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Computer Science & Information Systems: Image Processing

Dr. Linda S. Powers of Beckley, WV. Harvard grad, pioneered X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy and Synchroton Radiation. She made a handheld biosensor which make microbes visible instantly.

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Selected Books

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610.4-1990 IEEE Standard Glossary of Image Processing and Pattern Recognition Terminology

Nolte's the human brain in photographs and diagrams 2020 by Vanderah, et al

Fundamentals of skeletal radiology 2020 by Helms

Recent advances in computer vision : theories and applications 2019 by Hassaballah, et al

AutoCAD 2019 3D modeling 2019 by Hammad

Image and video compression for multimedia engineering : fundamentals, algorithms, and standards 2019 by Shi

Medical imaging for health professionals : technologies and clinical applications 2019 by Reilly

Essentials of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging 2019 by Mettler, et al

Essential echocardiography : a companion to Braunwald's Heart disease 2019 by Solomon, et al

Metaheuristic algorithms for image segmentation : theory and applications 2019 by Oliva

Neuroradiology : spectrum and evolution of disease 2019 by Small, et al

Paper Book SolidWorks 2018 and engineering graphics 2018 by Shih

Paper Book Introduction to finite element analysis using SolidWorks Simulation® 2018 by Shih T386.S55 S43 2018

Digital image processing : practical approach 2018 by Fuhrt, et al

Greening video distribution networks : energy-efficient internet video delivery 2018 by Popescu

Textual and visual information retrieval using query refinement and pattern analysis 2018 by Shaila, et al

Noise tolerant data authentication for wireless communication 2018 by Ur-Rehman, et al

Energy efficient embedded video processing systems : a hardware-software collaborative approach 2018 by Khan, et al

Particle image velocimetry : a practical guide 2018 by Raffel

Air lasing 2018 by Polynkin, et al

Image quality assessment of computer-generated images : based on machine learning and soft computing 2018 by Bigand, et al

Advances in soft computing and machine learning in image processing 2018 by Hassanien, et al

Denoising of photographic images and video : fundamentals, open challenges and new trends 2018 by Bertalmío

Tools of radio astronomy -- problems and solutions 2018 by Wilson

Bio-inspired computing for image and video processing 2018 by Acharjya, et al

Multiscale transforms with application to image processing 2018 by Vyas

Paper Book Digital image processing 2018 by Gonzalez, et TA1632 .G66 2018

Advances in soft computing and machine learning in image processing 2018 by Hassanien

Microsoft Computer Vision APIs distilled : getting started with cognitive services 2018 by Del Sole

A survey on 3D cameras : metrological comparison of time-of-flight, structured-light and active stereoscopy technologies 2018 by Giancola, et al

Smart camera design : algorithms, architectures, and art 2018 by Wolf

Modern magnetic resonance 2018 by Webb

PET/MR imaging : current and emerging applications 2018 by Umutlu, et al

Multi-modality imaging : applications and computational techniques 2018 by Souza, et al

The design and analysis of computer experiments 2018 by Santner, et al

Computing colour image processing : digital colour primer 2018 by Parkin

Document image analysis : current trends and challenges in graphics recognition 2018 by Santosh

Web microanalysis of big image data 2018 by Bajcsy, et al

Java image processing recipes : with OpenCV and JVM 2018 by Modrzyk

Microsoft Computer Vision APIs distilled : getting started with cognitive services 2018 by Sole, et al

Computational vision and bio inspired computing 2018 by Hemanth

Mobility of visually impaired people : fundamentals and ICT assistive technologies 2018 by Pissaloux, et al

Medical imaging systems : an introductory guide 2018 by Maier, et al

Processing medical thermal images : using Matlab 2018 by Koprowski

Industrial x-ray computed tomography 2018 by Carmignato, et al

Atlas of human body ultrasound scanning : methods and diagnostic applications 2018 by Zhang

