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Computer Science & Information Systems: General

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Selected Books

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Reconstructing our orders : artificial intelligence and human society 2019 by Jin

Springer eBooks (uncheck “Include Preview-Only content”) Subject- “Computer Science”

The politics of mass digitization 2019 by Thylstrup

The technology takers : leading change in the digital era 2019 by Dibazar

From Gutenberg to Google : the history of our future 2019 by Wheeler

The software arts 2019 by Sack

IBM : the rise and fall and reinvention of a global icon 2019 by Cortada

Engineering a better future : interplay between engineering, social sciences, and innovation 2018

Paper Book Artificial intelligence 2018 Q334.7 .A78 2018

The impact of information on modern humans 2018 by Popkova

The Interconnected Individual : Seizing Opportunity in the Era of AI, Platforms, Apps, and Global Exchanges 2018 by Hastings, et al

Managing your professional identity online : a guide for faculty, staff, and administrators 2018 by Linder, et al

The death algorithm and other digital dilemmas 2018 by Simanowski

The innovation in computing companion : a compendium of select, pivotal inventions 2018 by O'Regan

Practical issues of intelligent innovations 2018 by Sgurev, et al

Developing support technologies : integrating multiple perspectives to create assistance that people really want 2018 by Karafillidis, et al

Researching the property regimes of digital information 2018 by Le©đn

World of computing : a primer companion for the digital age 2018 by O'Regan

Cloud-based cyber-physical systems in manufacturing 2018 by Wang, et al

Transdisciplinary systems engineering : exploiting convergence in a hyper-connected world 2018 by Madni

Fundamentals and applications of hardcopy communication : conveying side information by printed media 2018 by Mayer

The Web was done by amateurs : a reflection on one of the largest collective systems ever engineered 2018 by Aiello

Eco-design in Electrical Engineering : Eco-friendly Methodologies, Solutions and Example for Application to Electrical Engineering 2018 by Bessède

Build, run, and sell your Apple consulting practice : business and marketing for iOS and Mac start ups 2018 by Edge

Coding the Arduino : building fun programs, games, and electronic projects 2018 by Dukish

The digital edge : how Black and Latino youth navigate digital inequality 2018 by Watkins

Teaching the Entrepreneurial Mindset to Engineers 2018 by Lisa Bosman, Stephanie Fernhaber

Bits to bitcoin : how our digital stuff works 2018 byDay, et al

Digital childhoods : technologies and children's everyday lives 2018 by Danby, et al

Internet of Things and smart environments : assistive technologies for disability, dementia, and aging 2017 by Shahrestani

Neural networks for electronics hobbyists : a non-technical project-based introduction 2018 by McKeon

Learn Raspberry Pi Programming with Python : Learn to Program on the World's Most Popular Tiny Computer 2018 by Donat

Augmented reality and virtual reality : empowering human, place and business 2018 by Jung, et al

Transdisciplinary systems engineering : exploiting convergence in a hyper-connected world 2018 by Madni

Analysis and simulation of electrical and computer systems 2018 by Mazur, et al

The Hardware Trojan War : Attacks, Myths, and Defenses 2018 by Bhunia

Internet oligopoly : the corporate takeover of our digital world 2018 by Smyrnaios

The digital transformation of the automotive industry : catalysts, roadmap, practice 2018 by Winkelhake

Trusted digital circuits : hardware trojan vulnerabilities, prevention and detection 2018 by Salmani

The making of a new science : a personal journey through the early years of theoretical computer science 2018 by Ausiello

The Web was done by amateurs : a reflection on one of the largest collective systems ever engineered 2018 by Aiello

Surveillance valley : the secret military history of the internet 2018 by Levine

Fundamentals of software culture 2018 by Qin, et al

Gaming the Iron Curtain : how teenagers and amateurs in communist Czechoslovakia claimed the medium of computer games 2018 by Švelch

