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Computer Science & Information Systems: CS 122

See Also CS 101, CS 112, CS 222

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se:Undergraduate topics in computer science 2007 – 2018

Programming 101 : the how and why of programming revealed using the processing programming language 2018 by Meyer

Programming & Software Development 2019 by Doniku

Quantum computing for everyone 2019 by Bernhardt

Engineering a better future : interplay between engineering, social sciences, and innovation 2018

The Essence of Software Engineering 2018 by Gruhn, et al

Software failure investigation : a near-miss analysis approach 2018 by Eloff, et al

Paper Book Introduction to Java programming and data structures 2018 by Liang QA76.73 .J38 L52 2017

Failure-modes-based software reading 2017 by Zhu

Foundations of programming languages 2017 by Lee

Programming language concepts 2017 by Sestoff

Concise guide to computing foundations : core concepts and select scientific applications 2016 by Brewer, et al

Paper Book Concepts of programming languages 2016 by Sebesta, et al QA76.7 S43 2016

Invitation to computer science 2016 by Schneider, et al

Applied computer science 2016 by Torbert

A dictionary of computer science 2016 by Butterfield, et al

Incremental software architecture : a method for saving failing IT implementations 2016 by Bell

Refactoring for software design smells : managing technical debt 2015 by Suryanarayana, et al

MATLAB : an introduction with applications 2015 by Gilat

Learning MATLAB : a problem solving approach 2015 by Gander

Programming languages and operational semantics : a concise overview 2014 by Fernández

An Engineer's Guide to Mathematica 2014 by Magrab

Type on screen : a guide for designers, developers, writers, and students 2014 by Lupton, et al

PCs for dummies 2013 by Gookin

Practical foundations for programming languages 2013 by Harper

Programming with mathematica® : an introduction 2013 by Wellin

Paper Book Applied numerical methods with MATLAB for engineers and scientists 2012 by Chapra QA297 C4185 2012

MATLAB Graphics and Data Visualization Cookbook 2012 by Majumdar, et al

What is sustainable technology? : perceptions, paradoxes and possibilities 2011 by Mulder, et al

Computer science : the hardware, software and heart of it 2011 by Blum

Multiparadigm constraint programming languages 2011 by Hofstedt

Introduction to the theory of programming languages 2011 by Dowek

Programming languages 2010 by Gabbrielli, et al

A science of operations : machines, logic and the invention of programming 2010 by Priestley

Principles of programming languages 2009 by Dowek

Essential Mathcad for engineering, science, and math ISE 2009 by Maxfield

Programming languages : an active learning approach 2008 by Lee

Essentials of programming languages 2008 by Friedman, et al

Design concepts in programming languages 2008 by Turbak, et al

Action programming languages 2008 by Thielscher

Logics of specification languages 2008 by Bjørner, et al

Paper Book Mathcad : a tool for engineering problem solving 2008 by Pritchard TA345 P765 2008

Object-oriented programming languages : interpretation 2007 by Craig

A guide to MATLAB object-oriented programming 2007 by Register

Automated defect prevention : best practices in software management 2007 by Huizinga, et al

Code Craft : the Practice of Writing Excellent Code 2006 by Goodliffe

Engineering with Mathcad : Using Mathcad to Create and Organize your Engineering Calculations 2006 by Maxfield

An introduction to computational engineering with Matlab 2006 by Yang

Paper Book Programming language design concepts 2004 by Watt, et al QA76.7 W388 2004

Software development failures : anatomy of abandoned projects 2003 by Menash

Types and programming languages 2002 by Pierce

Foundations of object-oriented languages : types and semantics 2002 by Bruce


Paper Introduction to Java programming and data structures by Liang QA76.73.J38 2018

Paper Introduction to Algorithms 2009 by Cormen QA76.6 C662 2009

eBook Introduction to Algorithms 2009 by Cormen

Computational thinking : first algorithms, then code 2018 by Ferragina, et al

Dictionary learning algorithms and applications 2018 by Dumitrescu, et al

Encyclopedia of algorithms 2016 by Kao

Essential algorithms : a practical approach to computer algorithms 2013 by Stephens

Algorithms unlocked 2013 by Cormen

Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in JAVA 2012 by Weiss QA76.7.J38 W448

Introduction to Algorithms 2009 by Cormen


Paper Introduction to Java programming and data structures by Liang QA76.73 .J38 2018

Java for absolute beginners : learn to program the fundamentals the Java 9+ way 2018 Cosmina

Java game development with LibGDX : from beginner to professional 2018 by Stemkoski

Java language features : with modules, streams, threads, I/O, and lambda expressions 2018 by Sharan

Pro JavaFX 9 : a definitive guide to building desktop, mobile, and embedded Java clients 2018 by Vos, et al

Java quick syntax reference 2018 by Olsson

Practical JSF in Java EE 8 : web applications ​in Java for the enterprise 2018 by Müller

Java EE 8 recipes : a problem-solution approach 2018 by Juneau

Guide to data structures : a concise introduction using Java 2017 by Streib

Troubleshooting Java performance : detecting anti-patterns with open source tools 2017 by Ostermueller

Paper JAVA Programming from Problem Analysis 2012 by Malik QA76.73 J38


Introduction to deep learning business applications for developers : from conversational bots in customer service to medical image processing 2018 by Vieira, et al