Quantification of contrast kinetics in clinical imaging 2018 by Mischi, et al

Programming visual illusions for everyone 2018 by Bertamini

3D printing and biofabrication 2018 by Ovsianikov, et al

3D printing of pharmaceuticals 2018 by Basit

The micro-world observed by ultra high-speed cameras : we see what you don't see 2018 by Tsuji

Computational analysis of sound scenes and events 2018 by Virtanen, et al

Augmented reality and virtual reality : empowering human, place and business 2018 by Jung, et al

Tools of radio astronomy -- problems and solutions 2018 by Wilson

Lasers : basics, advances and applications 2018 by Eichler, et al

Nanophotonics 2018 by McGurn

se:Nano optics and nanophotonics 2011 – 2018

LED-based visible light communications 2018 by Chi

Maxillofacial Imaging 2018 by Larheim, et al

Methods in paleoecology : reconstructing cenozoic terrestrial environments and ecological communities 2018 by Croft, et al

Soft tissue augmentation 2018 by Carruthers

Flight systems and control : a practical approach 2018 by Ng

X-ray diffraction imaging of biological cells 2018 by Nakasako

Novel motion anchoring strategies for wavelet-based highly scalable video compression 2018 by Rüfenacht

Embedded platforms for UAS landing path and obstacle detection : integration and development of unmanned aircraft systems 2018 by Papa

Document image analysis : current trends and challenges in graphics recognition 2018 by Santosh

Body Sensors and Electrocardiography 2018 by Trobec, et al

Pathological brain detection 2018 by Wng, et al

Handbook of convex optimization methods in imaging science 2017 by Monga

se:VISUALIZATION 2013 – 2017

se:Digital signal and image processing series 2012-2017

Refiguring Techniques in Digital Visual Research by 2017 by Cruz, et al

Analog-to-digital conversion 2017 by Pelgrom

Raspberry Pi image processing programming : develop real-life examples with Python, Pillow, and SciPy 2017 by Pajankar

Optical character recognition systems for different languages with soft computing 2017 by Chaudhuri, et al

Fuzzy logic for image processing : a gentle introduction using Java 2017 by Caponetti, et al

Augmented reality : where we will all live 2017 by Peddie

Envisioning holograms : design breakthrough experiences for mixed reality 2017 by Pell, et al

Technologies of vision : the war between data and images 2017 by Anderson

Foundations of computer vision : computational geometry, visual image structures and object shape detection 2017 by Peters

State of the art in digital media and applications 2017 by Earnshaw

The 3-D global spatial data model : principles and applications 2017 by Burkholder

Pro Processing for Images and Computer Vision With OpenCV : Solutions for Media Artists and Creative Coders 2017 by Chung

The systemic image : a new theory of interactive real-time simulations 2017 by Hinterwaldner, et al

Content-based image retrieval : ideas, influences, and current trends 2017 by Tyagi

Making believe : screen performance and special effects in popular cinema 2017 by Bode

Efficient predictive algorithms for image compression 2017 by Lucas, et al

Green photonics and electronics 2017 by Eisenstein, et al

Recent trends in computational photonics 2017 by Agrawal, et al

Basics of Laser Physics : For Students of Science and Engineering 2017 by Renk

Guide to medical image analysis : methods and algorithms 2017 by Toennies

Basic science of PET imaging 2017 by Khalil

Rapid prototyping in cardiac disease : 3D printing the heart 2017 by Farooqi

Breast tomosynthesis 2017 by Philpotts, et al

Portable Moving Images : a Media History of Storage Formats 2017 by Montaña

Topological data analysis for scientific visualization 2017 by Tierny

Automatic target recognition 2017 by Schachter

Computer Vision in Vehicle Technology : From Earth to Mars 2017 by Imiya, et al

Biologically-Inspired Radar and Sonar : Lessons from nature 2017 by Balleri

Optical, infrared and radio astronomy : from techniques to observation 2017 by Poggiani

