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Computer Science & Information Systems: C-Prog

See Also CS 122, CS 231, CS 355

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Selected Books

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Paper Book C : how to program 2016 by Deitel

Paper Book C Primer Plus 2014 by Prata QA76.73 .C15 P733 2014

eBook C Primer Plus 2014 by Prata

Numerical Methods in Engineering and Science : C, C++, and MATLAB 2019 by Grewal

Data structures and program design using C++ : a self-teaching introduction 2019 by Malhotra, et al

Beginning C++17 : from novice to professional 2018 by Horton

Practical C++ design : from programming to architecture 2018 by Singer

Objective-C for absolute beginners : iPhone, iPad and Mac programming made easy 2018 by Kaczmarek, et al

Design Patterns in Modern C++ : Reusable Approaches for Object-Oriented Software Design 2018 by Nesteruk

Real-Time C++ : efficient object-oriented and template microcontroller programming 2018 by Kormanyos

Principles of package design : creating reusable software components 2018 by Noback

Windows 10 development with XAML and C# 7 + 2018 by Liberty

Real-Time C++ : efficient object-oriented and template microcontroller programming 2018 by Kormanyos

Assessing and improving prediction and classification : theory and algorithms in C++ 2018 by Masters

Data mining algorithms in C++ : data patterns and algorithms for modern applications 2018 by Masters

Testing and tuning market trading systems : algorithms in C++ 2018 by Masters

Deep Belief Nets in C++ and CUDA C. Volume 1, Restricted Boltzmann machines and supervised feedforward networks 2018 by Masters

Deep belief nets in C++ and CUDA C : Volume 2, Autoencoding in the complex domain 2018 by Masters

Deep belief nets in C++ and CUDA C. Volume 3, Convolutional nets 2018 by Masters

Neural Networks in Unity : C# Programming for Windows 10 2018 by Nandy, et al

Propeller programming : using Assembler, Spin, and C 2018 by Anandakrishnan

Software failure investigation : a near-miss analysis approach 2018 by Eloff, et al

Failure-modes-based software reading 2017 by Zhu

Guide to scientific computing in C++ 2017 by Pitt-Francis, et al

Clean C++ : sustainable software development patterns and best practices with C++ 17 2017 by Roth

C Recipes : a problem-solution approach 2017 by Charvan

Low-level programming : C, Assembly, and program execution on Intel® 64 architecture 2017 by Zhirkov

Mastering VBA for Microsoft Office 2016 by Mansfield

Programming Excel with VBA : a practical real-world guide 2016 by Mansfield

C++ standard library quick reference 2016 by Weert

Options and derivatives programming in C++ 2016 by Oliveira

Objective-C for absolute beginners : iPhone, iPad and Mac programming made easy 2016 by Bennett, et al

Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 8 programmer exam 1Z0-809 : comprehensive OCPJP 8 certification guide 2016 by Ganesh, et al

Deductive Software Verification -- The KeY Book : From Theory to Practice 2016 by Ahrendt, et al

Incremental software architecture : a method for saving failing IT implementations 2016 by Bell

Refactoring for software design smells : managing technical debt 2015 by Suryanarayana, et al

Advanced metaprogramming in classic C++ 2015 by Gennaro

More iPhone development with Objective-C 2015 by Mark, et al

C++ recipes : a problem-solution approach 2015 by Sutherland

Practical Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 by Ritchie

JavaScript object programming 2015 by Rinehart

Beginning C for Arduino : learn C programming for the Arduino 2015 by Purdum

Paper Book C primer plus 2014 by Prata

C++ for dummies 2014 by Davis

Learn C++ for game development 2014 by Sutherland

Paper Book Problem solving and program design in C 2013 by Hanly, et al QA76.73 .C15 H363 2013

Beginning C♯ object-oriented programming 2013 by Clark

Cryptography in C and C++ 2013 by Welschenbach, et al

Automated defect prevention : best practices in software management 2007 by Huizinga, et al

How not to program in C++ : 111 broken programs and 3 working ones, or why does 2+2 = 5986? 2003 by Oualline

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