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Computer Science & Information Systems: C #

Software on Library Computers - Visual Studio 2017

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Selected Books

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C♯ 7 quick syntax reference : a pocket guide to the language, APIs and library 2018 by Olsson

Illustrated C# 7 : the C# language presented clearly, concisely, and visually 2018 by Solis, et al

Design patterns in C# : a hands-on guide with real-world examples 2018 by Sacar

Interactive C# : fundamentals, core concepts and patterns 2018 by Sarcar

Principles of package design : creating reusable software components 2018 by Noback

Windows 10 development with XAML and C# 7 + 2018 by Liberty

Practical artificial intelligence : machine learning, bots, and agent solutions using C# 2018 by Castaño

Stylish F# : crafting elegant functional code for .NET and .NET core 2018 by Eason

C# programming for absolute beginners 2017 by Vystavěl

Pro C# 7 : With .NET and .NET Core 2017 by Troelsen, et al

The C# programmer's study guide (MCSD) : exam 70-483 / The C# Programmerѫs Study Guide (MCSD) : Exam: 70-483 2017 by Asad, et al

C# and XML primer 2017 by Hartwell

C# 24-hour trainer 2016 by Stephens

C# : a beginner's tutorial 2016 by Ky

Beginning F♯ 4.0 2016 by Pickering, et al

Expert F♯ 4.0 2015 by Syme

JavaScript object programming 2015 by Rinehart

C# 6.0 and the .NET 4.6 framework 2015 by Troelsen, et al

Object-oriented technology 2015 by Alagić

C# 5.0 : programmer's reference 2014 by Stephens

The book of F♯ : breaking free with managed functional programming 2014 by Fancher

Beginning C♯ object-oriented programming 2013 by Clark

Visual Books

Building web applications with Visual Studio 2017 : using .NET Core and modern JavaScript frameworks 2017 by Japikse, et al

Beginning visual studio for Mac : build cross-platform apps with Xamarin and .NET Core 2017 by Del Sole

Beginning visual C# 2015 programming 2016 by Perkins, et al

Mastering VBA for Microsoft Office 2016 by Mansfield

Programming Excel with VBA : a practical real-world guide 2016 by Mansfield

More Books

Practical Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 by Ritchie

Pro ASP.NET 4.5 in VB 2014 by Mabbutt

Programming with Microsoft Visual Basic 2012 2014 by Zak

Visual Studio condensed 2014 by Desjardins

Visual basic : a beginner's tutorial 2014 by Ky

F♯ for quantitative finance : an introductory guide to utilizing F♯ for quantitative finance leveraging the .NET platform 2013 by Astborg

Visual C♯ 2010 recipes : a problem-solution approach 2010 by Jones, et al

su:Visual programming (Computer science)

su:Visual Basic (Computer program language)

su:Microsoft Visual Basic for Windows

.NET Books

Pro Entity Framework Core 2 for ASP.NET Core MVC 2018 by Freeman

Building web applications with Visual Studio 2017 : using .NET Core and modern JavaScript frameworks 2017 by Japikse, et al

Essential angular for ASP.NET Core MVC 2017 by Freeman

ASP.NET core recipes : a problem-solution approach 2017 by Ciliberti

ASP.NET MVC with entity framework and CSS 2016 by Naylor

Beginning SOLID principles and design patterns for ASP.NET developers 2016 by Joshi

Pro ASP.NET 4.5 in VB 2014 by Mabbutt

.NET IL Assembler 2014 by Lidin

Pro ASP.NET SignalR : real-time communication in .NET with SignalR 2.1 2014 by Nayyeri

Professional ASP.NET MVC 5 2014 by Galloway

Expert ASP.NET Web API 2 for MVC developers 2014 by Freeman

Pro ASP.NET web API security : securing ASP.NET web API 2013 by Lakshmiraghavan

Beginning C♯ object-oriented programming 2013 by Clark

A philosophy of technology : from technical artefacts to sociotechnical systems 2011 by Vermaas

Visual C♯ 2010 recipes : a problem-solution approach 2010 by Jones, et al

C♯ 2008 and 2005 threaded programming beginner's guide : exploit the power of multiple processors for faster, more responsive software 2009 by Hillar, et al

Computational philosophy of science 1988 by Thagard

C Sharp 4

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MOOCs and Open Education: A Special Issue of the International Journal on E-Learning 2015 Charles Vest b.1941 Morgantown, WV. BA WVU 1963. President of MIT 1990-2004. In 2001 established the open course contents on the www.


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