Software-based acoustical measurements 2017 by Miyara

Sound-based assistive technology : support to hearing, speaking and seeing 2017 by Ifukube

Color image watermarking : algorithms and technologies 2017 by Su

Computer vision for driver assistance : simultaneous traffic and driver monitoring 2017 by Rezaei, et al

From Photon to Pixel 2017 by Maitre

Making believe : screen performance and special effects in popular cinema 2017 by Bode

Computational approaches in the transfer of aesthetic values from paintings to photographs : beyond red, green and blue 2017 by Zhang

Experiments and video analysis in classical mechanics 2017 by De Jesus

Imaging in stem cell transplant and cell-based therapy 2017 by Pandey

In-flight simulators and fly-by-wire/light demonstrators : a historical account of international aeronautical research 2017 by Hamel, et al

Biologically-Inspired Radar and Sonar : Lessons from nature 2017 by Balleri, et al

Beginning Pixlr Editor : learn to edit digital photos using this free web-based app 2017 by Whitt

The resolution revolution : recent advances in cryoEM 2016 by Crowther

Locating, classifying and countering agile land vehicles : with applications to command architectures 2016 by Sworder, et al

Music similarity and retrieval : an introduction to audio- and web-based strategies 2016 by Knees, et al

New approaches in intelligent image analysis : techniques, methodologies and applications 2016 by Kountchev, et al

Photogrammetric computer vision : statistics, geometry, orientation and reconstruction 2016 by Förstner, et al

Computer simulation tools for X-ray analysis : scattering and diffraction methods 2016 by Morelhão

Performance evaluation and design of flight vehicle control systems 2016 by Falangas

Computational sustainability 2016 by Lässig, et al

Fuzziness in information systems : how to deal with crisp and fuzzy data in selection, classification, and summarization 2016 by Hudec

Fuzzy Logic with Engineering Applications 2016 by Ross

Evolutionary computer vision : the first footprints 2016 by Olague

Applications of evolutionary computation in image processing and pattern recognition 2016 by Cuevas, et al

Multimedia content analysis 2016 by Ohm

Data visualization & presentation with Microsoft Office 2016 by Sue, et al

Hybrid soft computing for image segmentation 2016 by Bhattacharyya, et al

Android TV apps development : building for media and games 2016 by Trebilcox-Ruiz

Human Re-Identification 2016 by Wu

Space and time visualization 2016 by Dan, et al

The Image processing handbook 2016 by Russ

Shaping images : scholarly perspectives on image manipulation 2016 by Beck

Perception of pixelated images 2016 by Bachmann

Advanced manufacturing for optical fibers and integrated photonic devices 2016 by Al-Azzawi

Photonics : an introduction 2016 by Reider

Green Photonics and Smart Photonics 2016 by Liaw

Visualization in medicine and life sciences III 2016 by Linsen, et al

Colour reproduction in electronic imaging systems : photography, television, cinematography 2016 by Tooms

3D ultrasound in prenatal diagnosis : a practical approach 2016 by Chaoui

3D automated breast volume sonography : a practical guide 2016 by Gazhonova

Elastography : a Practical Approach 2016 by Barr

What's a cellphilm? : integrating mobile phone technology into participatory visual research and activism 2016 by MacEntee

Handbook of iris recognition 2016 by Burge

Handbook of research on emerging perspectives in intelligent pattern recognition, analysis, and image processing 2016 by Kamila

2D and 3D image analysis by moments 2016 by Flusser

Colour reproduction in electronic imaging systems 2016 by Tooms

Theory and applications of smart cameras 2016 by Kyung

Face recognition across the imaging spectrum 2016 by Bourlai

Medical image recognition, segmentation and parsing 2016 by Zhou

Directed energy weapons : physics of high energy lasers (HEL) 2016 by Zohuri

Film and Video Production in the Cloud : Concepts, Workflows, and Best Practices 2016 by James

Multi-dimensional optical storage 2016 by Xu

Design of video quality metrics with multi-way data analysis : a data driven approach 2016 by Keimel

