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Computer Science & Information Systems: Networking

Harvey White of Parkersburg, WV co-founded Qualcomm cellular satellite communications 1985

John Chambers of Kanawha City, WV became CISCO CEO in 1995. In 2000 it became the most valuable company in the world.

Selby Wellman of Williamson, WV headed CISCO U.S. east coast operations. Earlier made space station LAN.

Tom Maddox of Beckley, WV. Privacy advocate founded PrivacyPlace in 2000. His articles about intrusions such as cookies made news around the world. He also co-wrote 2 episodes of the X-Files.

Dr. H. David [Dave] LambertWVU alum,  Internet2 President/ CEO 2010 – 2017 

Frank Drake of Chicago, Il. began the first scientific attempt to detect intelligent extraterrestrial communications at the Greenbank WV observatory in 1959. The search continues.

Rod van Meter of Wiliamson, WV wrote the first book about Quantum Networking. IEEE published it.


See also  Cybersecurity ,Communications , Network Synthesis , Fiber Optics

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Selected Books

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Springer eBooks Subdiscipline Computer Communications Networks 4500 books (uncheck “Include Preview-Only content”)

International relations in the cyber age : the co-evolution dilemma 2019 by Choucri, et al


Web programming with HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript 2019 by Dean

Delivering ITSM for business maturity : a practical framework 2019 by Weed-Schertzer

Active house : smart nearly zero energy buildings 2018 by Feifer, et al

Smarter homes : how technology will change your home life 2018 by Sonsino

Guide to vulnerability analysis for computer networks and systems : an artificial intelligence approach 2018 by Parkinson, et al

Privileged attack vectors : building effective cyber-defense strategies to protect organizations 2018 by Haber, et al

Enabling technologies for the internet of things : wireless circuits, systems and networks 2018 by Saponara

The theory on info-statics : conceptual foundations of information and knowledge 2018 by Dompere

Theories to Inform Superior Health Informatics Research and Practice 2018 by Wickramasinghe, et al

Integration, interconnection, and interoperability of IoT Systems 2018 by Gravina, et al

The Interconnected Individual : Seizing Opportunity in the Era of AI, Platforms, Apps, and Global Exchanges 2018 by Hastings, et al

New advances in the Internet of Things 2018 by Yager, et al

Mining lurkers in online social networks : principles, models, and computational methods 2018 by Tagarelli, et al

The collaborative era in science : governing the network 2018 by Wagner

Fog computing : concepts, frameworks and technologies 2018 by Mahmood

Beginning serverless computing : developing with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud 2018 by Stigler

Weaving the dark web : legitimacy on freenet, Tor, and I2P 2018 by Gehl

Network, smart and open : three keywords for information systems innovation 2018 by Lamboglia, et al

Satellite communications in the 5G era 2018 by Sharma, et al

A brief history of everything wireless : how invisible waves have changed the world 2018 by Launiainen

Resource management for heterogeneous wireless networks 2018 by Gamage

Autonomous control for a reliable internet of services 2018 by Ganchev, et al

Ad hoc networks : a statistical perspective 2018 by Sigh

Computer and network security essentials 2018 by Daimi

Advanced monitoring in P2P botnets : a dual perspective 2018 by Karuppayah

Handbook of smart cities : software services and cyber infrastructure 2018 by Maheswaran, et al

Inventing the Cloud Century 2018 by Oppitz

Cloud computing : concepts and practices 2018 by Sehgal

Reliability aspect of cloud computing environment 2018 by Kumar

Beginning serverless computing : developing with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud 2018 by Stigler

Practical Microsoft Azure IaaS : Migrating and Building Scalable and Secure Cloud Solutions 2018 by Karthikeyan

5G wireless systems : simulation and evaluation techniques 2018 by Yang, et al

Wireless Communications under Hostile Jamming : Security and Efficiency 2018 by Li, et al

Internet daemons : digital communications possessed 2018 by McKelvey

The Web was done by amateurs : a reflection on one of the largest collective systems ever engineered 2018 by Aiello

Design, launch, and scale IoT services : a practical business approach 2018 by Haughian

Guide to vulnerability analysis for computer networks and systems : an artificial intelligence approach 2018 by  Parkinson, et al

Dynamic games for network security 2018 by He

Sustainable interdependent networks : from theory to application 2018 by Amini

Handbook of mobile data privacy 2018 by Gkoulalas-Divanis,et al

Introduction to queueing networks : theory ∩ practice 2018 by Smith

Introduction to averaging dynamics over networks 2018 by Fagnani

Communication protocol engineering 2018 by Popović

Network coding and subspace designs 2018 by Greferath, et al

Objective-C for absolute beginners : iPhone, iPad and Mac programming made easy 2018 by Kaczmarek, et al

