronics : Engineering Science and Research Development 2013 by Habib, et al

Design technologies for green and sustainable computing systems 2013 by Pande, et al

Green computing with emerging memory : low-power computation for social innovation 2013 by Kawahara, et al

High performance computing in power and energy systems 2013 by Khaitan, et al

Embedded systems for smart appliances and energy management 2013 by Grimm, et al

Energy-efficient high performance computing : measurement and tuning 2013 by Laros

Evolutionary based solutions for green computing 2013 by Khan

Sustainable web ecosystem design 2013 by O’Toole

The power of design : product innovation in sustainable energy technologies 2013 by Reinders, et al

Energy-aware scheduling on multiprocessor platforms 2013 by Li, et al

Energy-efficient communication processors : design and implementation for emerging wireless systems 2013 by Fasthuber, et al

se:Smart sensors, measurement and instrumentation 2013 – 2018

An ASIC low power primer : analysis, techniques and specification 2013 by Chadha

Free and open source software and technology for sustainable development 2012 by Sowe

Optimization of photovoltaic power systems : modelization, simulation and control 2012 by Rekioua, et al

Harnessing green IT : principles and practices 2012 by Murugesan, et al

Lead free solder : mechanics and reliability  2012 by Pang

Energy efficient distributed computing systems 2012 by Zomaya, et al

Green illusions : the dirty secrets of clean energy and the future of environmentalism 2012 by Zehner

Energy efficiency in manufacturing systems 2012 by Thiede

Green IT : managing your carbon footprint 2012 by BCS

Research tools in natural resource and environmental economics 2011 by Batabyal, et al

What is sustainable technology? : perceptions, paradoxes and possibilities 2011 by Mulder, et al

Engineers, society, and sustainability 2011 by Bell

ISO14001 step by step : a practical guide 2011 by Sadiq, et al

Soft computing in green and renewable energy systems 2011 by Gopalakrishnan, et al

Green energy : basic concepts and fundamentals 2011 by Li

Green technology : an A-to-Z guide 2011 by Mulvaney

Empowering green initiatives with IT : a strategy and implementation guide 2010 by Speshlock

Green IT for sustainable business practice : an ISEB foundation guide 2010 by O'Neill

Greening through IT : information technology for environmental sustainability 2010 by Tomlinson

HPC@Green IT : green high performance computing methods 2010 by Gruber, et al

Towards green ICT 2010 by Prasad, et al

IP-enabled energy management : a proven strategy for administering energy as a service 2010 by Aldrich, et al

Green IT in practice : how one company is approaching the greening of its IT 2010 by Hird

Greening the data center : opportunities for improving data center energy efficiency 2009 by Spafford

Greening the Data Center : a Pocket Guide 2009 by Spafford

The smart grid : enabling energy efficiency and demand response 2009 by Gellings

Green software defined radios : enabling seamless connectivity while saving on hardware and energy 2009 by Perre, et al

The green office : a business guide 2009 by Calder

Compliance for green IT : a pocket guide 2009 by Calder

Green tech : how to plan and implement sustainable IT solutions 2009 by Webber, et al

The governance of green IT : the role of processes in reducing data center energy requirements 2008 by Spafford

Controlling energy demand in mobile computing systems 2007 by Ellis

High tech trash : digital devices, hidden toxics, and human health 2006 by Grossman

Fast, efficient and predictable memory accesses : optimization algorithms for memory architecture aware compilation 2006 by Wehmeyer

Electricity requirements for a digital society 2002 by Baer, et al

Economy-energy-environment simulation : beyond the Kyoto Protocol 2002 by Uno

The ecology of the new economy : sustainable transformation of global information, communications and electronics industries 2002 by Park, et al

Design + environment : a global guide to designing greener goods 2001 by Lewis, et al

Building energy and environmental modelling 1998 by Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers

Catalog of the National Energy Software Center, 1984

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