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Computer Science & Information Systems: Computer Organization

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Paper Book Computer Organization and Design 2014 by Patterson, et al QA 76.9 C643 P2772 2014

Paper Book Computer Organization and Design 2012 by Patterson, et al QA76.9 C643 H46 2012

Computer programming for beginners : a step-by-step guide 2018 by Chemuturi

Data Structures and Program Design Using C : A Self-Teaching Introduction 2019 by Malhotra

Computer systems : digital design, fundamentals of computer architecture and assembly language 2018 by Elahi

se:Undergraduate topics in computer science 2007 – 2018

Integration, interconnection, and interoperability of IoT Systems 2018 by Gravina, et al

Front-end reactive architectures : explore the future of the front-end using reactive JavaScript frameworks and libraries 2018 by Mezzalira

Introduction to parallel computing : from algorithms to programming on state-of-the-art platforms 2018 by Trobec, et al

Inventing the Cloud Century : How Cloudiness Keeps Changing Our Life, Economy and Technology 2018 by Oppitz, et al

Methodologies and application issues of contemporary computing framework 2018 by Mandal, et al

Computer organization : basic processor structure 2018 by Lamadrid

Reliable and energy efficient streaming multiprocessor systems 2018 by Das, et al

Architectural and operating system support for virtual memory 2018 by Bhattacharjee, et al

Energy efficient high performance processors : recent approaches for designing green high performance computing 2018 by Haj-Yahya, et al

Advanced techniques for power, energy, and thermal management for clustered manycores 2018 by Pagani, et al

Mobile cloud computing : foundations and service models 2018 by Huang

Logical foundations of cyber-physical systems 2018 by Platzer

Modern X86 assembly language programming : covers X86 64-Bit, AVX, AVX2, and AVX-512 2018 by Kusswurm

Objective-C for absolute beginners : iPhone, iPad and Mac programming made easy 2018 by Kaczmarek, et al

Complete guide to digital project management : from pre-sales to post-production 2018 by Shivakumar

SafeScrum : agile development of safety-critical software 2018 by Hanssen, et al

The problem with software : why smart engineers write bad code 2018 by Barr

Software fault prediction : a road map 2018 by Kumar, et al

Formal system verification : state-of the-art and future trends 2018 by Drechsler

Pro .NET Memory Management : For Better Code, Performance, and Scalability 2018 by Kokosa

Embedded flash memory for embedded systems : technology, design for sub-systems, and innovations 2018 by Hidaka

Dependable multicore architectures at nanoscale 2018 by Ottavi, et al

Digital storage in consumer electronics : the essential guide 2018 by Coughlin

UX fundamentals for non-UX professionals : user experience principles for managers, writers, designers, and developers 2018 by Stull

Formal system verification : state-of the-art and future trends 2018 by Drechsler

Toward 5G software defined radio receiver front-ends 2018 by Spiridon

Fog computing : concepts, frameworks and technologies 2018 by Mahmood

Paper Book Digital systems : principles and applications 2017 by Widmer, et al TK7868 .D5 T62 2017

Handbook of hardware/software codesign 2017 by Ha, et al

Fundamentals of computer architecture and design 2017 by Bindal

Evolutionary multi-agent systems : from inspirations to applications 2017 by Byrski, et al

Applied logic for computer scientists : computational deduction and formal proofs 2017 by Ayala-Rincón, et al

Deep learning for computer architects 2017 by Reagen, et al

Automotive software architectures : an introduction 2017 by Staron

Enterprise architecture at work : modelling, communication and analysis 2017 by Lankhorst

Numbers and computers 2017 by Kneusel

Digital logic for computing 2017 by Seiffertt

Task scheduling for multi-core and parallel architectures : challenges, solutions and perspectives 2017 by Chen, et al

Computing in smart toys 2017 by Tang, et al

Deep learning for computer architects 2017 by Reagen, et al

Reusable firmware development : a practical approach to APIs, HALs and drivers 2017 by Beningo

In search of the next memory : inside the circuitry from the oldest to the emerging non-volatile memories 2017 by Gastaldi, et al

Normally-off computing 2017 by Nakada, et al

Charge-trapping non-volatile memories. volume 2, Emerging materials and structures 2017 by Dimitakis

