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Computer Science & Information Systems: Algorithms

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Selected Books

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Paper Book Introduction to Algorithms 2009 by Cormen QA76.6 C662 2009

eBook          Introduction to Algorithms 2009 by Cormen

Value sensitive design : shaping technology with moral imagination 2019 by Friedman, et al

The Interconnected Individual : Seizing Opportunity in the Era of AI, Platforms, Apps, and Global Exchanges 2018 by Hastings, et al

Internet-of-things (IoT) systems : architectures, algorithms, methodologies 2018 by Serpanos, et al

Privacy-enhancing fog computing and its applications 2018 by Lin, et al

Algorithms of oppression : how search engines reinforce racism 2018 by Noble

Good habits for great coding : improving programming skills with examples in Python 2018 by Steuben

Algorithms for functional programming 2018 by Stone

Modern algorithms of cluster analysis 2018 by Wierzchoń, et al

Guide to competitive programming : learning and improving algorithms through contests 2018 by Laaksonen

Computational thinking : first algorithms, then code 2018 by Ferragina, et al

Dictionary learning algorithms and applications 2018 by Dumitrescu, et al

Analysis for computer scientists : foundations, methods, and algorithms 2018 by Oberguggenberger, et al

Data mining algorithms in C++ : data patterns and algorithms for modern applications 2018 by Masters

Guide to graph algorithms : sequential, parallel and distributed 2018 by Erciyes

Testing and tuning market trading systems : algorithms in C++ 2018 by Masters

Saddlepoint approximation methods in financial engineering 2018 by Kwok, et al

What algorithms want : imagination in the age of computing 2017 by Finn

Basic graph theory 2017 by Rahman

Adventures in graph theory 2017 by Joyner

Credit risk management : pricing, measurement, and modeling 2017 by Witzany

State-space approaches for modelling and control in financial engineering : systems theory and machine learning methods 2017 by Rigatos

Algorithmic Differentiation in Finance Explained 2017 by Henrad

Novel methods in computational finance 2017 by Ehrhardt, et al

Algebraic coding theory over finite commutative rings 2017 by Dougherty

Information theory and coding - solved problems 2017 by Ivaniš, et al

More Books

Encyclopedia of algorithms 2016 by Kao

Algorithm engineering : selected results and surveys 2016 by Kliemann

The handbook of post crisis financial modelling 2016 by Haven, et al

Partitional clustering algorithms 2015 by Celebi

Cuckoo search and firefly algorithm : theory and applications 2014 by Yang

Practical analysis of algorithms 2014 by Vrajitoru, et al

A guide to algorithm design : paradigms, methods, and complexity analysis 2014 by Benoit, et al

Low-rank and sparse modeling for visual analysis 2014 by Fu

Nature-inspired optimization algorithms 2014 by Yang

Video surveillance for sensor platforms : algorithms and architectures 2014 by Najjar, et al

Essential algorithms : a practical approach to computer algorithms 2013 by Stephens

Algorithms unlocked 2013 by Cormen

Evolutionary optimization algorithms 2013 by Simon

Algorithms from and for Nature and Life : classification and data analysis 2013 by Lausen

Computer search algorithms 2011 by Salander

Algorithms unplugged 2011 by Vöcking

Proofs and algorithms : an introduction to logic and computability 2011 by Dowek

Numerical algorithms for personalized search in self-organizing information networks 2010 by Kamvar

Optimal device design 2010 by Levi

Algorithmic adventures : from knowledge to magic 2009 by Hromkovič

Efficient algorithms of time series processing and their applications 2009 by T︠S︡it︠s︡iashvili

Thinking, objects : contemporary approaches to product design 2009 by Parsons

Product realization : a comprehensive approach 2009 by Tomovic

The algorithm design manual 2008 by Skiena

Modern Coding Theory 2008 by Richardson, et al

Coding theory : algorithms, architectures, and applications 2007 by Neubauer, et al

Advances in coding theory and cryptography 2007 by Shaska

Topics in geometry, coding theory and cryptography 2007 by Garcia, et al

Scheduling algorithms 2007 by Brucker

Sampling algorithms 2006 by Tillé

Algorithms for worst-case design and applications to risk management 2002 by Rustem

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Journal of algorithms & computational technology

ACM transactions on algorithms : TALG

Journal of discrete algorithms

The ACM journal of experimental algorithmics


Journal of algorithms

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YouTube Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science [highest rated]

Intro to Computer Science & Programming, Fall 2008 MIT OpenCourseWare

Association for Computing Machinery Data Structures

<computerphile> YouTube Data Structures


WV Hive Small Business Incubator for s. West Virginia

LaunchLab applied innovation centers for WVU students

Power Thesaurus [ Find Words for Searches ]

Power Thesaurus search “algorithms”

Khan Academy Algorithms

Teach Yourself Computer Science - Algorithms

GeekforGeeks Algo

MIT Open Courseware Algorithms & Data Structures

MOOCs and Open Education: A Special Issue of the International Journal on E-Learning 2015 Charles Vest b.1941 Morgantown, WV. BA WVU 1963. President of MIT 1990-2004. In 2001 established the open course contents on the www.


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Patents over 20 years old are expired and free for anyone to use.

US Patent Class 708 Electrical  Computers: Arithmetic Processing and Calculating, subclasses 270 through 277 for mathematical function generation…

US Patent Class 706 Data Processing – Artificial Intelligence

US Patent Class 434/188 relating to the science of numbers and their operations, …

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