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Computer Science & Information Systems: Microcontrollers

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Selected Books

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Numerical Methods in Engineering and Science : C, C++, and MATLAB 2019 by Grewal

Micro electro mechanical systems 2018 by Huang

Micro and nano fabrication technology 2018 by Yan

Micro and precision manufacturing 2018 by Gupta

Nanopackaging : nanotechnologies and electronics packaging 2018 by Morris

Real-Time C++ : efficient object-oriented and template microcontroller programming 2018 by Kormanyos

Introduction to parallel computing : from algorithms to programming on state-of-the-art platforms 2018 by Trobec, et al

Enabling technologies for the internet of things : wireless circuits, systems and networks 2018 by Saponara

Smart STEM-driven computer science education : theory, methodology and robot-based practices 2018 by Štuikys, et al

Low power active electrode ICs for wearable EEG acquisition 2018 by Xu, et al

Principles and structures of FPGAs 2018 by Amano

Embedded system design : embedded systems, foundations of cyber-physical systems, and the internet of things 2018 by Marwedel

Learn Raspberry Pi Programming with Python : Learn to Program on the World's Most Popular Tiny Computer 2018 by Donat

Advanced Raspberry Pi : Raspbian Linux and GPIO integration 2018 by Gay

Defending IoT infrastructures with the Raspberry Pi : monitoring and detecting nefarious behavior in real time 2018 by Hosemer

se:Smart sensors, measurement and instrumentation 2013 - 2018

se:IET control, robotics and sensors series 2015 - 2018

Implantable sensors and systems : from theory to practice 2018 by Yang

New advances in the Internet of Things 2018 by Yager, et al

MicroPython for the internet of things : a beginner's guide to programming with Python on microcontrollers 2017 by Bell

Micro-manufacturing technologies and their applications : a theoretical and practical guide 2017 by Fassi

Raspberry Pi Supercomputing and Scientific Programming : MPI4PY, NumPY, and SciPY for Enthusiasts 2017 by Pajankar

Custom Raspberry Pi interfaces : design and build hardware interfaces for the Raspberry Pi 2017 by Gay

Expanding your Raspberry Pi : storage, printing, peripherals, and network connections for your Raspberry Pi 2017 by Soper

The dark side of silicon : energy efficient computing in the dark silicon era 2017 by Rahmani, et al

Deploying Raspberry Pi in the classroom 2017 by Hart-Davis

Outlook and challenges of nano devices, sensors, and MEMS 2017 by Liu

Microelectronics : from fundamentals to applied design 2017 by Emilio

se:Mechanisms and machine science 2007 - 2017

Mechatronic futures : challenges and solutions for mechatronic systems and their designers 2016 by Hehenberger, et al

Position sensors 2016 by Nyce

Crafting Wearables : Blending Technology with Fashion 2016 by Guler

Beginning robotics programming in Java with Lego Mindstorms 2016 by Lu

Microactuators and micromechanisms : proceedings 2016 by MAMM

FPGAs for software programmers 2016 by Koch

Learn electronics with Raspberry Pi : physical computing with circuits, sensors, outputs, and projects 2016 by Watkiss

Arduino project handbook : 25 practical projects to get you started 2016 by Geddes

Arduino for musicians : a complete guide to Arduino and teensy microcontrollers 2016 by Edstrom

Micro- and nanosystems for biotechnology 2016 by Love

Advanced microsystems for automotive applications 2016 : smart systems for the automobile of the future 2016 by Schulze, et al

Programmable logic controllers 2015 by Bolton

Wearable electronics sensors : for safe and healthy living 2015 by Mukhopadhyay

Robust design of microelectronics assemblies against mechanical shock, temperature and moisture 2015 by Wong, et al

Introduction to microsystem design 2015 by Schomburg

Resonant MEMS : Fundamentals, Implementation, and Application 2015 by Brand, et al

Understanding MEMS : principles and applications 2015 by Castañer

Introduction to micromechanisms and microactuators 2015 by Ghosh, et al

Implantable biomedical microsystems : design principles and applications 2015 by Bhunia, et al

Numerical simulation of mechatronic sensors and actuators : finite elements for computational Multiphysics 2015 by Kaltenbacher

