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Computer Science & Information Systems: eCommerce

Selected Books

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Digitized : industry transformation and disruption through entrepreneurship and innovation 2019 by Einav

Leading and managing change in the age of disruption and artificial intelligence 2019 by Donald

The entrepreneurial dilemma in the life cycle of the small firm… 2019 by Masurel

Human-computer interaction and cybersecurity handbook 2019 by Moallem

Data analytics and psychometrics : informing assessment practices 2019 by Jiao

Value sensitive design : shaping technology with moral imagination 2019 by Friedman, et al

Business Ethics 3. 0 : the New Integral Ethics 2018 by Galow

Cybersecurity program development for business : the essential planning guide 2018 by Moschovitis

Models of computation for big data 2018 by Akerkar

Data science thinking : the next scientific, technological and economic revolution 2018 by Cao

Build better chatbots : a complete guide to getting started with chatbots 2018 by Khan

Introduction to deep learning business applications for developers : from conversational bots in customer service to medical image processing 2018 by Veira, et al

Build Android-based smart applications : using rules engines, NLP and automation frameworks 2018 by Mukherjee

The Interconnected Individual : Seizing Opportunity in the Era of AI, Platforms, Apps, and Global Exchanges 2018 by Hastings, et al

Hacking product design : a guide to designing products for startups 2018 by Jing

The Sage encyclopedia of surveillance, security, and privacy 2018 by Arrigo

National security vs. civil & privacy rights 2018 by Issit

Design, launch, and scale IoT services : a practical business approach 2018 by Haughian

Social capital online : alienation and accumulation 2018 by Faucher

Integration, interconnection, and interoperability of IoT Systems 2018 by Gravina, et al

How to compete in the age of artificial intelligence : implementing a collaborative human-machine strategy for your business 2018 by Mohanty

Monetizing machine learning : quickly turn Python ML ideas into web applications on the serverless cloud 2018 by Amunategui, et al

Digital marketplaces unleashed 2018 by Linnhoff-Popien, et al

CIOs and the digital transformation : a new leadership role 2018 by Bongiorno, et al

The AI advantage : how to put the artificial intelligence revolution to work 2018 by Davenport

Consumer use of the internet & mobile web 2018-2019  by Miller, et al

Innovations in e-systems for business and commerce 2018 by Kadry, et al

Group recommender systems : an introduction 2018 by Felfernig, et al

Pro Entity Framework Core 2 for ASP.NET Core MVC 2018 by Freeman

Practical PHP 7, MySQL 8, and MariaDB website databases : a simplified approach to developing database-driven websites 2018 by West, et al

Beginning PHP and MySQL : from novice to professional 2018 Kromann

UX fundamentals for non-UX professionals 2018 by Stull

Scalability patterns : best practices for designing high volume websites 2018 by Dhall

HTML5 and JavaScript projects 2018 by Meyer

Beginning serverless computing : developing with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud 2018 by Stigler

Enterprise cybersecurity study guide : how to build a successful cyberdefense program against advanced threats 2018 by Donaldson

API development : a practical guide for business implementation success 2018 by Preibisch

Microservices for the enterprise : designing, developing, and deploying 2018 by Indrasiri, et al

Business process management cases : digital innovation and business transformation in practice 2018 by Brocke

Crowdsourced data management : hybrid machine-human computing 2018 by Li, et al

Practical Node.js : building real-world scalable web apps 2018 by Mardan

Digital marketplaces unleashed 2018 by Linnhoff-Popien, et al

The digital transformation of the automotive industry : catalysts, roadmap, practice 2018 by Winkelhake

Encyclopedia of social network analysis and mining 2018 by Alhajj, et al

Computer and network security essentials 2018 by Daimi

Handbook of mobile data privacy 2018 by Gkoulalas-Divanis, et al

Internet economy vs classic economy : struggle of contradictions 2018 by Sukhodolov, et al

Building your online store with WordPress and WooCommerce 2018 by Sims

Business Information Systems and Technology 4.0 2018 by Dornberger

CIOs and the digital transformation : a new leadership role 2018 by Bongiorno, et al

Digital transformation now! : Guiding the Successful Digitalization of Your Business Model 2018 by Schallmo, et al