Virtualization essentials 2016 by Portnoy

Imaging technologies and data processing for food engineers 2016 by Sozer

Advances in Molecular Biophotonics 2016 by Deng, et al

Multimedia content analysis 2016 by Ohm

Essential radio astronomy 2016 by Condon

Transducers and arrays for underwater sound 2016 by Butler, et al

Basic prediction techniques in modern video coding standards 2016 by Kim, et al

Robust image authentication in the presence of noise 2015 by Živić

IPhoneography : how to create inspiring photos with your smartphone 2015 by Clawson

Machine learning for audio, image and video analysis : theory and applications 2015 by Camastra, et al

Digital audio editing fundamentals 2015 by Jackson

Fast design, slow innovation : audiophotography ten years on 2015 by Frohlich

Perceptual image coding with discrete cosine transform 2015 by Tan

Intelligent interactive multimedia systems and services in practice 2015 by Tsihrintzis, et al

Interactive displays : natural human interface technologies 2015 by Bhowmik

Computer vision for x-ray testing : imaging, systems, image databases, and algorithms 2015 by Mery

Numerical algorithms : methods for computer vision, machine learning, and graphics 2015 by Solomon

Visualization analysis & design 2015 by Muzner, et al

Imaging skeletal trauma 2015 by Rogers, et al

More Books

Guide to signals and patterns in image processing : foundations, methods and applications 2015 by Das

Short wavelength laboratory sources : principles and practices 2015 by Bleiner

Color image and video enhancement 2015 by Celebi

Modern diagnostic x-ray sources : technology, manufacturing, reliability 2015 by Behling

Fundamentals of wearable computers and augmented reality 2015 by Barfield

Image, video & 3D data registration : medical, satellite and video processing applications with quality metrics 2015 by Argyriou

Audiovisual quality assessment and prediction for videotelephony 2015 by Belmudez

Next-generation video coding and streaming 2015 by Bing

Image and video compression : fundamentals, techniques, and applications 2015 by Joshi

Thermal Imaging Techniques to Survey and Monitor Animals in the Wild : a Methodology 2015 by Havens

Fast spectral variability in the x-ray emission of accreting black holes 2015 by Skipper

Handbook of mathematical methods in imaging 2015 by Scherzer

The mathematics of medical imaging : a beginner's guide 2015 by Feeman

Computed tomography : principles, design, artifacts, and recent advances 2015 by Hsieh

Guide to signals and patterns in image processing 2015 by Das

Next-generation video coding and streaming 2015 by Bing

Error estimation for pattern recognition 2015 by Braga-Neto, et al

Color image and video enhancement 2015 by Celebi, et al

Photonics : scientific foundations, technology and applications 2015 by Andrews

Photonics technology and instrumentation 2015 by Andrews

Photonics : a short course 2015 by Degiorgio, et al

Photobiology : the science of light and life 2015 by Björn

Medical modelling : the application of advanced design and rapid prototyping techniques in medicine 2015 by Bibb, et al

High-resolution extreme ultraviolet microscopy : imaging of artificial and biological specimens with laser-driven ultrafast XUV sources 2015 by Zürch

Handbook of biomedical imaging : methodolgoies and clinical research 2015 by Paragios, et al

Recent advances in computational methods and clinical applications for spine imaging 2015 by Yao, et al

Biosecurity surveillance : quantitative approaches 2015 by Jarrad

Model-based processing for underwater acoustic arrays 2015 by Sullivan

Concise computer vision : an introduction into theory and algorithms 2014 by Klette

Mathematical foundations of image processing and analysis. 1 2014 by Pinoli

Information theory tools for image processing 2014 by Feixas, et al

Visual signal quality assessment : quality of experience (QoE) 2014 by Deng

Photographic Rendering with V-Ray for SketchUp 2014 by Bradley

Optical specification, fabrication, and testing 2014 by Schwiegerling

Raspberry Pi system software reference 2014 by Gay

Raspberry Pi hardware reference 2014 by Gay

Basic concepts of X-ray diffraction 2014 by Zolotoyabko

Nanobeam X-Ray scattering : probing matter at the nanoscale 2014 by Stangl, et al