PIC32 microcontrollers and the digilent chipKIT : introductory to advanced projects 2015 by Ibrahim

Practical microcontroller engineering with ARM® technology 2015 by Bai

More Books

Robot building for beginners 2015 by Cook

Implantable biomedical microsystems : design principles and applications 2015 by Bhunia, et al

The sound of innovation : Stanford and the computer music revolution 2015 by Nelson

Optimal design of distributed control and embedded systems 2014 by Cela, et al

Make basic Arduino projects : 26 experiments with microcontrollers and electronics 2014 by Wilcher

Experimenting with Raspberry Pi 2014 by Gay

Raspberry Pi hardware reference 2014 by Gay

Wearable Sensors : Fundamentals, Implementation and Applications 2014 by Sazonov, et al

Experimenting with AVR microcontrollers 2014 by Trevennor

Embedded systems design for high-speed data acquisition and control 2014 by Emilio

Lab-on-a-chip devices and micro-total analysis systems : a practical guide 2014 by Castillo-León, et al

Emerging nanoelectronic devices 2014 by Chen

Interdisciplinary Mechatronics : Engineering Science and Research Development 2013 by Habib, et al

Nanoscale sensors 2013 by Li

Understanding smart sensors 2013 by Frank

Smart materials-based actuators at the micro/nano-scale : characterization, control, and applications 2013 by Rakotondrabe

Embedded control system design : a model based approach 2013 by Forrai

Raspberry Pi Home Automation with Arduino 2013 by Dennis

Nanomachines : Fundamentals and Applications 2013 by Wang

Micro, nanosystems, and systems on chips : modeling, control, and estimation 2013 by Voda

Arduino microcontroller processing for everyone! 2013 by Barrett

A combined data and power management infrastructure : for small satellites 2013 by Eickhoff

Microsystems and nanotechnology 2012 by Zhou

MEMS for automotive and aerospace applications 2013 by Kraft, et al

Cost-driven design of smart microsystems 2012 by Niedermayer

The BOXES methodology : black box dynamic control 2012 by Russell

Fundamentals of digital manufacturing science 2012 by Zhou, et al

Atmel AVR microcontroller primer : programming and interfacing 2012 by Barrett

A guide to hands-on MEMS design and prototyping 2011 by Kubby

Case study of a micro controller based power supply design failure 2011 by Rinehart

Mechatronic systems : analysis, design and implementation 2011 by Boukas, et al

Beginning Arduino programming 2011 by Evans

Embedded microcontroller interfacing : designing integrated projects 2010 by Gupta, et al

Digital system design : use of microcontroller 2010 by Dawoud

Neural networks and micromechanics 2010 by Kussulʹ, et al

Intermediate robot building 2010 by Cook

Designing embedded systems with PIC microcontrollers : principles and applications 2010 by Wilmshurst

Introduction to Sensors for ranging and imaging 2009 by Brooker

Practical aspects of embedded system design using microcontrollers 2008 by Parab

Logic synthesis for compositional microprogram control units 2008 by Barkalov, et al

Exploring C for microcontrollers : a hands on approach 2007 by Parab

Programming 16-Bit PIC Microcontrollers in C : Learning to Fly the PIC 24 2007 by Jasio

Stepping motors : a guide to theory and practice 2007 by Acarnley

Microcontrollers fundamentals for engineers and scientists 2006 by Barrett

Real-time systems development 2006 by Williams

Design of embedded control systems 2005 by Adamski

The PIC Microcontroller : Your Personal Introductory Course 2005 by Morton

The quintessential PIC microcontroller 2005 by Katzen

Open-source robotics and process control cookbook : designing and building robust, dependable real-time systems 2005 by Edwards

Introduction to microelectromechanical systems engineering 2004 by Maluf, et al

Guide to RISC processors : for programmers and engineers 2005 by Dandamudi

Programming microcontrollers in C 2001 by Sicle

Analog inter-facing to embedded microprocessors : real world design 2001 by Ball

Machine musicianship 2001 by Rowe

IEEE standard for in-system configuration of programmable devices 2000

VLSI custom microelectronics : digital, analog, and mixed-signal 1999 by Hurst

Small Electric Motors 1998 by Moczala

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