SAP next-gen : innovation with purpose 2018 by Welz, et al

Practical Enterprise Data Lake Insights 2018 by Gupta, et al

Beginning DAX with Power BI : the SQL pro's guide to better business intelligence 2018 by Seamark

Learn salesforce lightning : the visual guide to the lightning UI 2018 by Duarte, et al

The World of Open Data : Concepts, Methods, Tools and Experiences 2018 by Charalabidis, et al

Data privacy games 2018 by Xu, et al

Electronic commerce 2018 : a managerial and social networks perspective 2018 by Turban, et al

Improving service level engineering : an intuitionistic fuzzy approach 2018 by Schütze

International Business in the Information and Digital Age 2018 by Tulder, et al

Digital business leadership 2018 by Kreutzer, et al

Data driven : an introduction to management consulting in the 21st century 2018 by Curuksu

Big data in computational social science and humanities 2018 by Chen

Trust and reputation management systems : an e-business perspective 2018 by Trček

Emotions and personality in personalized services : models, evaluation and applications 2016 by Tkalčič, et al

Sustainable business models : principles, promise, and practice 2018 by Moratis, et al

Managing social responsibility : functional strategies, decisions and practices 2018 by Turker

Silicon states : the power and politics of big tech and what it means for our future 2018 by Greene

Beginning serverless computing : developing with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud 2018 by Stigler

Cloud computing : concepts and practices 2018 by Sehgal, et al

Inventing the Cloud Century : How Cloudiness Keeps Changing Our Life, Economy and Technology 2018 by Oppitz, et al

Migrating to Azure : transforming legacy applications into scalable cloud-first solutions 2018 by Garverick

Technology and the insurance industry : re-configuring the competitive landscape 2018 by Cappiello

The collaborative era in science : governing the network 2018 by Wagner

Parametric and nonparametric statistics for sample surveys and customer satisfaction data 2018 by Arboretti, et al

Computational methods and models for transport : new challenges for the greening of transport systems 2018 by Diez, et al

The Huawei and Snowden questions : Can electronic equipment from untrusted vendors be verified? 2018 by Lysne

Testing and tuning market trading systems : algorithms in C++ 2018 by Masters

Saddlepoint approximation methods in financial engineering 2018 by Kwok, et al

Introduction to Google Analytics : a guide for absolute beginners 2017 by Kelsey

Digital privacy and security using windows : a practical guide 2017 by Hassan

Ethical and social issues in the information age 2017 by Kizza

Agile Information Business : Exploring Managerial Implications 2017 by Kryvinska, et al

Business analytics using R - a practical approach 2017 by Rao

Bankruptcy prediction through soft computing based deep learning technique 2017 by Chaudhuri, et al

Machine learning and cognition in enterprises : business intelligence transformed 2017 by Kumar

Beginning Salesforce developer 2017 by Wicherski

A psychology of user experience : involvement, affect and aesthetics 2017 by Turner

Advanced Concepts for Renewable Energy Supply of Data Centres 2017 by Salom, et al

Advanced microservices : a hands-on approach to microservice infrastructure and tooling 2017 by Hunter, et al

The definitive guide to Squarespace : learn to deliver custom, professional web experiences for yourself and your clients 2017 by Martin

Essential angular for ASP.NET Core MVC 2017 by Freeman

Pro functional PHP programming : application development strategies for performance optimization, concurrency, testability, and code brevity 2017 by Aley

PHP arrays : single, multi-dimensional, associative and object arrays in PHP 7 2017 by Prettyman

Mobile payment systems : secure network architectures and protocols 2017 by Téllez, et al

Website hosting and migration with Amazon Web Services : a practical guide to moving your website to AWS 2017 by Nadon

PHP 7 Zend certification study guide : ace the ZCE 2017-PHP exam 2017 by Beak

ASP.NET core recipes : a problem-solution approach 2017 by Ciliberti

Bottlenecks : aligning UX design with user psychology 2017 by Evans

Paper Book Electronic commerce 2017 by Schneider

Practical Amazon EC2, SQS, Kinesis, and S3 : a hands-on approach to AWS 2017 by Gulabani

Introduction to Electronic Commerce and Social Commerce 2017 by Turban

The executive guide to artificial intelligence : how to identify and implement applications for AI in your organization 2017 by Burgess

