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Computer Science & Information Systems: CS 101

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Paper Book Excel 2019 bible 2019 by Alexander, et al HF5548.4.M523 A4646 2019

Paper Book Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Comprehensive 2017 by Poatsy, et al T385 .K74 2017

Paper Book Microsoft Word 2016 : comprehensive 2017 by Hogan, et al Z52.5.M52 H635 2017

Paper Book Microsoft Access 2016 comprehensive 2017 by Poatsy, et al QA76.9.D3 M532 2017

The software arts 2019 by Sack

Information fantasies : precarious mediation in postsocialist China 2019 by Liu

On the end of privacy : dissolving boundaries in a screen-centric world 2019 by Miller

Privacy Rights in the Digital Age 2019 by Kirtley

The politics of mass digitization 2019 by Thylstrup

Politics and technology in the post-truth era 2019 by Visvizi, et al

Reconstructing our orders : artificial intelligence and human society 2019 by Jin

Paper Book Artificial intelligence 2018 Q334.7 .A78 2018

Engineering a better future : interplay between engineering, social sciences, and innovation 2018

The impact of information on modern humans 2018 by Popkova

The Interconnected Individual : Seizing Opportunity in the Era of AI, Platforms, Apps, and Global Exchanges 2018 by Hastings, et al

Collecting and exhibiting computer-based technology : expert curation at the museums of the Smithsonian Institution 2019 by Foti

Behavioral cybersecurity : applications of personality psychology and computer science 2019 by Patterson, et al

Big data, big challenges : a healthcare perspective : background, issues, solutions and research directions 2019 by Househ, et al

IBM : the rise and fall and reinvention of a global icon 2019 by Cortada

Value sensitive design : shaping technology with moral imagination 2019 by Friedman, et al

Quantum computing for everyone 2019 by Bernhardt

Bits to bitcoin : how our digital stuff works 2018 by Day, et al

Current and emerging mHealth technologies : adoption, implementation, and use 2018 by Sezgin, et al

Digital health : scaling healthcare to the world 2018 by Rivas, et al

The future of literary archives : diasporic and dispersed collections at risk 2018 by Sutton, et al

Linked data : storing, querying, and reasoning 2018 by Sakr, et al

Multimedia Tools and Applications for Environmental & Biodiversity Informatics 2018 by Joly

Do Industry 4.0 Technologies Lead to More (and Better) Knowledge? 2018 by Maria, et al

The classical liberal case for privacy in a world of surveillance and technological change 2018 by Berg

The Sage encyclopedia of surveillance, security, and privacy 2018 by Arrigo

National security vs. civil & privacy rights 2018 by Issit

Faceless : re-inventing privacy through subversive media strategies by Doringer, et al

Handbook of mobile data privacy 2018 by Gkoulalas-Divanis, et al

Computer systems : digital design, fundamentals of computer architecture and assembly language 2018 by Elahi

Real Life Cryptology 2018 by Lang

Social capital online : alienation and accumulation 2018 by Faucher

Algorithms of oppression : how search engines reinforce racism 2018 by Noble

Advances in culturally-aware intelligent systems and in cross-cultural psychological studies 2018 by Faucher

Teaching computing : a practitioner's perspective 2018 by Walker

Beginning Office 365 collaboration apps : working in the Microsoft cloud 2018 by Mercurio

Agile Office 365 : successful project delivery practices for an evolving platform 2018 by Croitoru

Office 365 for healthcare professionals : improving patient care through collaboration, compliance, and productivity 2018 by Dhru

se:Technology in Action

The death algorithm and other digital dilemmas 2018 by Simanowski

Microsoft Excel functions and formulas 2018 by Held, et al

Managing your professional identity online : a guide for faculty, staff, and administrators 2018 by Linder, et al

World of computing : a primer companion for the digital age 2018 by O'Regan

Guide to programming for the digital humanities : lessons for introductory Python 2018 by Kokensparger

Evolutionary Games with Sociophysics : Analysis of Traffic Flow and Epidemics 2018 by Tanimoto

STEAM jobs in game development 2018 by Rosenberg

Office 365 for healthcare professionals : improving patient care through collaboration, compliance, and productivity 2018 by Dhru

