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Computer Science & Information Systems: ISYS 102

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General Systems & Programming

Paper Book Invitation to computer science 2016 by Schneider, et al QA76 .S3594 2016

The essentials of computer organization and architecture 2019 by Null, et al

Business Information Systems and Technology 4.0 2018 by Dornberger

Computer systems : digital design, fundamentals of computer architecture and assembly language 2018 by Elahi

Computer programming for beginners : a step-by-step guide 2018 by Chemuturi

Programming 101 : the how and why of programming revealed using the processing programming language 2018 by Meyer

Integration, interconnection, and interoperability of IoT Systems 2018 by Gravina, et al

UX fundamentals for non-UX professionals : user experience principles for managers, writers, designers, and developers 2018 by Stull

Mobile cloud computing : foundations and service models 2018 by Huang

Integration, interconnection, and interoperability of IoT Systems 2018 by Gravina, et al

Internet of Things Security : Fundamentals, Techniques and Applications 2018 by Shandilya, et al

New solutions for cybersecurity 2018 by Shrobe, et al

The Sage encyclopedia of surveillance, security, and privacy 2018 by Arrigo

Foundations of programming languages 2017 by Lee

Programming language concepts 2017 by Sestoff

Enterprise architecture at work : modelling, communication and analysis 2017 by Lankhorst

Architectural coordination of enterprise transformation 2017 by Proper, et al

Computer Networking 2015 by Vasudevan, et al

Analysis of computer and communication networks 2015 by Gebali

Green in software engineering 2015 by Calero, et al

Paper Book Computer Organization and Design 2014 by Patterson, et al QA 76.9 C643 P2772 2014

Software project effort estimation : foundations and best practice guidelines for success 2014 by Trendowicz, et al

Practical software development techniques : tools and techniques for building enterprise software 2014 by Crookshanks

About face : the essentials of interaction design 2014 by Cooper

Developing Information Systems : Practical guidance for IT professionals 2014 by Ahmed, et al

Cloud-based design and manufacturing (CBDM) : a service-oriented product development paradigm for the 21st Century 2014 by Schaefer

Basics of Computer Organization and Architecture 2014 by Rao

Software Architecture 2014 by Oussalah

Practical foundations for programming languages 2013 by Harper

Enterprise architecture patterns : practical solutions for recurring IT-architecture problems 2013 by Perroud, et al

An introduction to business information management 2013 by Doom

Paper Book Computer Organization and Design by Patterson, et al QA76.9 C643 H46 2012

Guide to software development : designing and managing the life cycle 2012 by Langer

Enterprise software architecture and design : entities, services, and resources 2012 by Duggan

SOA Made Simple 2012 by Dikmans

Service virtualization : reality is overrated 2012 by Michelsen

Computer science : the hardware, software and heart of it 2011 by Blum

Handbook of open source tools 2011 by Koranne

Mastering software project management : best practices, tools and techniques 2010 by Chemuturi, et al

Analysis and synthesis of computer systems 2010 by Gelenber, et al

Achieving service-oriented architecture : applying an enterprise architecture approach 2010 by Sweeney

Collaborative process automation systems 2010 by Hollender

Security for Web services and service-oriented architectures 2010 by Bertino

Fundamental concepts in computer science 2009 by Gelenbe, et al

Socially enhanced services computing : modern models and algorithms for distributed systems 2011 by Dustdar

Principles of programming languages 2009 by Dowek

Information systems development : challenges in practice, theory, and education 2009 by Barry

OPC unified architecture 2009 by Mahnke, et al

Software evolution 2008 by Mens, et al

Design of Industrial Information Systems 2006 by Boucher, et al

Paper Book Programming language design concepts 2004 by Watt, et al QA76.7 W388 2004

Software development failures : anatomy of abandoned projects 2003 by Menash

More Books

Types and programming languages 2002 by Pierce

Building reliable component-based software systems 2002 by Crnkovic, et al

Paper Book PCs made easy : a practical course 2001 QA76.5 .P3675 2001

Visual Books

Paper Book Introduction to Programming Using Visual Basic by Schneider 10th 17 [Do not own]

Beginning Xamarin Development for the Mac : create iOS, watchOS, and Apple tvOS apps with Xamarin.iOS and Visual Studio for Mac 2018 by Borycki

Building web applications with Visual Studio 2017 : using .NET Core and modern JavaScript frameworks 2017 by Japikse, et al

Beginning visual studio for Mac : build cross-platform apps with Xamarin and .NET Core 2017 by Del Sole