Trade in counterfeit ICT goods 2017 by OECD iLibrary

Introduction to search engine marketing and AdWords : a guide for absolute beginners 2017 by Kelsey

Introduction to search engine optimization : a guide for absolute beginners 2017 by Kelsey

The definitive guide to shopify themes : master the design skills to build world-class ecommerce sites 2017 by Ballard

Tap : unlocking the mobile economy 2017 by Ghose

(Not) getting paid to do what you love : gender, social media, and aspirational work 2017 by Duffy

The internet as a technology-based ecosystem : a new approach to the analysis of business, markets and industries 2017 by Walton

The inversion factor : how to thrive in the IoT economy 2017 by Bernardi, et al

Practical Amazon EC2, SQS, Kinesis, and S3 : a hands-on approach to AWS 2017 by Gulabani

Windows virus and malware troubleshooting 2017 by Bettany, et al

Introduction to Google Analytics : a guide for absolute beginners 2017 by Kelsey

Developing bots with Microsoft Bots Framework : create intelligent bots using MS Bot Framework and Azure Cognitive Services 2017 by Machiraju, et al

Artificial intelligence and economic theory : Skynet in the market 2017 by Marwala, et al

Introduction to data science : a Python approach to concepts, techniques and applications 2017 by Igual

Credit risk management : pricing, measurement, and modeling 2017 by Witzany

State-space approaches for modelling and control in financial engineering : systems theory and machine learning methods 2017 by Rigatos

Algorithmic Differentiation in Finance Explained 2017 by Henrad

Leadership for global systemic change : beyond ethics and social responsibility 2017 by Robinson-Easley

Business ethics as a science : methodology and implications 2017 by Storchevoy

Disability, human rights, and information technology 2017 by Lazar, et al

Website hosting and migration with Amazon Web Services : a practical guide to moving your website to AWS 2017 by Nadon

Web service implementation and composition techniques 2017 by Paik, et al

Economies of density in e-commerce : a study of Amazon's fulfillment center network 2017 by Houde, et al

Green Capitalism? : Business and the Environment in the Twentieth Century 2017 by Berghoff, et al

Heteromation, and other stories of computing and capitalism 2017 by Ekbia, et al

Magento 2 DIY [ eCommerce platform ] 2017 by Khliupko

Bricks to clicks : why some brands will thrive in e-commerce and others won't 2017 by Feinleib

Retail business market research handbook 2017-2018 by Miller, et al

Consumer behavior 2017-2018 by Miller, et al

Capability Management Guide : Method Support for Enterprise Architectures Management 2017 by Wißotzki

Value in a digital world : how to assess business models and measure value in a digital world 2017 by Lubián, et al

Introducing ethereum and solidity : foundations of cryptocurrency and blockchain programming for beginners 2017 by Dannen

Novel methods in computational finance 2017 by Ehrhardt, et al

Consumer use of the internet & mobile web 2016-2017 by Miller, et al

Digital government : leveraging innovation to improve public sector performance and outcomes for citizens 2017 by Falk, et al

Strategic planning and implementation of e-governance 2017 by Suri, et al

World building : transmedia, fans, industries 2017 by Boni

Programming language concepts [ F#  ] 2017 by Sestoft

Business analytics using R - a practical approach 2017 by Rao, et al

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and New Management Standards 2017 by Heras-Saizarbitoria

Situation recognition using EventShop 2016 by Singh

Computational sustainability 2016 by Lässig, et al

More Books 

Practical web design for absolute beginners 2016 by West

Web Style Guide : Foundations of User Experience Design 2016 by Lynch

Moving to responsive web design : bring existing static sites into today's multi-device world 2016 by de León

ASP.NET MVC with entity framework and CSS 2016 by Naylor

Beginning SOLID principles and design patterns for ASP.NET developers 2016 by Joshi

PHP 7 quick scripting reference 2016 by Olsson

Securing PHP apps 2016 by Edmunds

PHP beyond the web 2016 by Aley

PHP and MySQL recipes : a problem-solution approach 2016 by Kromann

PHP persistence : concepts, techniques and practical solutions with Doctrine 2016 by Romer

Learn PHP 7 : object oriented modular programming using HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, XML, JSON, and MySQL 2016 by Prettyman