Scientific computing : a historical perspective 2018 by Gustafsson

The incomputable : journeys beyond the Turing barrier 2017 by Cooper, et al

Towards a code of ethics for artificial intelligence 2017 by Boddington

Life 3.0 : being human in the age of artificial intelligence 2017 by Tegmark

Programming in HTML and PHP : coding for scientists and engineers 2017 by Brooks

Entrepreneurial universities : exploring the academic and innovative dimensions of entrepreneurship in higher education 2017 by Peris-Ortiz, et al

Adventures in Computer Science : From Classical Bits to Quantum Bits 2017 by Moret-Bonillo

Internet addiction : neuroscientific approaches and therapeutical implications including smartphone addiction 2017 by Montag, et al

(Not) getting paid to do what you love : gender, social media, and aspirational work 2017 by Duffy

Venture investing in science 2017 by Jamison

The electronics revolution : inventing the future 2017 by Williams

Human subject research for engineers : a practical guide 2017 by De Winter

Electrical Engineering for Non-Electrical Engineers 2017 by Rauf

Designing UX : prototyping 2017 by Coleman, Goodwin

Understanding GPS/GNSS : principles and applications 2017 by Kaplan, Hegarty

Encyclopedia of GIS 2017 by Shekhar, Xiong, Zhou

Springer handbook of global navigation satellite systems 2017 by Teunissen, Montenbruck
KNOVEL Handbooks Subject Area - Electronics & Semiconductors

ACM Classic Book Series

Philosophy, technology, and the environment 2017 by Kaplan

Innovation networks for regional development : concepts, case studies, and agent-based models 2017 by Vermeulen, et al

Women of color in STEM : navigating the workforce 2017 by Ballenger, et al

Social media warfare : equal weapons for all 2017 by Erbschloe

Tragic design : the impact of bad product design and how to fix it 2017 by Shariat, et al

Socialbots and Their Friends : Digital Media and the Automation of Sociality 2016 by Gehl

Computational Personality Analysis : Introduction, Practical Applications and Novel Directions 2016 by Neuman

On the existence of digital objects 2016 by Hui

Applied computer science 2016 by Torbert

More Books

A dictionary of computer science 2016 by Butterfield, et al

Innovative technologies in everyday life 2016 by Marques

The impact of ICT on work 2016 by Lee

Second-language discourse in the digital world : linguistic and social practices in and beyond the networked classroom 2016 by Vandergriff

Design thinking research : taking breakthrough innovation home 2016 by Plattner, et al

Black swan start-ups : understanding the rise of successful technology business in unlikely places 2016 by Mahroum

Creating innovation leaders : a global perspective 2016 by Banerjee, et al

The Silicon Valley model : management for entrepreneurship 2016 by Steiber, et al

Managing the Internet of Things : Architectures, theories, and applications 2016 by Hua

Windows 10 for the internet of things 2016 by Bell

Participation in computing : the National Science Foundation's expansionary programs 2016 by Aspray

Digital divas : putting the wow into computing for girls 2016 by Fisher, et al

STEM learning : IT integration and collaborative strategies 2016 by Duran, et al

IT through experiential learning : learn, deploy and adopt IT through gamification 2016 by Shiralkar

Electrophysiology : basics, modern approaches and applications 2016 by Rettinger, et al

Architectural robotics : ecosystems of bits, bytes, and biology 2016 by M.I.T. Press

Sociorobot world : a guided tour for all 2016 by Tzafestas

Roboethics : a navigating overview 2016 by Tzafestas

Drone : remote control warfare 2016 by Gusterson

Introduction to the history of computing : a computing history primer 2016 by O'Regan

Brain-machine interface : circuits and systems 2016 by Zjajo

GPS : theory, algorithms, and applications 2016 by Xu, et al

Educational technologies in medical and health sciences education 2016 by Bridges, et al

Big data, little data, no data : scholarship in the networked world 2015 by Borgman

Ready : a commodore 64 retrospective 2015 by Dillon

The internet of things 2015 by Greengard, MIT

How software works : the magic behind encryption, CGI, search engines, and other everyday technologies 2015 by Spraul