Set phasers to teach! : star trek in research and teaching 2018 by Rabitsch, et al

Explorations in art and technology 2018 by Candy, et al

Online harassment 2018 by Golbeck

Clash of symbols : a ride through the riches of glyphs 2018 by Webb

Information modelling for archaeology and anthropology : software engineering principles for cultural heritage 2018 by Pérez

Stories : screen narrative in the digital era 2018 by Christie, et al

Digital health : scaling healthcare to the world 2018 by Rivas, et al

Digital childhoods : technologies and children's everyday lives 2018 by Danby, et al

Business information systems and technology 4.0 : new trends in the age of digital change 2018 by Dornberger

Modernizing the Academic Teaching and Research Environment : Methodologies and Cases in Business Research 2018 by Gómez, et al

Applied bioinformatics : an Introduction 2018 by Selzer, et al

Soft computing for biological systems 2018 by Purohit, et al

Big data in computational social science and humanities 2018 by Chen

Data science thinking : the next scientific, technological and economic revolution 2018 by Cao

Machine learning for ecology and sustainable natural resource management 2018 by Humphries, et al

Introducing Microsoft Flow : automating workflows between apps and services 2018 by Ramalingam

Social information access : systems and technologies 2018 by Brusilovsky, et al

Computer simulations of space societies 2018 by Bainbridge

Gaming the stage : playable media and the rise of English commercial theater 2018 by Bloom

Ecological and evolutionary modelling 2018 by Hui, et al

Scientific knowledge communication in museums 2018 by Rovetta

Information modelling for archaeology and anthropology : software engineering principles for cultural heritage 2018 by Pérez

Explorations in art and technology 2018 by Candy, et al

Modern approaches for intelligent information and database systems 2018 by Siemiński, et al

Handbook of statistical analysis and data mining applications 2018 by Nisbet, et al

Clinical text mining : secondary use of electronic patient records 2018 by Dalianis

Behavior engineering and applications 2018 by Wong, et al

The tech professional's guide to communicating in a global workplace : adapting across cultural and gender boundaries 2018 by Wells

Conceptualising the digital university : the intersection of policy, pedagogy and practice 2018 by Johnston

Authentic virtual world education : facilitating cultural engagement and creativity 2018 by Gregory, et al

The music business and digital impacts : innovations and disruptions in the music industries 2018 by Nordgård

E-learning practice in higher education : a mixed-method comparative analysis 2018 by Sadeghi

Computational thinking in the STEM disciplines : foundations and research highlights 2018 by Khine

Designing immersive video games using 3DUI technologies : improving the gamer's user experience 2018 by Kulshreshth, et al

Geogames and geoplay : game-based approaches to the analysis of geo-information 2018 by Ahlqvist, et al

Conceptualising the digital university : the intersection of policy, pedagogy and practice 2018 by Johnston

Serious games in physical rehabilitation : from theory to practice 2018 by Bonnechère

Game on! : gamification, gameful design, and the rise of the gamer educator 2018 by Bell

Gamification in learning and education : enjoy learning like gaming 2018 by Kim, et al

Authentic virtual world education : facilitating cultural engagement and creativity 2018 by Gregory, et al

The making of a new science : a personal journey through the early years of theoretical computer science 2018 by Ausiello

The Web was done by amateurs : a reflection on one of the largest collective systems ever engineered 2018 by Aiello

Surveillance valley : the secret military history of the internet 2018 by Levine

Fundamentals of software culture 2018 by Qin, et al

Gaming the Iron Curtain : how teenagers and amateurs in communist Czechoslovakia claimed the medium of computer games 2018 by Švelch

Scientific computing : a historical perspective 2018 by Gustafsson

A first introduction to quantum computing and information 2018 by Zygelman

Disconnect : Facebook's affective bonds 2018 by Karppi

Developing Information Leaders : Harnessing the Talents of Generation X 2017 by Urgo

