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Computer Science & Information Systems: Artificial Intelligence

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Selected Journals

Computational intelligence : an international journal

Evolutionary computation

ACM Special Interest Group on Genetic and Evolutionary Computation

Proceedings of the ... IEEE Swarm Intelligence Symposium

Swarm intelligence

Genetic programming and evolvable machines

IEEE Transactions on Computational Intelligence and AI in Games

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems

IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation

IEEE Transactions on Autonomous Mental Development

IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems

IEEE intelligent systems

Expert systems

Applied artificial intelligence : AAI

Artificial intelligence review

International Conference on Tools for Artificial Intelligence : [proceedings]

AI communications : the European journal on artificial intelligence

Annals of mathematics and artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence and law

IEEE International Symposium on Safety, Security and Rescue Robotics

IEEE control systems magazine

Control engineering

IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things : proceedings

The open medical informatics journal

International journal of medical informatics [Europe]

Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association : JAMIA

Yearbook of medical informatics

More Journals - su:Artificial intelligence Periodicals

su:Genetic algorithms Periodicals

More Swarm Journals

More Journals- su:Automatic control


IEEE Xplore Digital Library

Sample Searches

IEEE Computational Intelligence Society

blackboard architecture

heuristic search

Nash Equilibrium

ACM Digital Library

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Special Interest Group on Artificial Intelligence

knowledge representation schemes

semantic net

natural language processing


Engineering Village

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Applied Science and Technology Source

Sample Searches

artificial intelligence Subject Machine Learning

DE "Artificial neural networks" Subject Evolutionary Computation

Artificial Intelligence Implementation

DE "Intelligent personal assistants"


Sample Searches

"natural language processing"

artificial intelligence systems

SAE Mobilus

Sample Searches

"Artificial Intelligence" “Most Recent”

advanced "Artificial Intelligence"

Web of Science

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"artificial intelligence" category software eng.

"artificial intelligence" category robotics


Sample Searches

artificial intelligence

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WV Hive Small Business Incubator for s. West Virginia

LaunchLab applied innovation centers for WVU students

GeeksforGeeks Machine Learning & A.I.

MIT Open Courseware search “Artificial Intelligence”

MIT Open Courseware search “Robotics”

MIT Open Courseware search “Watson”

MIT Open Courseware search “Siri”

MIT Open Courseware Control Systems

Nima ShahabShahmir Phone App

[Stephen] Wolfram Research

Free Wolfram Engine for Developers


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MOOCs and Open Education: A Special Issue of the International Journal on E-Learning 2015 Charles Vest b.1941 Morgantown, WV. BA WVU 1963. President of MIT 1990-2004. In 2001 established the open course contents on the www.

Towards Data Science

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AI Assistants

Amazon Alexa App

Apple Siri

Facebook M

Google Assistant App

IBM Watson

Microsoft Cortana

Microsoft Cortana App

Some Important AI Companies

OpenAI [ Open Source ]

Amazon Web Services + at least 12 subsidiaries

Apple Machine Learning Shazam



Facebook GoogleX  Developers +subsidiaries


IBM AI Research

Intel AI Developers subsidiaries include  Nervana, Movidus, Saffron Technology

Microsoft AI Subsidiaries include Maluuba, AltspaceVRMobileye, More

Nvidia + subsidiaries

Qualcomm + subsidiaries


Twitter subsidiaries Magic Pony

100 AI companies

Robotics Companies



Cruise Automation

PTC Rockwell Automation

UBTech Robotics




Yitu Technology

Auris Health

Boston Dynamics

Pittsburgh Robotics Network


Industrial Robotics





DARPA Robotics Challenge


ACM “Artificial Intelligence”