Beginning visual C# 2015 programming 2016 by Perkins, et al

Mastering VBA for Microsoft Office 2016 by Mansfield

Programming Excel with VBA : a practical real-world guide 2016 by Mansfield

Practical Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 by Ritchie

Professional visual studio, 2015 2015 by Johnson

How to implement market models using VBA 2015 by Goossens

Pro HTML5 with Visual Studio 2015 2015 by Collins

Beginning ASP.NET for Visual studio 2015 2016 bu Pernberthy

Visual Studio LightSwitch 2015 2015 by Leung

Continuous delivery with Visual Studio ALM 2015 2015 by Olausson, et al

Pro ASP.NET 4.5 in VB 2014 by Mabbutt

Programming with Microsoft Visual Basic 2012 2014 by Zak

Visual Studio condensed 2014 by Desjardins

Visual basic : a beginner's tutorial 2014 by Ky

Visual studio 2013 cookbook : over 50 simple but incredibly effective recipes to get you up and running with the powerful features of Visual Studio 2013 2014 by Martin, et al

Python tools for Visual Studio : leverage the power of the Visual Studio IDE to develop better and more efficient Python projects 2014 by Sabia, et al

ReSharper essentials : make your Microsoft Visual studio work smarter with ReSharper 2014 by Gąsior

Professional application lifecycle management with visual studio 2013 2014 by Gousset, et al

ASP.NET Web API : build RESTful web applications and services on the .NET framework : master ASP.NET Web API using .NET Framework 4.5 and Visual Studio 2013 2013 by Kanjilal

Reporting with Visual Studio and Crystal Reports : create a reporting application from scratch using Visual Studio and Crystal Reports 2013 by Elkoush

Visual Studio 2012 and .NET 4.5 Expert Development Cookbook 2013 by Sur

Visual Basic 2012 Programmer's Reference 2012 byStephens

Visual Studio 2012 cookbook : 50 simple but incredibly effective recipes to immediately get you working with the exciting features of Visual Studio 2012 2012 by Banks

Beginning Visual Basic 2012 2012 by Newsome

Visual Studio 2010 best practices : learn and implement recommended practices for the complete software development life cycle with Visual Studio 2010 2012 by Ritchie

Pro HTML5 with Visual Studio 2012 2012 by Collins

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 developers compendium : the best of Packt for extending SharePoint : build an engaging SharePoint site with Visual Studio, Silverlight, PowerShell, and Windows phone 7 2012 by Jones

Beginning Visual Studio LightSwitch development 2011 by Novák

Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch Business Application Development 2011 by Krishnaswamy

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Development with Visual Studio 2010 Expert Cookbook 2011 by Kithiganahalli

Professional Windows phone 7 application development : building applications and games using Visual Studio, Silverlight, and XNA 2011 by Randolph

Professional application lifecycle management with Visual studio 2010 2010 by Gousset

Introducing .NET 4.0 with Visual studio 2010 2010 by Mackey

Visual studio 2010 and .NET 4 : six-in-one 2010 2010 by Novák

Visual C♯ 2010 recipes : a problem-solution approach 2010 by Jones, et al

Microsoft Visual C++ Windows applications by example : code and explanations for real-world MFC C++ applications 2008 by Bjorndander

Software Testing with Visual Studio Team System 2008 2008 by Kumar, et al

Building automated trading systems : with an introduction to Visual C++.NET 2005 2007 by Vliet

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su:Computer programming Moral and ethical aspects

su:Computer programmers Professional ethics

su:Disclosure of information

su:Information technology Environmental aspects

su:Information technology

su:Service-oriented architecture (Computer science)

su:Enterprise application integration (Computer systems)

su:IT in Business

su:Computers Programming General

su:Programming languages (Electronic computers) Semantics

su:Programming languages (Electronic computers)

su:Computer programming

su:Programming Techniques

su:Computer programming / software development

su:Computer System Implementation

su:COMPUTERS Software Development & Engineering General

su:COMPUTERS Software Development & Engineering Tools


su:Software failures

su:COMPUTERS Programming Open Source

su:Virtual computer systems

su:Web site development

su:Cross-platform software development

su:Integrated software

su:Application program interfaces (Computer software)

su:Application software Development

su:Application software Development Management

su:Business Data processing

su:Business enterprises Finance Data processing

su:Accounting Software

su:Management information systems

su:Finance Mathematical models Computer programs

su:Programming Techniques


su:Coding theory

su:Computer programming / software development

su:Debugging in computer science

su:Visual programming (Computer science)

su:Microsoft .NET Framework

su:Microsoft Visual studio

su:Visual Basic (Computer program language)

su:Microsoft Visual Basic for Windows

su:Visual Basic for Applications (Computer program language)

su:Microsoft Visual C++

su:Information technology Environmental aspects

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su:Information Technology

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Inside Microsoft Visual Basic

Innovations in systems and software engineering

Computer languages, systems & structures

ECSA: European Conference on Software Architecture ACM

ICSE Workshop on Sharing and Reusing Architectural Knowledge

Proceedings of the ACM on programming languages

ACM transactions on programming languages and systems

Computer languages, systems & structures

Journal of software : evolution and process

SDA Asia magazine

Software development

Automated software engineering

Journal of software : evolution and process

Programming and computer software

More Journals

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su:Programming languages (Electronic computers) Periodicals

su:Computer security Periodicals


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