The digital transformation of the automotive industry : catalysts, roadmap, practice 2018 by Winkelhake

Wireless information and power transfer : a new paradigm for green communications 2018 by Jayakody, et al

Advances in user authentication 2017 by Dasgupta, et al

Guide to security in SDN and NFV : challenges, opportunities, and applications 2017 by Zhu

Secure and privacy-preserving data communication in Internet of Things 2017 by Zhu

Mobile e-Health 2017 by Marston

Mobile health : sensors, analytic methods, and applications 2017 by Rehg, et al

Network forensics 2017 by Messier

Fiber-wireless convergence in next-generation communication networks : systems, architectures, and management 2017 by Tornatore, et al

Fibre optic communication : key devices 2017 by Venghaus, et al

Guide to Cisco Routers Configuration : Becoming a Router Geek 2017 by Alani

5G Wireless Technologies 2017 by Alexiou

Cloud and fog computing in 5G mobile networks 2017 by Mastorakis, et al

Mastering Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V 2017 by Savill

Network as a service for next generation internet 2017 by Duan, et al

Sustainability, green IT and education strategies in the twenty-first century 2017 by Issa, et al

Network performance and fault analytics for LTE wireless service providers 2017 by Kakadia

Information theory and coding - solved problems 2017 by  Ivaniš, et al

Understanding telecommunications networks 2017 by Valdar

Networks and new services : a complete story 2017 by Minerva

Introduction to computer networking 2017 by Robertazzi

Minitel : welcome to the Internet 2017 by Mailland, et al

Advances in network systems : architectures, security, and applications 2017 by Grzenda, et al

Information and communications technology in primary school education 2017 by Sarkar, et al

Performance evaluation for network services, systems and protocols 2017 by Fernandes

Internet video data streaming : energy-saving and cost-aware methods 2017 by Tian, et al

Network traffic anomaly detection and prevention : concepts, techniques, and tools 2017 by Bhuyan, et al

SCION : a secure internet architecture 2017 by Perrig

Architectural transformations in network services and distributed systems 2017 by Luntovskyy, et al

Network routing : fundamentals, applications, and emerging technologies 2017 by Misra

Load modelling and generation in IP-based networks : a unified approach and tool support 2017 by Kolesnikov

Windows networking troubleshooting 2017 by Halsey

Tap : unlocking the mobile economy 2017 by Ghose

Signal interference in WiFi and ZigBee networks 2017 by Shi, et al

Website hosting and migration with Amazon Web Services : a practical guide to moving your website to AWS 2017 by Nadon

Mastering Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V 2017 by Savill

Internet addiction : neuroscientific approaches and therapeutical implications including smartphone addiction 2017 by Montag, et al

Small Cell Networks : Deployment, Management, and Optimization 2016 by Claussen, et al

Green and smart buildings : advanced technology options 2016 by Jadhav

Handbook of smart homes, health care and well-being 2016 by Hoof, et al

Information theft prevention : theory and practice 2016 by Okeke

Healthcare Interoperability Standards Compliance Handbook : Conformance and Testing of Healthcare Data Exchange Standards 2016 by Oemig, et al

Raspberry Pi IoT projects : prototyping experiments for makers 2016 by Shovic

Hyperconnectivity 2016 by Cheok

Cybersecurity lexicon 2016 by Ayala

Computational sustainability 2016 by Lässig, et al

Essentials of modern optical fiber communication 2016 by Noé

Optical and microwave technologies for telecommunication networks 2016 by Strobel

VoIP and PBX security and forensics : a practical approach 2016 by Androulidakis

Communication and Power Engineering 2016 by Rajesh

Geographic interpretations of the internet 2016 by Kellerman

IEEE standard for local and metropolitan area networks. Corrigendum 1, Technical and editorial corrections : audio video bridging (AVB) systems 2016 by IEEE

Delayed and network queues 2016 by Haghighi, et al

Future mobile transport protocols : adaptive congestion control for unpredictable cellular networks 2016 by Pötsch

Sip : understanding the Session Initiation Protocol 2016 by Johnston

se:Artech House telecommunications library

Troubleshooting Windows Server with PowerShell 2016 by Schauland, et al

Pro SQL server internals 2016 by Korotkevitch

Long term evolution : 4G and beyond 2016 by Paradisi, et al

Future mobile transport protocols : adaptive congestion control for unpredictable cellular networks 2016 by Pötsch