Typed PHP : stronger types for cleaner code learn php 2016 by Pitt

PHP objects, patterns, and practice 2016 by Zandstra

SEO and search marketing in a week : search engine optimization and search engine marketing made easy in seven simple steps 2016 by Smith

Introducing SEO : your quick-start guide to effective SEO practices 2016 by Shenoy, et al

SharePoint 2016 user's guide : learning Microsoft's business collaboration platform 2016 by Smith

The conversion code : capture internet leads, create quality appointments, close more sales 2016 by Smith

Banking beyond banks and money : a guide to banking services in the twenty-first century 2016 by Tasca, et al

Options and derivatives programming in C++ 2016 by Oliveira

The accidental SysAdmin handbook : a primer for early level IT professionals 2016 by Kralicek

Understanding social engineering based scams 2016 by Jakobsson

The handbook of post crisis financial modelling 2016 by Haven, et al

Exporting : the definitive guide to selling abroad profitably 2016 by Delaney

OECD Recommendation of the Council on Consumer Protection in E-Commerce 2016

Digital insurance : business innovation in the post-crisis era 2016 by Nicoletti

EU General Data Protection Regulation : a pocket guide 2016 by Calder

Regulation of Cloud Services under US and EU Antitrust, Competition and Privacy Laws 2016 by Hoffman

The accidental SysAdmin handbook : a primer for early level IT professionals 2016 by Kralicek

Ten laws for security 2016 by Diehl

Electronic signatures in law 2016 by Mason

Practical Oracle e-business suite 2016 by Zaheer, et al

Mobilized : an insider's guide to the business and future of connected technology 2016 by Moatti

Web service composition 2016 by Petrie

Cloud computing 2016 by Ruparelia

Windows Group Policy Troubleshooting : a Best Practice Guide for Managing Users and PCs Through Group Policy 2016 by Arya

se:Windows troubleshooting series

The accidental SysAdmin handbook : a primer for early level IT professionals 2016 by Kralicek

Mood and mobility : navigating the emotional spaces of digital social networks M.I.T. Press 2016 by Coyne

Cyber deception : building the scientific foundation 2016 by Jajodia, et al

Bitcoin and mobile payments : constructing a European Union framework 2016 by Gimigliano

Internet finance in China : introduction and practical approaches 2016 by Xie. et al

Why games are good for business : how to leverage the power of serious games, gamification and simulations 2016 by Routledge

Dynamic products : shaping information to engage and persuade 2016 by Columbo

Introduction to React 2015 by Gackenheimer

Beyond cybersecurity : protecting your digital business 2015 by Kaplan, et al

Machine learning : a Bayesian and optimization perspective 2015 by Theodoridis

R for dummies 2015 by De Vries

Beginning R : an introduction to statistical programming 2015 by Wiley, et al

Fuzzy classification of online customers 2015 by Werro

Propagation phenomena in real world networks 2015 by Król, et al

Beginning NetBeans IDE : for Java developers 2015 by Wielenga

Storytelling with data : a data visualization guide for business professionals 2015 by Knalflic

Smart information systems : computational intelligence for real-life applications 2015 by Hopfgartner

WordPress Web Design For Dummies 2015 Sabin-Wilson

Entertainment apps on the go with Windows 10 : music, movies, and TV for PCs, tablets, and phones 2015 by Dixon, et al

Competition on the internet 2015 by Surblytė-Namavičienė

E-Commerce and the Digital Economy 2015 by Shaw

Apache Solr Essentials 2015 by Gazzarini

Apache Solr : a practical approach to enterprise search 2015 by Shahi

Databases for small business : essentials of database management, data analysis, and staff training for entrepreneurs and professionals 2015 by Manning

Leading digital strategy : driving business growth through effective e-commerce 2015 by Bones, et al

Make an e-commerce site in a weekend : using PHP 2015 by Harwani

Win the game of Googleopoly : unlocking the secret strategy of search engines 2015 by Bradley

I Am : Remix Your Web Identity 2015 by Sordi

Future of the Electronic Marketplace 2015 by LeeBaert

Collaborative internet of things (C-IoT) : for future smart connected life and business 2015 by Behmann, et al