Numerical computations with GPUs 2014 by Kindratenko

Fusion in computer vision : understanding complex visual content 2014 by Ionescu, et al

Distributed embedded smart cameras : architectures, design and applications 2014 by Bobda, et al

Beginning Google Glass development 2014 by Tang

Image encryption : a communication perspective 2014 by el-Samie, et al

Communicating pictures : a course in image and video coding 2014 by Bull

X-ray diffraction : modern experimental techniques 2014 by Seeck, et al

Computational modeling of objects presented in images : fundamentals, methods and applications 2014 by Giamberardino

Digital video concepts, methods, and metrics : quality, compression, performance, and power trade-off analysis 2014 by Akramullah

High efficiency video coding (HEVC) : algorithms and architectures 2014 by Sze

High efficiency video coding : coding tools and specification 2014 by Wien

Advanced real-time manipulation of video streams 2014 by Herling

Video over cognitive radio networks : when quality of service meets spectrum 2014 by Mao

Biomedical image understanding : methods and applications 2014 by Lim, et al

Mathematical tools for shape analysis and description 2014 by Biasotti, et al

Novel 3D media technologies 2014 by Kondoz

3D Future Internet Media 2014 by Kondoz, et al

Image blending techniques and their application in underwater mosaicing 2014 by Prados, et al

Adaptive filters : theory and applications 2013 by Farhang-Boroujeny

Adaptive filtering : algorithms and practical implementation 2013 by Diniz

Adaptive digital filters 2013 by Kovačević, et al

Dictionary of Computer Vision and Image Processing 2013 by Fisher, et al

Fabrication of complex optical components : from mold design to product 2013 by Brinksmeier, et al

Optics and photonics : essential technologies for our nation 2013 by Nat’l Research Council

Computational photonics : an introduction with MATLAB 2013 by Wartak

Solidworks 2013 Bible 2013 by Lombard

High-resolution electron microscopy 2013 by Spence

Optimization for computer vision : an introduction to core concepts and methods 2013 by Trieber

Image-based geometric modeling and mesh generation 2013 by Zhang

Visual texture : accurate material appearance measurement, representation and modeling 2013 by Haindl, et al

Embedded multimedia security systems : algorithms and architectures 2013 by Pande

Hyperspectral image fusion 2013 by Chaudhuri, et al

Digital image forensics : there is more to a picture than meets the eye 2013 by Sencar, et al

Querying moving objects detected by sensor networks 2013 by Bestehorn

Matchmoving : the invisible art of camera tracking 2013 by Dobbert

Data points : visualization that means something 2013 by Yau

Wavelet image compression 2013 by Pearlman

Image and video-based artistic stylization 2013 by Rosin

Advanced color image processing and analysis 2013 by Fernández-Maloigne

X-ray fluorescence spectrometry and related techniques : an introduction 2013 by Marguí, et al

Auger- and x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy in materials science : a user-oriented guide 2013 by Hofmann

Earth observation of global changes (EOGC) 2013 by Krisp

Remote sensing digital image analysis : an introduction 2013 by Richards

Thermal infrared remote sensing : sensors, methods, applications 2013 by Kuenzer, et al

GPR remote sensing in archaeology 2013 by Goodman, et al

Chinese handwriting recognition : an algorithmic perspective 2013 by Su

Principles of digital image processing : advanced methods 2013 by Burger, et al

Digital functions and data reconstruction : digital-discrete methods 2013 by Chen

Handbook of human centric visualization 2013 by Huang, et al

Fiber optic sensing and imaging 2013 by Kang

3D computer vision : efficient methods and applications 2013 by Wöhler

Decision forests for computer vision and medical image analysis 2013 by Criminski, et al