Secure system design and trustable computing 2016 by Chang, et al

MySQL for the internet of things 2016 by Bell

Hyperconnectivity 2016 by Cheok

Beginning Elastic Stack 2016 by Sharma

Internet technologies for fixed and mobile networks 2016 by Janevski

Network coding at different layers in wireless networks 2016 by Qin

Optimization of computer networks : modeling and algorithms : a hands-on approach 2016 by Mari̐Μưno, et al

Beginning SQL server reporting services 2016 by Kellenberger

Linux Server security : hack and defend 2016 by Binnie

The accidental SysAdmin handbook : a primer for early level IT professionals 2016 by Kralicek

Virtualization essentials 2016 by Portnoy

Virtualized cloud data center networks : issues in resource management 2016 by Tsai

Distributed computing and monitoring technologies for older patients 2016 by Klonovs

Understanding social engineering based scams 2016 by Jakobsson

Cloud computing 2016 by Ruparelia

Elements of cloud computing security 2016 by Alani

Pro SQL server always on availability groups : enterprise-level high-availability and disaster recovery 2016 by Parui, et al

More Books

Raspberry Pi IoT projects : prototyping experiments for makers 2016 by Shovic

EU General Data Protection Regulation : a pocket guide 2016 by Calder

Information Communications Technologies in developing countries 2016 by Dey, et al

Green heterogeneous wireless networks 2016 by Ismail, et al

Managing public safety technology : deploying systems in police, courts, corrections, and fire organizations 2016 by Rose, et al

Regulation of Cloud Services under US and EU Antitrust, Competition and Privacy Laws 2016 by Hoffman

Second-language discourse in the digital world : linguistic and social practices in and beyond the networked classroom 2016 by Vandergriff

EU General Data Protection Regulation : a pocket guide 2016 by Calder

Regulation of Cloud Services under US and EU Antitrust, Competition and Privacy Laws 2016 by Hoffman

Simulation and Gaming in the Network Society 2016 by Kaneda, et al

Rethinking Cyberlaw : a New Vision for Internet Law 2015 by Lipton

Cable networks, services and management 2015 by Toy

Cloud services, networking, and management 2015 by Fonseca, et al

Green communications : principles, concepts and practice 2015 by Samdanis

Information theory 2015 by Alencar

Next-generation video coding and streaming 2015 by Bing

Image and video compression : fundamentals, techniques, and applications 2015 by Joshi

Software networks : virtualization, SDN, 5G and security 2015 by Pujolle

Cisco Networking Essentials 2015 by McMillan

Cisco networks : engineers' handbook of routing, switching, and security with IOS, NX-OS, and ASA 2015 by Carthern, et al

se:Cisco Press networking technology series

Alcatel-Lucent Service Routing Architect (SRA) self-study guide : preparing for the BGP, VPRN and Multicast exams 2015 by Warnock

The internet of things 2015 by Greengard, MIT

Consumer use of the internet & mobile web 2016-2017 2015 by Miller, et al

Computer Networking 2015 by Vasudevan, et al

Analysis of computer and communication networks 2015 by Gebali

Self-repair networks : a mechanism design 2015 by Ishida

Networked affect 2015 by Hillis

LTE backhaul : planning and optimization 2015 by Metsälä, et al

LTE for public safety 2015 by Liebhart, et al

Meeting people via WiFi and Bluetooth 2015 by Schroeder, et al

Mobile health : a technology road map 2015 by Adibi

Cooperative vehicular communications in the drive-thru internet 2015 by Zhou

Cisco networks : engineers' handbook of routing, switching, and security with IOS, NX-OS, and ASA 2015 by Carthern. Cisco was co-founded by John Chambers from Kanawha City, WV. Selby Wellman from Williamson, WV became VP and ran East Coast Operations.

Internet congestion control 2015 by Varma

Modeling and simulation of computer networks and systems : methodologies and applications 2015 by Obaidat, et al

Collaborative internet of things (C-IoT) : for future smart connected life and business 2015 by Behman, et al

Getting Started with Windows Server Security 2015 by Sivarajan

Smart TV security : media playback and digital video broadcast 2015 by Michéle

Hardware security : design, threats, and safeguards 2015 by Mukhopadhyay, et al

WHOIS running the Internet : protocol, policy, and privacy 2015 by Bruen

Privacy on the ground : driving corporate behavior in the United States and Europe 2015 by Bamberger, et al

Cloud-based design and manufacturing (CBDM) : a service-oriented product development paradigm for the 21st Century 2014 by Schaefer