Internet abuses and privacy rights 2017 by by H.W. Wilson

Securing elections from foreign interference 2017 by Norden, et al

Towards a code of ethics for artificial intelligence 2017 by Boddington

Life 3.0 : being human in the age of artificial intelligence 2017 by Tegmark

Cyber security. Simply. Make it happen. : leveraging digitization through IT security 2017 by Abolhassan

Internet addiction : neuroscientific approaches and therapeutical implications including smartphone addiction 2017 by Montag, et al

Emergence in interactive art 2017 by Seevinck

Museum and archive on the move : changing cultural institutions in the digital era 2017 by Grau, et al

Research and development in the academy, creative industries and applications 2017

by Earnshaw

Data analytics in digital humanities 2017 by Hai-Jew

Research in the archival multiverse 2017 by Gililand, et al

Scientific scholarly communication : the changing landscape 2017 by De Silva, et al

Personal cybersecurity : how to avoid and recover from cybercrime 2017 by Waschke

Digital privacy and security using windows : a practical guide 2017 by Hassan

Ethical and social issues in the information age 2017 by Kizza

Machine learning for decision makers : cognitive computing fundamentals for better decision making 2017 by Kashyap

Homo Deus : a brief history of tomorrow 2017 by Harari

Taking offence on social media : conviviality and communication on Facebook 2017 by Tagg, et al

Becoming Facebook : the 10 challenges that defined the company disrupting the world 2017 by Hoefflinger

Emerging research, practice, and policy on computational thinking 2017 by Rich, et al

The incomputable : journeys beyond the Turing barrier 2017 by Cooper, et al

Disability, human rights, and information technology 2017 by Lazar

Programming in HTML and PHP : coding for scientists and engineers 2017 by Brooks

Guide to scientific computing in C++ 2017 by Pitt-Francis, et al

Expert Office 365 : notes from the field 2017 by Charlebois-Laprade

Paper Book Microsoft Excel 2016. Comprehensive 2017 by Poatsy, et al

Microsoft Excel 2016 Programming by Example : With VBA, XML, and ASP 2017 by Korol

Paper Book Microsoft Access 2016 comprehensive by Poatsy, et al QA76.9.D3 M532 2017

Adventures in Computer Science : From Classical Bits to Quantum Bits 2017 by Moret-Bonillo

World building : transmedia, fans, industries 2017 by Boni

Mixed reality and gamification for culture heritage 2017 by Ioannides, et al

More Books

Coding literacy : how computer programming is changing writing 2017 by Vee

Simulation Algorithms for Computational Systems Biology 2017 by Marchetti

Human subject research for engineers : a practical guide 2017 by De Winter

Introduction to Computational Social Science : Principles and Applications 2017 by Cioffi-Revilla

Datafied society : studying culture through data 2017 by Schäfer, et al

Data analytics in digital humanities 2017 by Hai-Jew

Ready player two : women gamers and designed identity 2017 by Chess

Games of life : explorations in ecology, evolution and behavior 2017 by Sigmund

A guide to designing curricular games : how to "game" the system 2017 by Kellinger

Disruptive technology enhanced learning : the use and misuse of digital technologies in higher education 2017 by Flavin

Working with coders : a guide to software development for the perplexed non-techie 2017 by Gleeson

Programming in HTML and PHP : coding for scientists and engineers 2017 by Brooks

Introduction to Scilab : for engineers and scientists 2017 by Nagar, et al

Socialbots and Their Friends : Digital Media and the Automation of Sociality 2016 by Gehl

Raspberry Pi user guide 2016 by Upton, et al

Getting the Message Across : Using Slideware Effectively in Technical Presentations 2016 by Faroult

Interactivity, collaboration, and authoring in social media 2016 by Madej

Computer-assisted and web-based innovations in psychology, special education, and health 2016 by Luiselli, et al

The uncertain digital revolution 2016 by Vitalis

Female innovators at work : women on top of tech 2016 by Newnham

Computational sustainability 2016 by Lässig, et al

Fuzzy Logic with Engineering Applications 2016 by Ross

Computational Personality Analysis : Introduction, Practical Applications and Novel Directions 2016 by Neuman