Google Analytics integrations 2015 by Waisberg

Practical Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager for developers 2015 by Weber

Crowdsourcing : cloud-based software development 2015 by Li, et al

Diffusion in social networks 2015 by Shakarian, et al

Digital relevance : developing marketing content and strategies that drive results 2015 by Albee

Advances in crowdsourcing 2015 by Garrigos-Simon, et al

ServiceStack 4 Cookbook 2015 by Hodgson

Formalizing data-centric web services 2015 by Saleh

IOS eCommerce app development with parse 2015 by Jiang

Access to justice in transnational B2C e-commerce 2015 by Yuthayotin

Social -- local -- mobile : the future of location-based services 2015 by Heinemann, et al

Privacy on the ground : driving corporate behavior in the United States and Europe 2015 by Bamberger, et al

Practical biometrics : from aspiration to implementation 2015 by Ashboum

Faked in China : nation branding, counterfeit culture, and globalization 2015 by Yang

A reader on international media piracy : pirate essays 2015 by Baumgärtel

Cybersecurity for executives : a practical guide 2014 by Touhill, et al

Google BigQuery Analytics 2014 by Tigani, et al

Startupland : how three guys risked everything to turn an idea into a global business 2014 by Savane, et al

PHP for absolute beginners 2014 by Hansen

Software engineering education for a global e-service economy : state of the art, trends and developments 2014 by Motta, et al

Soft computing for business intelligence 2014 by Espin

PhoneGap 3.x Mobile Application Development Hotshot 2014 by Shotts

Buying and selling information : a guide for information professionals and salespeople to build mutual success 2014 by Gruenberg

Social media curation 2014 by Valenza

Pro ASP.NET 4.5 in VB 2014 by Mabbut

Pro ASP.NET SignalR : real-time communication in .NET with SignalR 2.1 2014 by Nayyeri

Professional ASP.NET MVC 5 2014 by Galloway

Expert ASP.NET Web API 2 for MVC developers 2014 by Freeman

Handbook of strategic e-business management 2014 by Martínez-López

Hacking point of sale : payment application secrets, threats, and solutions 2014 by Gozmin

E-commerce strategy 2014 by Qin

E-commerce platform acceptance : suppliers, retailers, and consumers 2014 by Lacka, et al

E-Commerce 2014 by Mourya

The best digital marketing campaigns in the world II : mastering the art of customer engagement 2014 by Ryan

Connect : how to use data and experience marketing to create lifetime customers 2014 by Petersen

Brand media strategy : integrated communications planning in the digital era 2014 by Young

The social media MBA guide to ROI : how to measure and improve your return on investment 2014 by Holloman

Mobile magic : the saatchi and saatchi guide to mobile marketing and design 2014 Eslinger

Marketing automation for dummies 2014 by Sweezey

Internet of Things based on smart objects : technology, middleware and applications 2014 by Fortino, et al

Internet of things with the Arduino Yún : projects to help you build a world of smarter things 2014 by Schwartz

Virtual banking : a guide to innovation and partnering 2014 by Schatt

Digital bank : strategies to launch or become a digital bank 2014 by Skinner

The power of mobile banking : how to profit from the revolution in retail financial services 2014 by Krishnan

Shopify Application Development 2014 by Larkin

Privacy-invading technologies and privacy by design 2014 by Klitou

Protection of information and the right to privacy-- a new equilibrium? 2014 by Floridi

Reloading data protection : multidisciplinary insights and contemporary challenges 2014 by Gutwirth, et al

Service Desk and Incident Manager : Careers in IT service management 2014 by Wheatcroft

Disclosure of security vulnerabilities : legal and ethical issues 2013 by Maurushat

Responsive web design by example beginner's guide 2013 by Firdaus

GeoServer Beginner's Guide 2013 by Youngblood

Pro ASP.NET web API security : securing ASP.NET web API 2013 by Lakshmiraghavan

The Routledge companion to digital consumption 2013 by Belk

The Facebook guide to small business marketing 2013 by Ray

EBay business all-in-one for dummies 2013 by Collier

International economics : understanding the forces of globalization for managers 2013 by Torelli

Web copy that sells : the revolutionary formula for creating killer copy that grabs their attention and compels them to buy 2013 by Veloso