YouTube search Stanford - Artificial Intelligence Course

Carnegie Mellon Artificial Intelligence

YouTube search MIT Artificial Intelligence

YouTube search Berkeley Artificial Intelligence

YouTube search Artificial Intelligence

YouTube search "John Nash" Artificial Intelligence


WVU Tech Dept. of Computer Science & Information Systems

WVU Tech Association for Computing Machinery

WVU Tech Gaming at Tech

Golden Bear eSports

WVU Tech  Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

WVU Tech Entrepreneurship Club

Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence

The IEEE Computational Intelligence Society

ACM Special Interest Group on Artificial Intelligence

European Association for Artificial Intelligence

List of AI associations by Country

Singularity Institute of Artificial Intelligence

Automatic Control Council

International Federation of Robotics

WVU Tech Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

WVU Tech Entrepreneurship Club

Association for Computing Machinery ACM

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers IEEE

International Electrotechnical Commission


American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Risks of A.I.

Future of Life Institute

Centre for the Study of Existential Risk

Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence

Machine Intelligence Research Institute

Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies

Journal of Evolution & Technology


Patents over 20 years old are expired and free for anyone to use.

US Patent Class 706 Data Processing Artificial Intelligence

US Patent Class 434/188 relating to the science of numbers and their operations, … [scroll down]

USA Patent Classications 717 for Software

Derwent Innovations Index

Google Patents

Patents guide

USPTO Search Page USA

WIPO World

WIPO Classifications Artificial Intelliigence

WIPO Search Page

WIPO Technology Trends 2019: Artificial Intelligence


Intellectual Property India

Patents Europe Espacenet

List of patent offices around the world

A Patent for Siri in Google Patents

(Personal) (Assistant) (Google) assignee:(Google Inc.)

Patents Google search “networking”

Selected Books 1 of 2

Save Time - use Tables of Contents (front of book) & Indexes (back of book)

Value sensitive design : shaping technology with moral imagination 2019 by Friedman, et al

Reconstructing our orders : artificial intelligence and human society 2019 by Jin

Speech enhancement techniques for digital hearing aids 2019 by Borisagar, et al

Evolutionary and swarm intelligence algorithms 2019 by Bansal

Evolutionary algorithms and neural networks : theory and applications 2019 by Mirjalili

Neural representations of natural language 2019 by White, et al

Springer eBooks Artificial Intelligence Newest First (uncheck “Include Preview-Only content”)

Emerging trends and applications in cognitive computing 2019 by Mallick, et al

Intelligent agriculture : developing a system for monitoring and controlling production 2019 by Guzman, et al

Modern Sensing Technologies 2019 by Mukhopadhyay, et al

Humanoid robotics : a reference 2019 by Goswami, et al

Biomechanics of Anthropomorphic Systems 2019 by Venture, et al

Neuroscience, Robotics and Virtual Reality : Internalised vs Externalised Mind/Brain 2019 by Giannopulu

Deep learning : fundamentals, theory and applications 2019 by Huang

Data analytics and psychometrics : informing assessment practices 2019 by Jiao

Neuroscience, Robotics and Virtual Reality : Internalised vs Externalised Mind/Brain 2019 by Giannopulu

Data-driven law : data analytics and the new legal services 2019 by Walters

Paper Book Artificial intelligence 2018 Q334.7.A78 2018

The impact of information on modern humans 2018 by Popkova

The Interconnected Individual : Seizing Opportunity in the Era of AI, Platforms, Apps, and Global Exchanges 2018 by Hastings, et al

Artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things : UK policy opportunities and challenges 2018 by Bunz

A knowledge representation practionary : guidelines based on Charles Sanders Peirce 2018 by Bergman

Data science and predictive analytics : biomedical and health applications using R 2018 by Dinov

Entity-oriented search 2018 by Balog

Internet of everything : algorithms, methodologies, technologies and perspectives 2018 by Martino, et al

Unconventional computing : a volume in the Encyclopedia of complexity and systems science 2018 by Adamatzky

Hacking health : how to make money and save lives in the healthtech world 2018 by Putrino

Clinical informatics board review and self assessment 2018 by Mankowitz

Cognitive science and health bioinformatics : advances and applications 2018 by Korrapati, et al

