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Computer Science & Information Systems: Data Structures

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Paper Book Data structures and abstractions with Java 2019 by Carrano, et al QA76.9.D33 C37 2019


Paper The essentials of Pascal II 1989 QA76.73 .P35 W47 1989

Paper Schaum's outline of theory and problems of programming with PASCAL 1985 by Gottfried QA76.73 P2 G68

Paper Microsoft Pascal: Reference Manual 1985 QA76.73 .P35 M563 1985

Paper Introduction to Pascal 1979 by Welsh, et al QA76.73 .P35 W44 1979

Paper PASCAL : user manual and report 1975 by Jensen, et al QA76.73 .P35 J45 1975

su:Pascal (Computer program language)



Textbook Paper JAVA Programming from Problem Analysis 2012 by Malik QA76.73 J38

Guide to data structures : a concise introduction using Java 2017 by Streib

Introduction to Java programming and data structures 2017 by Liang QA76.73 J38 L52

Algorithms for next-generation sequencing data : techniques, approaches, and applications 2017 by  Elloumi

Advanced topics in Java : core concepts in data structures 2014 by Kalicharan

Learning JavaScript data structures and algorithms : understand and implement classic data structures and algorithms using JavaScript 2014 by Groner

Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in JAVA 2012 by Weiss QA76.7 J38 W448

C Language see also CS 265

Paper C : how to program 2016 by Deitel

Paper C Primer Plus 2014 by Prata QA76.73 .C15 P733 2014

eBook C Primer Plus 2014 by Prata

Numerical Methods in Engineering and Science : C, C++, and MATLAB 2019 by Grewal

C Recipes : a problem-solution approach 2017 by Charvan

su:C   (Computer program language)

su:COMPUTERS / Programming Languages / C

su:Computer programming

su:Programming Techniques

su:Computers Programming General

su:Computer programming / software development


Association of C and C++ Users

C/C++ User Group

Association of C/C++ Users

International Electrotechnical Commission

Association for Computing Machinery ACM

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers IEEE

International Electrotechnical Commission

Automatic Control Council AACC

Computing Research Association CRA

International Electrotechnical Commission

Data Structures

Data structures and program design using C++ : a self-teaching introduction 2019 by Malhotra, et al

Complete guide to open source big data stack 2018 by Frampton

Data science thinking : the next scientific, technological and economic revolution 2018 by Cao

Digital storage in consumer electronics : the essential guide 2018 by Coughlin

Measuring the data universe : data integration using statistical data and metadata exchange 2018 by Stahl, et al

Applications of big data analytics : trends, issues and challenges 2018 by Alani

Practical data science : a guide to building the technology stack for turning data lakes into business assets 2018 by Vermeulen

Data stream management : processing high-speed data streams 2016 by Garofalakis, et al

Resource management for big data platforms : algorithms, modelling, and high-performance computing techniques 2016 by Pop

Open Data Structures : an Introduction 2014 by Morin

Advanced structured prediction 2014 by Nowozin

Serialization and persistent objects : turning data structures into efficient databases 2014 by Soukop, et al

Compressed data structures for strings : on searching and extracting strings from compressed textual data 2014 by Venturini

Data acquisition systems : from fundamentals to applied design 2013 by Emilio

Beginning database design : from novice to professional 2012 by Churcher

Data Architecture : From Zen to Reality 2011 by Tupper

Algorithms and data structures : the basic toolbox 2008 by Mehlhorn, et al

Predicting structured data 2007 by Baklr

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The VLDB journal : the international journal on very large data bases

The ACM journal of experimental algorithmics


IEEE Xplore Digital Library

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"Data Structures" 2015-2019

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ACM Digital Library

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Web of Science

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Steven Skiena Data-Structures

Intro to Computer Science & Programming, Fall 2008 MIT OpenCourseWare

Association for Computing Machinery Data Structures

<computerphile> YouTube Data Structures


WV Hive Small Business Incubator for s. West Virginia

LaunchLab applied innovation centers for WVU students

codeburst Data Structures

Teach Yourself Computer Science Algorithms and Data Stuctures Java data objects  

GeeksforGeeks Data Structures

Teach Yourself Computer Science: Algorithms & Data Structures

Power Thesaurus [ Find Words for Searches ]

Power Thesaurus search “Data Structures”


MIT Open Courseware Computer Science

MIT Open Courseware Algorithms & Data Structures

MIT Open Courseware Computer Science

MIT Open Courseware Software Design & Engineering

MOOCs and Open Education: A Special Issue of the International Journal on E-Learning 2015 Charles Vest b.1941 Morgantown, WV. BA WVU 1963. President of MIT 1990-2004. In 2001 established the open course contents on the www.


WVU Tech Dept. of Computer Science & Information Systems

WVU Tech Association for Computing Machinery

Facebook WVU Tech Dept. of Computer Science & Information Systems

Twitter Department of Computer Science and Information Systems, WVU Tech

WVU Tech Gaming at Tech

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SIGIR - Special Interest Group on Information Retrieval

ACM SIGKDD - Special Interest Group on Knowledge Discovery in Data

SIGSOFT - Special Interest Group on Software Engineering

Association for Computing Machinery ACM

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers IEEE

International Electrotechnical Commission


Patents over 20 years old are expired and free for anyone to use.

USA Patent Classications 717 for Software

Derwent Innovations Index

Google Patents

Google Patents Search Class 703 Data processing: structural design, modeling, simulation…

Google Patents Search “JAVA”

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WIPO Classifications Artificial Intelliigence

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WIPO Technology Trends 2019: Artificial Intelligence


Intellectual Property India

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