Digital Color : Acquisition, Perception, Coding and Rendering 2013 by Fernandez-Maloigne, et al

The history of visual magic in computers : how beautiful images are made in CAD, 3D, VR and AR 2013 by Peddie

4D modeling and estimation of respiratory motion for radiation therapy 2013 by Ehrhardt, et al

3D-TV system with depth-image-based rendering 2013 by Zhu

Pattern recognition : practices, perspectives, and challenges 2013 by Vincent

Digital imaging systems for plain radiography 2013 by Lança, et al

Scientific astrophotography : how amateurs can generate and use professional imaging data 2013 by Hubbell

Tools of radio astronomy 2013 by Wilson

A single sky : how an international community forged the science of radio astronomy 2013 by Munns

An introduction to computer graphics for artists 2013 by Paquette

Advances in reasoning-based image processing intelligent systems : conventional and intelligent paradigms 2012 by Kountchev, et al

Image acquisition and preprocessing for machine vision systems 2012 by Sinha, et al

Machine learning in image steganalysis 2012 by Schaathun

Computational mechanics of discontinua 2012 by Munjiza, et al

Mastering Autodesk Inventor 2012 and Autodesk Inventor 2012 by Waguespack

Field guide to optomechanical design and analysis 2012 by Schwertz, et al

Integrated optomechanical analysis 2012 by Doyle, et al

Modeling nanoscale imaging in electron microscopy 2012 by Vogt, et al

Digital sonar design in underwater acoustics : principles and applications 2012 by Li

Guide to OCR for Arabic scripts 2012 by Märgner, et al

Machine vision handbook 2012 by Batchelor

Computer and machine vision : theory, algorithms, practicalities 2012 by Davies

3D imaging, analysis and applications 2012 by Pears

Introduction to video and image processing : building real systems and applications 2012 by Moeslund

Handbook of visual display technology 2012 by Chen, et al

X-ray scattering 2012 by Bauwens

Digital imaging and communications in medicine (DICOM) : a practical introduction and survival guide 2012 by Pianykh

Spectral computed tomography 2012 by Heismann, et al

Acoustical imaging : techniques and applications for engineers 2012 by Gan

Solidworks 2011 parts bible 2011 by Lombard

SolidWorks 2011 assemblies bible 2011 by Lombard

Still image and video compression with MATLAB 2011 by Thyagarajan

Automatic digital document processing and management : problems, algorithms and techniques 2011 by Ferilli

Alien vision : exploring the electromagnetic spectrum with imaging technology 2011 by Richards

Signal and image restoration : information-theoretic approaches 2011 by Noonan, et al

The Optics of Life : a Biologist's Guide to Light in Nature 2011 by Johnsen

Computational photonics 2011 by Obayya

Field guide to optical fabrication 2011 by Williamson

A patient's guide to medical imaging 2011 by Eisenberg, et al

Standard codecs : image compression to advanced video coding 2011 by Ghanbari

Guide to three dimensional structure and motion factorization 2011 by Wag, et al

Entropy coders of the H.264/AVC standard : algorithms and VLSI architectures 2011 by Tian, et al

Vision : a computational investigation into the human representation and processing of visual information 2010 by Marr

The algorithms and principles of non-photorealistic graphics : artistic rendering and cartoon animation 2010 by Geng

Medical imaging informatics 2010 by Bui, et al

Modelling nutrient digestion and utilisation in farm animals 2010 by Sauvant

Video encryption technology and application 2010 by Xu, et al

Microwave imaging 2010 by Pastorino

Digital airborne camera : introduction and technology 2010 by Sandau

Handbook of data compression 2010 by Salomon

Video encryption technology and application 2010 by Xu

Principles of sonar performance modelling 2010 by Ainslie

Underwater SLAM for structured environments using an imaging sonar 2010 by Ribas, et al