Security management of next generation telecommunications networks and services 2014 by Jacobs

The Browser Hacker's Handbook 2014 by Alcorn, et al

Towards the internet of services : the THESEUS research program 2014 by Wahlster, et al

Information theory and rate distortion theory for communications and compression 2014 by Gibson

Raspberry Pi system software reference 2014 by Gay

Raspberry Pi hardware reference 2014 by Gay

Network hardening : an automated approach to improving network security 2014 by Wang, et al

Towards the multilingual semantic web : principles, methods and applications 2014 by Buitelaar, et al

Fiber Optic Communications : Fundamentals and Applications 2014 by Kumar, et al

Locative media 2014 by Wilken

The basics of IT audit : purposes, processes, and practical information 2014 by Gantz

Packet Tracer Network Simulator 2014 by Jesin A

Bio-inspired routing protocols for vehicular ad-hoc networks 2014 by Bitam, et al

Satellite Networking : Principles and Protocols 2014 by Sun

The social machine : designs for living online 2014 by Donath

Practical IPv6 for Windows administrators 2014 by Horley

Quantum Networking IEEE 2014 by Rodney Van Meter (author is from Williamson, WV)

Digital communications : principles and systems 2014 by Institution of Engineering and Technology

Analysis of TCP performance analysis in data center networks 2014 by Kulkarni, et al

Optical network design and planning 2014 by Simmons

Wireless communication electronics by example 2014 by Sobot

Guide to OSI and TCP/IP models 2014 by Alani

NGN architectures, protocols, and services 2014 by Janevski, et al

Internet protocol-based emergency services 2014 by Schulzrinne

White space communication : advances, developments and engineering challenges 2014 by Mishra

Internet of Things based on smart objects : technology, middleware and applications 2014 by Fortino, et al

Internet of things with the Arduino Yún : projects to help you build a world of smarter things 2014 by Schwartz

Service Desk and Incident Manager : Careers in IT service management 2014 by  Wheatcroft

Privacy-invading technologies and privacy by design 2014 by Klitou

Networks of networks : the last frontier of complexity 2014 by D'Agostino, et al

Distributed embedded smart cameras : architectures, design and applications 2014 by Bobda, et al

Protection of information and the right to privacy-- a new equilibrium? 2014 by Floridi

Reloading data protection : multidisciplinary insights and contemporary challenges 2014 by Gutwirth, et al

The illusion of net neutrality : political alarmism, regulatory creep, and the real threat to Internet freedom 2013 by Zelnick, et al

Captive audience : the telecom industry and monopoly power in the new gilded age 2013 by Crawford

Automated security management 2013 by Al-Shaer, et al


Raspberry Pi Networking Cookbook 2013 by Golden

Global mobile : applications and innovations for the worldwide mobile ecosystem 2013 by Bruck, et al

Handbook of information science 2013 by Stock, et al

Disclosure of security vulnerabilities : legal and ethical issues 2013 by Maurushat

Mobile authentication : problems and solutions 2013 by Jakobsson

Verification of communication protocols in web services : model-checking service compositions 2013 by Mukherjee, et al

Routing in opportunistic networks 2013 by Woungang

Linear programming and algorithms for communication networks : a practical guide to network design, control, and management 2013 by Oki

Communications and networking : an introduction 2013 by Cowley

Network Performance Analysis 2013 by Bonald

The effects of traffic structure on application and network performance 2013 by Aikat

Network robustness under large-scale attacks 2013 by Zhou

Wireless networking : understanding internetworking challenges 2013 by Burbank

WiFi, WiMAX and LTE Multi-hop Mesh Networks : Basic Communication Protocols and Application Areas 2013 by Wei, et al

Guide to voice and video over IP : for fixed and mobile networks 2013 by Sun

Raspberry Pi Networking Cookbook 2013 by Golden

Network geeks : how they built the internet 2013 by Carpenter

Basics of computer networking 2012 by Robertazzi

Essentials of Computer Networks, Internet and Database Technologies 2012 by Dixit, et al

An open internet for all : free speech and network neutrality 2012 by Bagwell

New media, old regimes : case studies in comparative communication law and policy 2012 by Eko

Fundamentals of digital manufacturing science 2012 by Zhou, et al

Down to Earth : satellite technologies, industries, and cultures 2012 by Parks, et al

Protocol engineering 2012 by König

Understanding and using the controller area network communication protocol : theory and practice 2012 by Natale, et al

Engineering secure two-party computation protocols : design, optimization, and applications of efficient secure function evaluation 2012 by Schneider