Quality software through reuse and integration 2018 by Rubin

Practical free alternatives to commercial software 2018 by Oualline, et al

Design Patterns in Modern C++ : Reusable Approaches for Object-Oriented Software Design 2018 by Nesteruk

Spring Boot 2 recipes : a problem-solution approach 2018 by Deinum

Practical Bot development : designing and building Bots with Node.js and Microsoft Bot framework 2018 by Rozga

How open source ate software : understand the open source movement 2018 by Haff

Securing the perimeter : deploying identity and access management with free open source software 2018 by Schwartz, et al

Software failure investigation : a near-miss analysis approach 2018 by Eloff, et al

Software quality assurance : consistency in the face of complexity and change 2017 by Walkinshaw

For fun and profit : a history of the free and open source software revolution 2017 by Tozzi

Building apps for the universal Windows platform : explore Windows 10 Native, IoT, HoloLens, and Xamarin 2017 by Chatterjee

Beginning progressive web app development : creating a native app experience on the web 2017 by Sheppard

Android apps for absolute beginners : covering Android 7 2017 by Jackson

Android continuous integration : build-deploy-test automation for Android mobile apps 2017 by Macharla

Beginning Ubuntu for Windows and Mac Users : Start your Journey into Free and Open Source 2017 by Haines

Creating Google Chrome extensions 2016 by Mehta

Beginning Samsung ARTIK : a guide for developers 2016 by Wooton

Windows installation and update troubleshooting 2016 by Rhodes

UML @ classroom : an introduction to object-oriented modeling 2015 by Seidl, et al

Google Apps Script for Beginners 2014 by Gabet

Evolutionary based solutions for green computing 2013 by Khan

Professionalism in the information and communication technology industry 2013 Weckert, et al

Finding source code on the web for remix and reuse 2013 by Sim, et al

The modern Web : multi-device Web development with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript 2013 by Gasston

Free and open source software and technology for sustainable development 2012 by Sowe

Adopting open source software : a practical guideline 2011 by Fitzgerald

Entrepreneurship for engineers 2010 by Uchino


Beginning Xcode 2016 by Knott


Practical Android : 14 complete projects on advanced techniques and approaches 2018 by Wickham

Pro Android with Kotlin : developing modern mobile apps 2018 by Späth

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su:Computer architecture

su:High performance computing

su:High performance computing Energy consumption


su:Quantum computers

su:Processor Architectures

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su:Subroutines (Computer programs)

su:Programming Techniques

su:Object oriented methods (Computer science)

su:Object oriented programming languages

su:Microsoft programming

su:Computer programming / software development

su:Application software Development

su:Mobile apps Development

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su:JavaFX (Electronic resource)

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su:Open Source

su:Open source software

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su:Web programming

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su:Special Purpose and Application Based Systems

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su:Recommender systems (Information filtering)

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su:Data structures (Computer science)

su:Computer software Verification

su:Computer systems Testing

su:Computer programs Testing

su:Computer software Testing


su:Information technology Environmental aspects



su:MATLAB [Topic Computer Science]

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su:Mathematica (Computer program language)

Videos, Websites, Associations & Patents

Brian Harvey’s Berkeley CS 61A

Intro to Computer Science & Programming, Fall 2008 MIT OpenCourseWare

Association for Computing Machinery Object Oriented Design

Association for Computing Machinery Structured Programming

<computerphile> YouTube

<computerphile> math*

Numberphile computer


WV Hive Small Business Incubator for s. West Virginia

LaunchLab applied innovation centers for WVU students Computer Science Programming

10 Steps to Solving a Programming Problem Computer Science Programming

GeeksforGeeks Computer Science

Khan Academy Computer Programming

MIT Open Courseware Computer Science

The Difference Between Architecture and Design

Learn Algorithms + Data Structures


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MIT Open Courseware Computer Science

MOOCs and Open Education: A Special Issue of the International Journal on E-Learning 2015 Charles Vest b.1941 Morgantown, WV. BA WVU 1963. President of MIT 1990-2004. In 2001 established open course contents on the www.

ThomasNet Software Search

List of freeware

Freely redistributable software

Free and open-source software


WVU Tech Dept. of Computer Science & Information Systems

WVU Tech Association for Computing Machinery

WVU Tech Gaming at Tech

Golden Bear eSports

WVU Tech Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

WVU Tech Entrepreneurship Club

ACM SIGSOFT - Special Interest Group on Software Engineering

ACM SIGACT - Special Interest Group on Algorithms & Computation Theory

IEEE Reliability Society (RS)

IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society

IEEE see all of their special Societies

Association for Computing Machinery ACM

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers IEEE

International Electrotechnical Commission

Automatic Control Council AACC

Computing Research Association CRA

International Electrotechnical Commission


Patents over 20 years old are expired and free for anyone to use.

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USPTO Search Page USA

USA Patent Classications 717 for Software

WIPO World

WIPO Classifications Artificial Intelliigence

WIPO Search Page

WIPO Technology Trends 2019: Artificial Intelligence


Intellectual Property India

List of patent offices around the world

A Patent for Siri in Google Patents

(Personal) (Assistant) (Google) assignee:(Google Inc.)