Narrating complexity 2018 by Walsh, et al

Creating autonomous vehicle systems 2018 by Liu, et al

Robotic manipulators and vehicles : control, estimation and filtering 2018 by Rigatos, et al

Robust perception from optical sensors for reactive behaviors in autonomous robotic vehicles 2018 by Schaub

Canonical instabilities of autonomous vehicle systems : the unsettling reality behind the dreams of greed 2018 by Wallace

Three revolutions : steering automated, shared, and electric vehicles to a better future 2018 by Sperling, et al

Learn to program with Python 3 : a step-by-step guide to programming 2018 by Kalb

Deep learning with applications using Python : chatbots and face, object, and speech recognition with TensorFlow and Keras 2018 by Manaswi

Pro machine learning algorithms : a hands-on approach to implementing algorithms in Python and R 2018 by Ayyadevara

Practical machine learning with Python : a problem-solver's guide to building real-world intelligent systems 2018 by Sarkar

Deep learning for natural language processing : creating neural networks with Python 2018 by Goyal

Python 3 : Pocket primer 2018 by Parker

Advances in culturally-aware intelligent systems and in cross-cultural psychological studies 2018 by Faucher

Authentic virtual world education : facilitating cultural engagement and creativity 2018 by Gregory

Disconnect : Facebook's affective bonds 2018 by Karppi

Evolutionary approach to machine learning and deep neural networks : neuro-evolution and gene regulatory networks 2018 by Iba

Evolutionary algorithms, swarm dynamics and complex networks : methodology, perspectives and implementation 2018 by Zelinka, et al

Deep learning in natural language processing 2018 by Deng, et al

Dynamic fuzzy machine learning 2018 by Li, et al

Fuzzy control, estimation and diagnosis : single and interconnected systems 2018 by Mahmoud

Culture on the edge of chaos : cultural algorithms and the foundations of social intelligence 2018 by Reynolds

Translation, brains and the computer : a neurolinguistic solution to ambiguity and complexity in machine translation 2018 by Scott

Twitterbots : making machines that make meanings 2018 by Veale, et al

Building intelligent systems : a guide to machine learning engineering 2018 by Hulten

Social information access : systems and technologies 2018 by Brusilovsky, et al

Handbook of grammatical evolution 2018 by Ryan

Investigations in computational sarcasm 2018 by Joshi, et al

The death algorithm and other digital dilemmas 2018 by Simanowski

Artificial unintelligence : how computers misunderstand the world 2018 by Broussard

Engineering computational emotion : a reference model for emotion in artificial systems 2018 by Escribano

Set phasers to teach! : star trek in research and teaching 2018 by Rabitsch, et al

Practical artificial intelligence : machine learning, bots, and agent solutions using C# 2018 by Castaño

Context-aware communication and computing : applications for smart environment 2018 byTemdee

How to compete in the age of artificial intelligence : implementing a collaborative human-machine strategy for your business 2018 by Mohanty, et al

Cyber threat intelligence 2018 by Dehghantanha, et al

Multimodal sentiment analysis 2018 by Poria, et al

Coping with illness digitally 2018 by Rains

Biomechanical biofeedback systems and applications 2018 by Kos, et al

Virtual taste and smell technologies for multisensory internet and virtual reality 2018 by Cheok, et al

Electronic nose : algorithmic challenges 2018 by Zhang, et al

Smart STEM-driven computer science education : theory, methodology and robot-based practices 2018 by Štuikys, et al

Implantable sensors and systems : from theory to practice 2018 by Yang

IoT, AI, and Blockchain for .NET : building a next-generation application from the ground up 2018 by Pathak, et al

Internet of Things Security : Fundamentals, Techniques and Applications 2018 by Shandilya, et al

Augmented reality and virtual reality : empowering human, place and business 2018 by Jung, et al

Smart sustainable cities of the future : the untapped potential of big data analytics and context-aware computing for advancing sustainability 2018 by Bibri