Going social : excite customers, generate buzz, and energize your brand with the power of social media 2013 by Goldman

Built-in social : essential social marketing practices for every small business 2013 by Korhan

Business models for the social mobile cloud : transform your business using social media, mobile Internet, and cloud computing 2013 by Shelton

Content to commerce : engaging consumers across paid, owned and earned channels 2013 by Savar

Magento PHP Developer's guide : get started with the flexible and powerful e-commerce framework, Magento 2013 by MacGregor

Social media commerce for dummies 2013 by Collier

Strategic IT : best practices for managers and executives 2013 by Langer, et al

Straight to the top : CIO leadership in a mobile, social, and cloud-based world 2013 by Smith

Getting Started With Amazon Redshift 2013 by Bauer

Salesforce CRM Admin Cookbook 2013 by Goodey

Text mining with MATLAB® 2013 by Banchs

The power of design : product innovation in sustainable energy technologies 2013 by Reinders, et al

The lean enterprise : from the mass economy to the economy of one 2013 by Tsigkas

Design like Apple : seven principles for creating insanely great products, services, and experiences 2012 by Edson

Click Millionaires : Work Less, Live More with an Internet Business You Love 2012 by Fox

Facebook Marketing : an Hour a Day 2012 by Treadaway

The innovative CIO : how IT leaders can drive business transformation 2012 by Mann

The digital rights movement : the role of technology in subverting digital copyright 2012 by Postigo

Keyword intelligence : keyword research for search, social, and beyond 2012 by Jones

Advanced Web metrics with Google Analytics 2010 by Clifton

Google Analytics 2010 by Ledford, et al

Your Google game plan for success : increasing your web presence with Google AdWords, Analytics and Website Optimizer 2010 by Teixeira

Performance marketing with Google Analytics : strategies and techniques for maximizing online ROI 2010 by Tonkin, et al

Electronic value exchange : origins of the VISA electronic payment system 2011 by Stearns

Information sellers and resellers 2009 by Leger

The Google story : for Google's 10th birthday 2008 by Vise, et al

Strategies in markets for experience and credence goods 2007 by Benz

Anti-spam measures : analysis and design 2007 by Schryen

Jeff Bezos : king of Amazon 2001 by Sherman

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E business journal

International journal of information engineering and electronic business

mCommerce in United States

M-commerce insider


Electronic markets

Internet & e-business strategies

Journal of electronic commerce in organizations

International journal of cases on electronic commerce

Andrews litigation reporter. E-business law bulletin

International journal of data warehousing and mining

Journal of internet business

Internet business news

International journal of electronic business management

Information systems and e-business management

Journal of electronic commerce in organizations

E-Service journal

Electronic commerce research

Journal of database management

Statistical analysis and data mining

Data mining and knowledge discovery

Internet business news

International journal of electronic business management

Journal of internet banking and commerce : JIBC

IEEE cloud computing

Journal of cloud computing : advances, systems and applications

su:Business Computer network resources Periodicals

WSDM: Web Search and Data Mining

SIGKDD explorations

Biodata mining

Journal of computer networks and communications

Internet world

Future internet

World wide web

Proceedings of the ... IEEE International Symposium on Workload Characterization

Resource sharing & information networks

Information today

Computer protocols

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E-Commerce Innovation

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ACM SIGCHI - Computer-Human Interaction

ACM SIGCOMM - Data Communication

ACM SIGGRAPH - Computer Graphics

ACM SIGKDD - Knowledge Discovery in Data

eCommerce Professionals Association

Ecommerce Foundation

Internet Merchants Association


Association for Computing Machinery ACM

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers IEEE

International Electrotechnical Commission


WV Hive Small Business Incubator for s. West Virginia

LaunchLab applied innovation centers for WVU students

Tech Entrepreneurship Club

MIT Open Courseware search “ e-Commerce ”

MOOCs and Open Education: A Special Issue of the International Journal on E-Learning 2015 Charles Vest b.1941 Morgantown, WV. BA WVU 1963. President of MIT 1990-2004. In 2001 established the open course contents on the www.

Zend the PHP Company

Search Engine Watch

World Customs Organization

Alibaba Group





Shopify Ecommerce University

MIT Open Courseware E-Commerce


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