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Computer Science & Information Systems: Capstone

Selected Books

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When innovation moves at digital speed : strategies and tactics to provoke, sustain, and defend innovation in today's unsettled markets 2019 by MIT Sloan Management Review

The technology takers : leading change in the digital era 2019 by Flanding, et al

Fundamentals and applications of hardcopy communication : conveying side information by printed media 2018 by Mayer

STEAM jobs in game development 2018 by Rosenberg

The tech professional's guide to communicating in a global workplace : adapting across cultural and gender boundaries 2018 by Wells

Integrating information and communication technologies in English for specific purposes 2018 by Muñoz-Luna, et al

English learning in the digital age : agency, technology and context 2018 by Zeng

Product management essentials : tools and techniques for becoming an effective technical product manager 2018 by Pranam

Science videos : a user's manual for scientific communication 2018 by Vachon

Complete guide to digital project management : from pre-sales to post-production 2018 by Shivakumar

Software development measurement programs : development, management and evolution 2018 by Staron, et al

The business value of developer relations : how and why technical communities are key to your success 2018 by Thengvall

Towards extensible and adaptable methods in computing 2018 by Chakraverty, et l

Authentic learning through advances in technologies 2018 by Chang, et al

The AI advantage : how to put the artificial intelligence revolution to work 2018 by Davenport

Living innovation : from value creation to the greater good 2018 by Lee, et al

Spinning into control : improvising the sustainable startup 2018 by Kornel

Innovation for engineers : developing creative and entrepreneurial success 2018 by Mehregany

Teaching the entrepreneurial mindset to engineers 2018 by Bosman, et al

Beginning Salesforce developer 2017 by Wicherski

Software project management for distributed computing : life-cycle methods for developing scalable and reliable tools 2017 by Mahmood

Small spacecraft development project-based learning : implementation and assessment of an academic program 2017 by Straub

Lights, Camera, Uh-Oh : How to Be Camera Savvy in a Video Driven World 2017 by Reed

Collaboration in creative design : methods and tools 2016 by Markopoulos, et al

Visual content marketing : leveraging infographics, video, and interactive media to attract and engage customers 2016 by Gamble

Intelligent computer systems in engineering design : principles and applications 2016 by Sunnersjö

Digital project management : the complete step-by-step guide to a successful launch 2016 by Olson

Getting the Message Across : Using Slideware Effectively in Technical Presentations 2016 by Faroult

Guide to software development : designing and managing the life cycle 2016 by Langer

The complete software project manager : mastering technology from planning to launch and beyond 2016 by Murray

Agile software development teams : the impact of agile development on team performance 2016 by Schmidt

Collaboration tools for project managers : how to choose, get started, and collaborate with technology 2016 by Harrin

The value imperative : harvesting value from your IT initiatives 2016 by Grant

Microsoft Powerpoint 2016 by Lambert

Advertising by design : generating and designing creative ideas across media 2016 by Landa

Requirements writing for system engineering 2016 by Koelsch

Data visualization & presentation with Microsoft Office 2016 by Sue, et al

More Books

SolidWorks basics : a project based approach 2015 by Fulkerson

Hazard analysis techniques for system safety 2015 by Ericson

Building great software engineering teams : recruiting, hiring, and managing your team from startup to success 2015 by Tyler

Assessing IT projects to ensure successful outcomes 2015 by Wills

Cloud-based design and manufacturing (CBDM) : a service-oriented product development paradigm for the 21st Century 2014 by Schaefer

The art of product design : changing how things get made 2014 by Meybaum

Reliability engineering 2014 by Kapur, et al

Slide rules : design, build, and archive presentations in the engineering and technical fields 2014 by Nathans-Kelly, et al

Writing for computer science 2014 by Zobel

Presenting data : how to communicate your message effectively 2014 by Swires-Hennessy

Engineering writing by design : creating formal documents of lasting value 2014 by Rothwell, et al

Governance arrangements for IT project portfolio management : qualitative insights and a quantitative modeling approach 2014 by Frey

Integrating information into the engineering design process 2014 by Fosmire, et al

Salesforce CRM Admin Cookbook 2013 by Goodey

Methods of IT project management 2013 by Brewer, et al

Mastering software project requirements : a framework for successful planning, development & alignment 2013 by Davis

Professionalism in the information and communication technology industry 2013 Weckert, et al

Effective interpersonal and team communication skills for engineers 2013 by Whitcomb, et al

Writing for science and engineering : papers, presentations and reports 2013 by Silyn-Roberts

The craft of scientific presentations : critical steps to succeed and critical errors to avoid 2013 by Alley

Oral communication excellence for engineers and scientists : based on executive input 2013 by Norback

Technical writing, presentation skills, and online communication : professional tools and insights 2012 by Greenlaw 

Engineering a safer world : systems thinking applied to safety 2012 by Leveson

Product design 2011 by Rodgers, Milton

Visualization of fields and applications in engineering 2011 by Tou

Keeping it R.E.A.L. : research experiences for all learners 2011 by Martin, et al

What is sustainable technology? : perceptions, paradoxes and possibilities 2011 by Mulder, et al

Presentation skills for technical professionals : achieving excellence 2010 by Karten, et al

Entrepreneurship for engineers 2010 by Uchino

The complete film production handbook 2010 by Honthaner

Style and ethics of communication in science and engineering 2009 by Humphrey

Communication counts : business presentations for busy people 2008 by Civiello

Reporting results : a practical guide for engineers and scientists 2008 by Aken, et al

Handbook of applied algorithms : solving scientific, engineering and practical problems 2008 by Nayak, et al

Uncertainty forecasting in engineering 2007 by Möller, et al

Make and test projects in engineering design : creativity, engagement and learning 2006 by Samuel

Preparing and delivering technical presentations 2005 by Budinski

Writing and speaking in the technology professions : a practical guide 2003 by Beer

Writing power : communication in an engineering center 2003 by Winsor

Product design : techniques in reverse engineering and new product development 2001 by Otto, et al

Engineers' guide to technical writing 2001 by Budinski

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MOOCs and Open Education: A Special Issue of the International Journal on E-Learning 2015 Charles Vest b.1941 Morgantown, WV. BA WVU 1963. President of MIT 1990-2004. In 2001 established the open course contents on the www.

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