Foundations of trusted autonomy 2018 by Abbass, et al

Link-layer cooperative communication in vehicular networks 2018 by Bharati, et al

Artificial intelligence and the technologies of the Next Production Revolution 2018 by Nolan

Crowdsourced data management : hybrid machine-human computing 2018 by Li, et al

The rise of the human digital brain : how multidirectional thinking is changing the way we learn 2018 by  Pacheco

Translation, brains and the computer : a neurolinguistic solution to ambiguity and complexity in machine translation 2018 by Scott

Build better chatbots : a complete guide to getting started with chatbots 2018 by Khan

Robotic building 2018 by Bier

The DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals : humanoid robots to the rescue 2018 by Spenko, et al

Robot operating system for absolute beginners : robotics programming made easy 2018 by Joseph

Programming LEGO® EV3 my blocks : teaching concepts and preparing for FLL® Competition 2018 by Harding

Robot path planning and cooperation : foundations, algorithms and experimentations 2018 by Koubâa, et al

Wearable exoskeleton systems : design, control and applications 2018 by Bai, et al

Robotic tactile perception and understanding : a sparse coding method 2018 by Liu, et al

The SAGES manual of robotic surgery 2018 by Patel, et al

Biomechanical biofeedback systems and applications 2018 by Kos, et al

Complex spreading phenomena in social systems : influence and contagion in real-world social networks 2018 by Lehmann, et al

Logical foundations of cyber-physical systems 2018 by Platzer

Smart maintenance for human-robot interaction : an intelligent search algorithmic perspective 2018 by Xing, et al

Human and machine consciousness 2018 by Gamez

Geminoid studies : science and technologies for humanlike teleoperated androids 2018 by Ishiguro, et al

Paper Book Artificial intelligence 2018 by by H.W. Wilson Company Q334.7 A78 2018

How smart machines think 2018 by Gerrish

Low IQ A.I. by Delbert Oddpockets

Intelligent natural language processing : trends and applications 2018 by Shaalan, et al

Testing and tuning market trading systems : algorithms in C++ 2018 by Masters

Deep learning with Azure : building and deploying artificial intelligence solutions on the Microsoft AI platform 2018 by Salvaris, et al

Deep Belief Nets in C++ and CUDA C. Volume 1, Restricted Boltzmann machines and supervised feedforward networks 2018 by Masters

Deep belief nets in C++ and CUDA C : Volume 2, Autoencoding in the complex domain 2018 by Masters

Deep belief nets in C++ and CUDA C. Volume 3, Convolutional nets 2018 by Masters

Neural Networks in Unity : C# Programming for Windows 10 2018 by Nandy, et al

Crowdsourced data management : hybrid machine-human computing 2018 by Li, et al

Saddlepoint approximation methods in financial engineering 2018 by Kwok, et al

Synergies between knowledge engineering and software engineering 2018 by Nalepa, et al

Modern approaches for intelligent information and database systems 2018 by Siemiński, et al

UX fundamentals for non-UX professionals 2018 by Stull

The AI advantage : how to put the artificial intelligence revolution to work 2018 by Davenport

Knowledge computing and its applications : knowledge manipulation and processing techniques. Volume 1 2018 by Anouncia, et al

Knowledge computing and its applications : knowledge manipulation and processing techniques. Volume 2 2018 by Anouncia, et al

Online harassment 2018 by Golbeck

Deep learning with applications using Python : chatbots and face, object, and speech recognition with TensorFlow and Keras 2018 by Manaswi

Applied deep learning : a case-based approach to understanding deep neural networks 2018 by Michelucci

Multidisciplinary approaches to neural computing 2018 by Esposito

Self-organizing coalitions for managing complexity 2018 by Burguillo

Heterogeneity, High Performance Computing, Self-Organization and the Cloud 2018 by Lynn, et al

Dynamics of disasters : algorithmic approaches and applications 2018 by Kotsireas, et al