Advanced microservices : a hands-on approach to microservice infrastructure and tooling 2017 by Hunter, et al

Intelligent computer systems in engineering design : principles and applications 2016 by Sunnersjö

Instruction level parallelism 2016 by Banerjee

Incremental software architecture : a method for saving failing IT implementations 2016 by Bell

NAND flash memory technologies 2016 by Aritome

3D flash memories 2016 by Micheloni

Brain-machine interface : circuits and systems 2016 by Zjajo

Reliable software for unreliable hardware : a cross layer perspective 2016 by Rehman, et al

Software design for resilient computer systems 2016 by Schagaev, et al

Pragmatic evaluation of software architectures 2016 by Knodel, et al

Dynamics of number systems : computation with arbitrary precision 2016 by Kůrka

Learning computer architecture with Raspberry Pi 2016 by Upton, et al

Stack frames : a look from inside 2016 by Cataldo

The essentials of computer organization and architecture 2015 by Null, et al

Introduction to microsystem design 2015 by Schomburg

Green in software engineering 2015 by Calero, et al

Windows software compatibility and hardware troubleshooting 2015 by Halsey, et al

Windows file system troubleshooting 2015 by Halsey, et al

Software project estimation : the fundamentals for providng high quality information to decision makers 2015 by Abran

The Development of Component-based Information Systems 2015 by Cesare, et al

USB complete : the developer's guide 2015 by Axelson

Pro Android wearables : building apps for smartwatches 2015 by Jackson

More Books

Counterfeit integrated circuits : detection and avoidance 2015 by Tehranipoor, et al

Paper Book Computer Organization and Design 2014 by Patterson, et al QA 76.9 C643 P2772 2014

Mastering the Raspberry Pi 2014 by Gay

Raspberry Pi system software reference 2014 by Gay

Raspberry Pi hardware reference 2014 by Gay

Basics of Computer Organization and Architecture 2014 by Rao

Fundamentals of Parallel Computing 2014 by Razdan

C♯ Multithreaded and Parallel Programming 2014 by Ringler

Software Architecture 2014 by Oussalah

Multiagent scheduling : models and algorithms 2014 by Agnetis

Agile Software Architecture : Aligning Agile Processes and Software Architectures 2014 by Babar, et al

Green computing book : tackling energy efficiency at large scale 2014 by Feng

Fundamentals of digital logic and microcontrollers 2014 by Rafiquzzaman

Software project effort estimation : foundations and best practice guidelines for success 2014 by Trendowicz, et al

Practical software development techniques : tools and techniques for building enterprise software 2014 by Crookshanks

Android best practices 2014 by Nolan

Learning Pentesting for Android 2014 by Gupta

Digital signal processing with field programmable gate arrays 2014 by Baese

A primer on hardware prefetching 2014 by Falsafi, et al

Multiagent scheduling : models and algorithms 2014 by Agnetis

Security basics for computer architects 2013 by Lee

Computer Architecture 2013 by Blanchet, et al

Software Engineering : Architecture-driven Software Development 2013 by Schmidt

Digital design and computer architecture 2013 by Harris

Software engineering frameworks for the cloud computing paradigm 2013 by Mahmood

Design for software : a playbook for developers 2013 by Klimczak

Digital design and computer architecture 2013 by Harris

Computer Architecture 2013 by Blanchet, et al

Tool-Based requirement traceability between requirement and design artifacts 2013 by Turban

Model-Driven and Software Product Line Engineering 2013 by Royer, et al

A practical introduction to hardware/software codesign 2013 by Schaumont

Software Engineering : Architecture-driven Software Development 2013 by Schmidt

Software engineering frameworks for the cloud computing paradigm 2013 by Mahmood

A combined data and power management infrastructure : for small satellites 2013 by Eickhoff

Computer, network, software, and hardware engineering with applications 2012 by Schneidewind

Computer organization and design : the hardware/software interface 2012 by Patterson, et al

Multicore programming using the ParC language 2012 by Asher

Software for people : fundamentals, trends and best practices 2012 by Maedche

Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture For Dummies 2012 by Hamner

Scalable multi-core architectures : design methodologies and tools 2012 by Soudris, et al