Interworking of wireless LANs and cellular networks 2012 by Song, et al

The Internet of elsewhere : the emergent effects of a wired world 2011 byFarivar, et al

Queueing networks : a fundamental approach 2011 by Boucherie, et al

Opening standards : the global politics of interoperability 2011 by DeNardis

Voice over IP networks : quality of service, pricing and security 2011 by Verma

Alcatel-Lucent network routing specialist II (NRS II) self-study guide : preparing for the NRS II certification exams 2011 by Warnock

Still image and video compression with MATLAB 2011 by Thyagarajan

Computer networks, policies, and applications 2011 by Berger

IP address management : principles and practice 2011 by Rooney

The offensive Internet : speech, privacy, and reputation 2010 by Levmore, et al

Building broadband : strategies and policies for the developing world 2010 by Kim, et al

Computer Networking Course 2010 by Singh

Introduction to IP address management 2010 by Rooney

Collaborative process automation systems 2010 by Hollender

The H.264 advanced video compression standard 2010 by Richardson

Optical networks : a practical perspective 2010 by Ramaswami, et al

Paper Book Computer Networks and Internets by Comer TK5105.5 .C5897 2009

The illustrated network : how TCP/IP works in a modern network 2009 by Goralski

Internet access for development 2009 by Paltridge, et al

Internet tiered services : theory, economics, and quality of service 2009 by Roukas

Cisco routers for the desperate : router and switch management, the easy way 2009 by Lucas

Cisco routers for the small business : a practical guide for IT professionals 2009 by Neumann

Video compression systems 2009 by Böck

Information sellers and resellers 2009 by Leger

The VC-1 and H.264 video compression standards for broadband video services 2008 by Lee

Computer Networks : a Systems Approach 2007 by Peterson, et al

Network protocols handbook 2007 by Javvin Technologies

Dictionary of health information technology and security 2007 by Marcinko, et al

The Qualcomm equation : how a fledgling Telecom company forged a new path to big profits and market dominance 2005 by Mock [ Qualcomm co-founded by Harvey White of Parkersburg, WV 1985 ]

ICT and primary mathematics 2004 by Williams

Paper Book John Chambers and the CISCO way : navigating through volatility 2002 by Waters HD9696.8 .U62 C479 2002 John Chambers grew up in Kanawha City near Charleston, WV. The 1st chapter of this book is titled, “A West Virginia Choirboy”.

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su:Internet Security measures

su:Computer networks Security measures

su:COMPUTERS Security Networking

su:COMPUTERS Networking Security

su:Computer viruses

su:Security & fire alarm systems

su:Ethical & social aspects of IT

su:Computer programming Moral and ethical aspects

su:Computer programmers Professional ethics

su:Internet service providers Law and legislation United States

su:Network neutrality Law and legislation United States

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su: Raspberry Pi (Computer)

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MIT Press Networking

se:The Morgan Kaufmann series in networking

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su:Information networks Economic aspects

su:Computer networking & communications

su:Computer networks Mathematical models

su:Communications Engineering, Networks

su:Computer networks Design and construction

su:Computer networks Security measures

su:Information technology Auditing

su:Agricultural information networks

su:Data protection Law and legislation

su:Data protection Law and legislation United States

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su:Multiagent systems

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WAP (wireless) technology

su:Artificial satellites in telecommunication Technological innovations

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Rate distortion theory Mathematics

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IEEE Standards Networks

IEEE Network

IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking

Journal of computer networks and communications

Internet world

Future internet

World wide web

Proceedings of the ... IEEE International Symposium on Workload Characterization

Resource sharing & information networks

Information today

Computer protocols


ISP business news

ISP in United States

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su:World Wide Web Periodicals

Medical informatics and the internet in medicine

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Introduction to Computer Networking CS144 Stanford University 2016


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GeeksforGeeks Networks

GeeksforGeeks Web Technology

Teach Yourself Computer Science - Networking

Teach Yourself Computer Science - Distributed Systems

MIT Open Courseware Computer Networks

Linux Networking Basics

MOOCs and Open Education: A Special Issue of the International Journal on E-Learning 2015 Charles Vest b.1941 Morgantown, WV. BA WVU 1963. President of MIT 1990-2004. In 2001 first free open course contents on the www.

ThomasNet Product Search Networking Software

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Open Networking Foundation

Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers SPIE

Optical Society of America OSA

American National Standards Institute

Underwriters Laboratories

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Association for Computing Machinery ACM

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers IEEE

International Electrotechnical Commission

Automatic Control Council AACC

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