Multidimensional analysis of conversational telephone speech 2018 by Köster

Soft computing applications for group decision-making and consensus modeling 2018 by Collan

Beginning AI bot frameworks : getting started with bot development 2018 by Biswas

Composing fisher kernels from deep neural models : a practitioner's approach 2018 by Azim, et al

Developing conversational interfaces for iOS : add responsive voice control to your apps 2018 by Mitrevski

Advanced data analytics in health 2018 by Giabbanelli, et al

Performance gaps of machines : a process oriented approach 2018 by Nüsser, et al

Playing smart : on games, intelligence and Artificial Intelligence 2018 by Togelius

Artificial intelligence and games 2018 by Yannakakis, et al

Personal assistants : emerging computational technologies 2018 by Costa, et al

Multidisciplinary approaches to neural computing 2018 by Ulrik

Flight systems and control : a practical approach 2018 by Ng

Internet oligopoly : the corporate takeover of our digital world 2018 by Smyrnaios

Studies in conversational UX design 2018 by Moor

Neural networks for electronics hobbyists : a non-technical project-based introduction 2018 by McKeon

Implantable sensors and systems : from theory to practice 2018 by Yang

Microsoft Computer Vision APIs distilled : getting started with cognitive services 2018 by Sole, et al

Advanced topics on computer vision, control and robotics in mechatronics 2018 by Villegas

Intelligent control : a stochastic optimization based adaptive fuzzy approach 2018 by Sharma, et al

Smart camera design : algorithms, architectures, and art 2018 by Wolf

Modeling, simulation and optimization 2018 by Vasant, et al

Introduction to deep learning : from logical calculus to artificial intelligence 2018 by Skansi

A Semidiscrete Version of the Citti-Petitot-Sarti Model as a Plausible Model for Anthropomorphic Image Reconstruction and Pattern Recognition 2018 by Prandi, et al

Computer simulations of space societies 2018 by Bainbridge

Information and society 2017 by Buckland

The organization of knowledge : caught between global structures and local meaning 2017 by Andersen, et al

Knowledge services : a strategic framework for the 21st century organization 2017 by St. Clair

World´s Leading National, Public, Monastery and Royal Library Directors : Leadership, Management, Future of Libraries 2017 by Lo, et al

Representation and reality in humans, other living organisms and intelligent machines 2017 by Crnkovic, et al

Cognitive informatics in health and biomedicine : understanding and modeling health behaviors 2017 by Patel, et al

Beginning artificial intelligence with the Raspberry Pi 2017 by Norris

Interpreting LISP : programming and data structures 2017 by Knott

Practical Python design patterns : Pythonic solutions to common problems 2017 by Badenhorst

Engineering applications of soft computing 2017 by Cortés, et al

Interpreting LISP : programming and data structures 2017 by Knott

Perl 6 fundamentals : a primer with examples, projects, and case studies 2017 by Lenz, et al

Evolutionary computation techniques : a comparative perspective 2017 by Cuevas

Fuzzy Logic in Intelligent System Design : Theory and Applications 2017 by Melin, et al

Real-life applications with membrane computing 2017 by Zhang, et al

Beginning Julia programming : for engineers and scientists 2017 by Nagar

Python : an introduction to programming 2017 by Parker

Taking offence on social media : conviviality and communication on Facebook 2017 by Tagg, et al

Becoming Facebook : the 10 challenges that defined the company disrupting the world 2017 by Hoefflinger

In-flight simulators and fly-by-wire/light demonstrators : a historical account of international aeronautical research 2017 by Hamel, et al

Advances in complex societal, environmental and engineered systems 2017 by Nemiche, et al

Guide to computational modelling for decision processes : theory, algorithms, techniques and applications 2017 by Berry

Mathematical structures of natural intelligence 2017 by Neuman

Recent advances in technologies for inclusive well-being : from worn to off-body sensing, virtual worlds, and games for serious applications 2017 by Brooks, et al