A student's guide to coding and information theory 2012 by Moser, et  al

Computer science : the hardware, software and heart of it 2011 by Blum

Essential software architecture 2011 by Gorton

The dark side of software engineering : evil on computing projects 2011 by Rost

Relating software requirements and architectures 2011 by Avgeriou

A primer on memory consistency and cache coherence 2011 by Sorin, et al

Multi-core cache hierarchies 2011 by Balasubramonian, et al

Processor microarchitecture : an implementation perspective 2011 by González, et al

Practical Software Project Estimation 2010 by Hill

Composing software components : a software-testing perspective 2010 by Hamlet

A process algebraic approach to software architecture design 2010 by Aldini

Component reliability for electronic systems 2010 by Băjenescu, et al

Information systems development : challenges in practice, theory, and education 2009 by Barry

Fundamental concepts in computer science 2009 by Gelenbe, et al

Software estimation best practices, tools & techniques : a complete guide for software project estimators 2009 by Chemuturi

High-level synthesis : from algorithm to digital circuit 2008 by Coussy, et al

The common component modeling example : comparing software component models 2008 by Rausch, et al

Memories in wireless systems 2008 by Micheloni

Advanced memory optimization techniques for low power embedded processors 2007 by Verma, et al

Mathematical Frameworks for Component Software : Models for Analysis and Synthesis 2006 by Liu, et al

Fast, efficient and predictable memory accesses : optimization algorithms for memory architecture aware compilation 2006 by Wehmeyer

Paper Book Computer organization and architecture : designing for performance 2006 by Stallings QA76.9 C643 S73 2006

Get set for computer science 2006 by Edwards

High-performance energy-efficient microprocessor design 2006 by Oklobdzija, et al

The elements of computing systems : building a modern computer from first principles 2005 by Nisan, et al

CPU design : answers to frequently asked questions 2005 by Thimmannagari

Hardware and Computer Organization 2005 by Berger

Component-oriented programming 2005 by Wang, et al

Testing commercial-off-the-shelf components and systems 2005 by Beydeda, et al

Apple I replica creation: back to the garage 2005 by Owad

Build And Upgrade Your Own PC 2005 by Sinclair

Arithmetic and logic in computer systems 2004 by Liu

Component-based software development : case studies 2004 by Lau

MCSA/MCSE 2003 JumpStart : computer and network basics 2003 by Donald

Building reliable component-based software systems 2002 by Crnkovic, et al

Paper Book PCs made easy : a practical course 2001 QA76.5 .P3675 2001

Computer busses design and application 2000 by Buchanan

Understanding microcomputers 1985 by Longley

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su:Systems Theory, Control [computer science]

su:Systems engineering

su:Computer System Implementation

su:Multiagent systems

su:Component software

su: Raspberry Pi (Computer)

su:Management information systems Design

su:COMPUTERS Hardware Personal Computers Macintosh

su:COMPUTERS Hardware Personal Computers PCs

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su:Computer Hardware

su:Circuits & components

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su:Intel microprocessors Programming

su:High performance processors

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su:Field programmable gate arrays

su:COMPUTERS Utilities

su:COMPUTERS Hardware General

su:Microcomputers Buses

su:USB (Computer bus)

su:Processor Architectures

su:Microprocessors Design and construction

su:Processor microarchitecture

su:Computer interfaces

su:Computer software Development Estimates

su:COMPUTERS Software Development & Engineering Quality Assurance & Testing

su:computer programmers

su:Component software

su: Raspberry Pi (Computer)

su:Management information systems Design

su:Storage media & peripherals

su:Memory management (Computer science)

su:Memory Structures

su:Cache memory

su:Optical storage devices

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su:Artificial satellites Control systems

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Journal of software : evolution and process

Data and knowledge engineering

Journal of computer and systems sciences international

ECSA: European Conference on Software Architecture ACM

ICSE Workshop on Sharing and Reusing Architectural Knowledge

SDA Asia magazine

International Symposium on Hardware/Software Codesign ACM

Self-Adaptive and Self-Organizing Systems : [proceedings] IEEE

International journal of information and communication technology education

International journal of parallel programming

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MIT Open Courseware Computer Design

MIT Open Courseware Computation Structures

Computer System Architecture - MIT OpenCourseWare

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