Sequencing Apple's DNA 2015 by Corsi

The new shop class : getting started with 3D printing, Arduino, and wearable tech 2015 by Horvath, et al

Efficacy of assistive technology interventions 2015 by Edyburn

Indoor wayfinding and navigation 2015 by Hassan A. Karimi

se:Oxford series in electrical and computer engineering 2015 by Oxford University

Energy efficient smart phones for 5G networks 2015 by Radwan, et al

Windows software compatibility and hardware troubleshooting 2015 by Halsey

Articulating design decisions : communicate with stakeholders, keep your sanity, and deliver the best user experience 2015 by Greever

Conceptual design for interactive systems : designing for performance and user experience 2015 by Parush

WorldCALL : sustainability and computer-assisted language learning 2015 by Gimeno, et al

This is why we can't have nice things : mapping the relationship between online trolling and mainstream culture 2015 by Phillips

Engineering identities, epistemologies and values : engineering education and practice in context. Volume 2 2015 by Christensen [We don’t have Vol. 1]

International perspectives on engineering education : engineering education and practice in context. Volume 1 2015 by Christensen

100 ideas that changed the web 2014 by Boulton

Playful intelligence : digitizing tradition 2014 by Sussman

Ten essential skills for electrical engineers 2014 by Dorr

Engineering ethics : peace, justice, and the earth 2014 by Catalano

The ethics of informational warfare 2014 by Floridi, et al

Positive computing : technology for wellbeing and human potential 2014 by Calvo, et al

Engineering and war : militarism, ethics, institutions, alternatives 2014 by Blue, et al

Computability : Turing, Gödel, Church, and beyond 2013 by Copeland, et al

Hardware malware 2013 by Krieg, et al

Management and engineering innovation 2013 by Machado, et al

Deceit and Denial : the Deadly Politics of Industrial Pollution 2013 by Markowitz, et al

A practical introduction to hardware/software codesign 2013 by Schaumont

Fault-tolerant design 2013 by Dubrova

Management and engineering innovation 2013 by Machado, et al

PCs for dummies 2013 by Gookin

The design of everyday things 2013 by Norman

Orchestrating human-centered design 2013 by Boy

Engineering, development and philosophy : American, Chinese and European perspectives 2012 by Christensen

Reflections on the history of computing : preserving memories and sharing stories 2012 by Tatnall

Ethics in IT outsourcing 2012 by Gold

From science to business : preparing female scientists and engineers for successful transitions into entrepreneurship: summary of a workshop 2012 by Didion, et al

Harnessing green IT : principles and practices 2012 by Murugesan, et al

Lead free solder : mechanics and reliability  2012 by Pang

Electrical machines with MATLAB 2012 by Gönen

What is sustainable technology? : perceptions, paradoxes and possibilities 2011 by Mulder, et al

Pragmatic electrical engineering : fundamentals 2011 by Eccles

The seductive computer : why IT systems always fail 2011 by Partridge

Engineers, society, and sustainability 2011 by Bell

Entrepreneurship for engineers 2010 by Uchino

Technology entrepreneurship : creating, capturing, and protecting value 2010 by Duening, et al

Experience design : technology for all the right reasons 2010 by Marc Hassenzahl

Fundamental concepts in computer science 2009 by Gelenbe, et al

Engineering ethics : concepts and cases 2009 by Harris, et al

Eyes on you : background and issues surrounding surveillance from the sky 2009 by  Murphy

Get set for computer science 2006 by Edwards

Paper Book Teach yourself electricity and electronics 2006 by Gibilisco

Principles of computer hardware 2006 by Clements

Engineering ethics : an industrial perspective 2006 by Baura

Parts selection and management 2004 by Pecht

Paper Book Introduction to engineering ethics 2000 by Schinzinger, et al

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MOOCs and Open Education: A Special Issue of the International Journal on E-Learning 2015 Charles Vest b.1941 Morgantown, WV. BA WVU 1963. President of MIT 1990-2004. In 2001 established the open course contents on the www.

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