Toward brain-computer interaction in paralysis : a new approach based on visual evoked potentials and depth-of-field 2017 by Cotrina

Mixed reality and gamification for culture heritage 2017 by Ioannides, et al

Automotive user interfaces : creating interactive experiences in the car 2017 by Meixner, et al

Context-Aware Computing 2017 by de Gruyter

Augmented reality : where we will all live 2017 by Peddie

Human bond communication : the holy grail of holistic communication and immersive experience 2017 by Dixit, et al

Context-aware collaborative prediction 2017 by Wu, et al

What algorithms want : imagination in the age of computing 2017 by Finn

Screen schooled : two veteran teachers expose how technology overuse is making our kids dumber 2017 by Clement, et al

Reverse engineering the mind : consciously acting machines and accelerated evolution 2017 by Neukart

Introduction to search engine optimization : a guide for absolute beginners 2017 by Kelsey

Introduction to artificial intelligence 2017 by Ertel

Towards a code of ethics for artificial intelligence 2017 by Boddington

Trends in control and decision-making for human-robot collaboration systems 2017 by Wang, et al

Paper Book Artificial Intelligence A Modern Approach 2017 by Stones

Self-aware computing systems 2017 by Kounev, et al

Applications of cognitive computing systems and IBM Watson 2017

Reverse hypothesis machine learning : practitioner's perspective 2017 by  Kulkarni

Collective intelligence and digital archives : towards knowledge ecosystem 2017 by Szoniecky, et al

Digital government : leveraging innovation to improve public sector performance and outcomes for citizens 2017 by Falk, et al

Strategic planning and implementation of e-governance 2017 by Suri, et al

Global Knowledge Dynamics and Social Technology 2017 by Petzold

The executive guide to artificial intelligence : how to identify and implement applications for AI in your organization 2017 by Burgess

New era for robust speech recognition : exploiting deep learning 2017 by Watanabe, et al

Quality of synthetic speech : perceptual dimensions, influencing factors, and instrumental assessment 2017 by Hinterleitner

Sound-based assistive technology : support to hearing, speaking and seeing 2017 by Ifukube

Developing bots with Microsoft Bots Framework : create intelligent bots using MS Bot Framework and Azure Cognitive Services 2017 by Machiraju, et al

Computer vision for driver assistance : simultaneous traffic and driver monitoring 2017 by Rezaei, et al

Philosophy and theory of artificial intelligence 2017 by Müller

Applied logic for computer scientists : computational deduction and formal proofs 2017 by Ayala-Rincón, et al

The systemic image : a new theory of interactive real-time simulations 2017 by Hinterwaldner, et al

Whole body interaction with public displays 2017 by Walter

New perspectives in end-user development 2017 by Paternò, et al

Internet of Things and smart environments : assistive technologies for disability, dementia, and aging 2017 by Shahrestani

Bottlenecks : aligning UX design with user psychology 2017 by Evans

Selected Books 2 of 2

Save Time - use Tables of Contents (front of book) & Indexes (back of book)

Participatory design & health information technology 2017 by Kanstrup, et al

Visual attributes 2017 by Feris, et al

Robot learning by visual observation 2017 by Vakanski, et al

Artificial vision : a clinical guide 2017 by Gabel

Robotics, vision and control : fundamental algorithms in MATLAB® 2017 by Corke

The inverted pendulum in control theory and robotics : from theory to new innovations 2017 by Boubaker, et al

Introduction to learning classifier systems 2017 by Urbanowicz, et al

Classic papers in control theory 2017 by Bellman

MATLAB machine learning 2017 by Paluszek, et al

Control of mechatronic systems 2017 by Güvenç, et al

Smart electromechanical systems : the central nervous system 2017 by Gorodetsky, et al