Cross-cultural computing : an artist's journey 2016 by Tosa

A dictionary of computer science 2016 by Butterfield, et al

Windows to go : a guide for users and IT professionals 2016 by Ballew

Learn Office 2016 for Mac 2016 by Hart-Davis

Excel 2016 formulas 2016 by Alexander, et al

Big data technologies and applications 2016 by Furht, et al

Process mining : data science in action 2016 by Aalst

Data visualization & presentation with Microsoft Office 2016 by Sue

Digital methods for social science : an interdisciplinary guide to research innovation 2016 by Snee, et al

Digital pathology : historical perspectives, current concepts & future applications 2016 by Kaplan, et al

Secondary analysis of electronic health records 2016 by MIT

Microsoft Powerpoint 2016 by Lambert

Requirements writing for system engineering 2016 by Koelsch

Windows installation and update troubleshooting 2016 by Rhodes

Computational mathematics : models, methods, and analysis with MATLAB® and MPI 2016 by Ploskas, et al

Applied computer science 2016 by Torbert

Paper Book A new companion to digital humanities 2016 by Schreibman, et al AZ105 .N485 2016

Being a scholar in the digital era 2016 by Daniels

A companion to digital art 2016 by Paul

Doing digital humanities : practice, training, research 2016 by Crompton, et al

The digital arts and humanities : neogeography, social media and big data integrations and applications 2016 by Travis, et al

Being really virtual : immersive natives and the future of virtual reality 2016 by Steinicke

Facebook democracy : the architecture of disclosure and the threat to public life 2016 by Marichal

Getting the Message Across : Using Slideware Effectively in Technical Presentations 2016 by Faroult

Interactivity, collaboration, and authoring in social media 2016 by Madej

Computer-assisted and web-based innovations in psychology, special education, and health 2016 by Luiselli, et al

PCs For Dummies 2015 by Gookin

MATLAB : an introduction with applications 2015 by Gilat

Learning MATLAB : a problem solving approach 2015 by Gander

Paper Book The digital age 2015

Advances in personalized web-based education 2015 by Chrysafiadi, et al

The cybrarian's web 2 : an A-Z guide to free social media tools, apps, and other resources 2015 by Peltier-Davis, et al

Digital humanitarians : how big data is changing the face of humanitarian response 2015 by Meier

IPhoneography : how to create inspiring photos with your smartphone 2015 by Clawson

How software works : the magic behind encryption, CGI, search engines, and other everyday technologies 2015 by Spraul

The Wiley handbook of psychology, technology and society 2015 by Cheever, et al

Abstract machine : humanities GIS 2015 by Travis

Knowledge machines : digital transformations of the sciences and humanities 2015 by Meyer

Data information literacy : librarians, data, and the education of a new generation of researchers 2015 by Carlson, et al

Foundation mathematics for computer science : a visual approach 2015 by Vince

MATLAB : an introduction with applications 2015 by Gilat

Applications of computational tools in biosciences and medical engineering 2015 by Öchsner, et al

Screen Relations : the Limits of Computer-Mediated Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy 2015 by Russell

Smart information systems : computational intelligence for real-life applications 2015 by Hopfgartner

Introduction to quantum physics and information processing 2015 by Vathsan

Big data, little data, no data : scholarship in the networked world 2015 by Borgman

An Engineer's Guide to Mathematica 2014 by Magrab

Mastering the Raspberry Pi 2014 by Gay

Raspberry Pi projects 2014 by Robinson

Raspberry Pi system software reference 2014 by Gay

Raspberry Pi hardware reference 2014 by Gay

Mutative media : communication technologies and power relations in the past, present, and futures 2014 by Dator

Google search secrets 2014 by Burns

How to attack and defend your website 2014 by Daziel

Personality in speech : assessment and automatic classification 2014 by Polzehl

Processing : a programming handbook for visual designers and artists 2014 by Reas, et al

Computing fundamentals 2014 by Wemmpen

10 don'ts on your digital devices : the non-techie's survival guide to cyber security and privacy 2014 by Bachrach, et al

Playful intelligence : digitizing tradition 2014 by Sussman

Green computing book : tackling energy efficiency at large scale 2014 by Feng

Introduction to quantum information science 2014 by Hayashi

Advanced Excel essentials : take your Excel sklls to the next level 2014 by Goldmeier