Image processing for computer graphics and vision 2009 by Velho

4D Electron Microscopy : Imaging In Space And Time 2009 by Zewail

Trends in interactive visualization : state-of-the-art survey 2009 by Zudilova-Seinstra, et al

The essential guide to 3D in Flash 2009 by Bateman

Video compression systems 2009 by Böck

The design of plastic optical systems 2009 by Schaub

Computational sensor networks 2009 by Henderson

Introduction to Sensors for ranging and imaging 2009 by Brooker

Fundamentals of three-dimensional digital image processing 2009 by Toriwaki, et al

Principles of digital image processing : fundamental techniques 2009 by Burger, et al

Principles of digital image processing : core algorithms 2009 by Burger, et al

Guide to OCR for Indic scripts : document recognition and retrieval 2009 by Govindaraju, et al

Introductory medical imaging 2009 by Bharath

Radar imaging and holography 2009 by Pasmurov, et al

Advanced signal processing : theory and implementation for sonar, radar, and non-invasive medical diagnostic systems 2009 by Stergiopoulos

The handbook of sidescan sonar 2009 by Blondel

Cinema in the digital age 2009 by Rombes

The VC-1 and H.264 video compression standards for broadband video services 2008 by Lee

A concise introduction to data compression 2008 by Salomon

Introduction to video search engines 2008 by Gibbon, et al

Radar system analysis, design, and simulation 2008 by Kang

Mathematics and computation in imaging science and information processing 2007 by Goh, et al

Iterated function systems for real-time image synthesis 2007 by Nikiel

Imaging cellular and molecular biological functions 2007 by Shorte

Scanning microscopy for nanotechnology : techniques and applications 2007 by Zhou

Practical applications of infrared thermal sensing and imaging equipment 2007 by Kaplan

Video demystified : a handbook for the digital engineer 2007 by Jack

Ultrasonic processes and machines : dynamics, control and applications 2007 by Astashev, et al

Blip, ping & buzz : making sense of radar and sonar 2007 by Denny

Mathematical problems in image processing : partial differential equations and the calculus of variations 2006 by Aubert, et al

Geometric properties for incomplete data 2006 by Klette

A Unified Framework for Video Summarization, Browsing and Retrieval : with Applications to Consumer and Surveillance Video 2005 by Xiong, et al

JPEG2000 standard for image compression : concepts, algorithms and VLSI architectures 2005 by Archaya

Image ethics in the digital age 2003 by Gross

Phototruth or photofiction? : ethics and media imagery in the digital age 2002 by Wheeler

Wind tunnel data fusion and immersive visualization 2001 by Severance, et al

Uncooled thermal imaging : arrays, systems, and applications 2001 by Kruse

Image processing : the fundamentals 1999 by Petrou, et al

Digital image compression techniques 1991 by Rabbani, et al

Books by Subject

su:Computer programming Moral and ethical aspects

su:Computer programmers Professional ethics

su:Image processing Digital techniques Moral and ethical aspects

su:Visual communication Moral and ethical aspects

su:Photojournalism Moral and ethical aspects

su:Information theory

su:user experience

su:User interfaces (Computer systems)

su:User interface design & usability

su:User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction

su:User centered system design

su:User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction

su:Graphical user interfaces (Computer systems)

su:Human computer interaction

su:Human-machine systems

su:Computers and people with visual disabilities

su:Blind, Apparatus for the Technological innovations

su:Spectrum analysis

su:Spectrum analysis, spectrochemistry, mass spectrometry

su:image-based rendering

su:Digital images

su:Visual communication Digital techniques

su:Graphics programming

su:Analog-to-digital converters Design and construction

su:Visual perception

su:object recognition

su:Visual discrimination

su:Human body and technology

su:Optical Phenomena

su:Image analysis

su:Image processing

su:signal processing

su:Spectroscopic Analysis

su:Text processing (Computer science)

su:Continuum mechanics


su:Electronic noise

su:Radio Interference

su:Adaptive filters

su:Mathematics Data processing

su:Image analysis Mathematics

su:Mathematics Mathematical Analysis [Topic Computer Science]

su:image registration

su:image segmentation

su:image fusion

su:Caustics (Optics)

su:Ray tracing algorithms

su:image coding

su:Image coding standards

su:Content-based image retrieval

su:video processing

su:Video Recording

su:Animation (Cinematography)

su:Computer animation

su:Computer animation Mathematics

su:Motion pictures Editing

su:ART Digital

su:COMPUTERS Image Processing

su:Imaging systems & technology

su:Image processing Mathematics

su:Fuzzy logic

su:Image analysis

su:Image processing Security measures

su:Computer Imaging, Vision, Pattern Recognition and Graphics

su:Image processing Digital techniques

su:Image Processing, Computer Assisted

su:Image Processing and Computer Vision

su:Image compression


su:JPEG (Image coding standard)

su:Data compression (Computer science)

su:Image files

su:Video compression

su:Computer graphics History

su:Image Enhancement methods

su:Image reconstruction Mathematical models


su:Imaging systems in medicine

su:Image Processing and Computer Vision

su:Computer vision

su:Graphics processing units Programming

su:Optical pattern recognition

su:Color display systems

su:Color photography Digital techniques

su:Color sensitometry (Photography)


su:Photogrammetry Digital techniques

su:Digital television

su:Streaming video

su:Video on demand

su:Computers Computer Simulation

su:Simulation and Modeling

su:Art Computer simulation

su:Science Computer simulation

su:Pattern recognition systems Handbooks, manuals, etc

su:Pattern recognition systems

su:Pattern Recognition, Automated

su:Pattern Recognition

su:image sensors

su:infrared detectors

su:Wireless sensor networks

su:Mixed reality

su:Augmented reality

su:virtual environments

su:Virtual reality

su:Virtual computer systems

su:Virtual reality Congresses

su:Virtual reality in education Technological innovations

su:Digital Computer Simulation

su:Computers Computer Simulation

su:Graphical & digital media applications

su:Diagnostic imaging Data processing

su:particle image velocimetry

su:Radar targets

su:Data compression (Computer science)


su:Digital cinematography

su:Acoustic imaging

su:Photography in engineering

su:Photography, High speed

su:3 D video (Three dimensional imaging)

su:Three dimensional imaging

su:Imaging, Three Dimensional methods

su:Three dimensional imaging Congresses

su:MEDICAL Lasers in Medicine

su:Electrophysiological Phenomena

su:Artificial vision

su:Music Information technology

su:Information theory in music


su:Photonics Materials Design and construction

su:Optoelectronic devices Mathematical models

su:Photonics Mathematics

su:Photonics Materials

su:Optical fibers Design and construction

su:Fiber optic cables Design and construction


su:Electron microscopy


su:Cryoelectron Microscopy


su:X rays




su:Doppler measurement

su:Remote sensing

su:Earth sciences Remote sensing

su:Archaeology Remote sensing

su:ground penetrating radar

su:Three-dimensional imaging

su:Imaging, Three-Dimensional

su:Three dimensional imaging in medicine


su:3D Echocardiography

su:Motion pictures Production and direction Technological innovations

su:Imaging systems & technology


su:Engineering models


su:biological imaging

su:Biosensing Techniques


su:Medical imaging

su:Diagnostic imaging Digital techniques Standards

su:Medical photography


su:Radionuclide Imaging



su:Electrocardiography Interpretation


su:X rays Industrial applications

su:Imaging / Radiology

su:millimetre wave imaging


su:radiofrequency identification


su:radiowave propagation

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International Conference on 3D Imaging IEEE

Symposium of Image, Signal Processing, and Artificial Vision IEEE

International Conference on Image Analysis and Processing IEEE

Image and vision computing

Journal of electronic imaging

Journal of visual communication and image representation

Informatics & Mathematical Methods in Simulation

Pattern recognition letters

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IEEE Xplore Digital Library

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