101 ready-to-use Excel® formulas 2014 by Alexander

Slide rules : design, build, and archive presentations in the engineering and technical fields 2014 by Nathans-Kelly, et al

Playful intelligence : digitizing tradition 2014 by Sussman

Applied data-centric social sciences : concepts, data, computation, and theory 2014 by Sato

Writing for computer science 2014 by Zobel

Presenting data : how to communicate your message effectively 2014 by Swires-Hennessy

Visual computing : scientific visualization and imaging systems 2014 by Leta

The work of art in a digital age : art, technology and globalization 2014 by Langdon

Interactive technologies for autism 2014 by Kientz, et al

Interactive multimedia learning : using social media for peer education in single-player educational games 2014 by Konert

Digital content creation in schools : a common core approach 2014 by Ivers, et al

A journey through cultures : metaphors for guiding the design of cross-cultural interactive systems 2013 by Salgado, et al

Matlab by example : programming basics 2013 by Gdeisat, et al

Intelligent routines : solving mathematical analysis with Matlab, Mathcad, Mathematica and Maple 2013 by Anastassiou, et al

Programming with mathematica® : an introduction 2013 by Wellin

Giants of computing : a compendium of select, pivotal pioneers 2013 by O'Regan

Computer Applications in Physics : with Fortran, Basic and C 2013 by Chandra, et al

Professional Access 2013 programming 2013 by Hennig

Access 2013 Bible by Alexander, et al

Access 2013 for dummies by Ulrich-Fuller, et al

Office 2013 for dummies by Wang

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 bible by Wempen

Microsoft Office 2013 bible: the comprehensive tutorial resource by Bucki

Better Than Bullet Points : Creating Engaging e-Learning with PowerPoint 2013 by Bozarth

Powerpoint 2013 tips & tricks by Hales, et al

PowerPoint 2013 For Dummies by Lowe

Essential MATLAB for engineers and scientists 2013 by Hahn, et al

Text mining with MATLAB® 2013 by Banchs

Modeling of land-use and ecological dynamics 2013 by Markinson

Matlab by example : programming basics 2013 by Gdeisat, et al

Complex systems and society : modeling and simulation 2013 by Bellomo, et al

Paper Book Applied numerical methods with MATLAB for engineers and scientists 2012 by Chapra QA297 C4185 2012

MATLAB Graphics and Data Visualization Cookbook 2012 by Majumdar, et al

Think like a programmer : an introduction to creative problem solving 2012 by Spraul

Paper Applied numerical methods with MATLAB for engineers and scientists 2012 by Chapra

Drafting for the theatre 2012 by Dorn

Flash programming for the social & behavioral sciences : a simple guide to sophisticated online surveys and experiments 2012 by Weinstein, et al

Computational ecology : graphs, networks and agent-based modeling 2012 by Zhang

A philosophy of technology : from technical artefacts to sociotechnical systems 2011 by Vermaas

What is sustainable technology? : perceptions, paradoxes and possibilities 2011 by Mulder, et al

Guide to HTML, JavaScript and PHP : for scientists and engineers 2011 by Brooks

Essential Mathcad for engineering, science, and math ISE 2009 by Maxfield

Fundamental concepts in computer science 2009 by Gelenbe, et al

Paper Book Mathcad : a tool for engineering problem solving 2008 by Pritchard TA345 P765 2008

Electronic elections : the perils and promises of digital democracy 2008 by Alvarez, et al

Engineering with Mathcad : Using Mathcad to Create and Organize your Engineering Calculations 2006 by Maxfield

Get set for computer science 2006 by Edwards

High tech trash : digital devices, hidden toxics, and human health 2006 by Grossman

Product design for manufacture and assembly 2002 by Boothroyd

Mechanical life cycle handbook : good environmental design and manufacturing 2002 by Hundal

Design + environment : a global guide to designing greener goods 2001 by Lewis, et al

Job and work design : organizing work to promote well-being and effectiveness 1998 by Parker, et al

Computational philosophy of science 1988 by Thagard

Integrating design and manufacturing for competitive advantage 1992 by Sussman

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