Industrial automation and robotics 2017 by Gupta

Optimal control : novel directions and applications 2017 by Tonon

Design and analysis of control systems : case studies 2017 by Shiromoto

Life 3.0 : being human in the age of artificial intelligence 2017 by Tegmark

Politicizing digital space : theory, the internet, and renewing democracy 2017 by Smith, et al

se:SpringerBriefs in intelligent systems 2017

Application of social media in crisis management : advanced sciences and technologies for security applications 2017 by Akhgar, et al

Credit risk management : pricing, measurement, and modeling 2017 by Witzany

State-space approaches for modelling and control in financial engineering : systems theory and machine learning methods 2017 by Rigatos

Algorithmic Differentiation in Finance Explained 2017 by Henrad

Novel methods in computational finance 2017 by Ehrhardt, et al

Robot operating system (ROS) : the complete reference. (Volume 2) 2017 by Koubâa

Robot operating system (ROS) : the complete reference. (Volume 1) 2016 by Koubâa

Digital photogrammetry : a practical course 2016 by Linder

Reconstruction and analysis of 3D scenes : from irregularly distributed 3D points to object classes 2016 by Weinmann

Computational sustainability 2016 by Lässig, et al

Facebook democracy : the architecture of disclosure and the threat to public life 2016 by Marichal

Lean Python : learn just enough Python to build useful tools 2016 by Gerrard

Beginning Ruby : from novice to professional 2016 by Cooper

Ruby recipes : a problem-solution approach 2016 by Mandal

Social machines : the coming collision of artificial intelligence, social networking, and humanity 2016 by Hendler, et al

Designing with computational intelligence 2016 by Nedjah, et al

Automating open source intelligence : algorithms for OSINT 2016 by Layton, et al

Introduction to artificial intelligence 2016 by Flasiński

Being really virtual : immersive natives and the future of virtual reality 2016 by Steinicke

Data visualization & presentation with Microsoft Office 2016 by Sue, et al

Self-tracking 2016 by Neff, et al

Hyperconnectivity 2016 by Cheok

Robots and sensor clouds 2016 by Koubâa

Artificial intelligence : a modern approach 2016 by Russell, et al

Context-enhanced information fusion : boosting real-world performance with domain knowledge 2016 by Snidaro, et al

Anti-spam techniques based on artificial immune system 2016 by Tan

Toward robotic socially believable behaving systems. Volume I, Modeling emotions 2016 by Esposito, et al

Toward robotic socially believable behaving systems. Volume II, Modeling emotions 2016 by Esposito, et al

Cognitive (internet of) things : collaboration to optimize action 2016 by Sathi

Machine learning for health informatics : state-of-the-art and future challenges 2016 by Holzinger

The handbook of post crisis financial modelling 2016 by Haven, et al

Computer models for facial beauty analysis 2016 by Zhang

Mechatronics : ideas, challenges, solutions and applications 2016 by Awrejcewicz, et al

Building a virtual assistant for Raspberry Pi 2016 by Pant

Distributed simulation : a model driven engineering approach 2016 by Topçu, et al

Brain-machine interface : circuits and systems 2016 by Zjajo

Fundamentals of neuromechanics 2016 by Valero-Cuevas

Electrophysiology : basics, modern approaches and applications 2016 by Rettinger, et al

Remote powering and data communication for implanted biomedical systems 2016 by Kilinc, et al

Mechanism of artificial heart 2016 by Yamane

Recommender systems : the textbook 2016 by Aggarwal

Real time control engineering : systems and automation 2016 by Ng

Real time modeling, simulation and control of dynamical systems 2016 by Mughal

Springer handbook of robotics 2016 by Siciliano, et al

Flocking and rendezvous in distributed robotics 2016 by Francis

Safe robot navigation among moving and steady obstacles 2016 by Matveev, et al

Architectural robotics : ecosystems of bits, bytes, and biology 2016 by M.I.T. Press

Sociorobot world : a guided tour for all 2016 by Tzafestas

Beginning Samsung ARTIK : a guide for developers 2016 by Wooton

The conversational interface : talking to smart devices 2016 by McTear, et al

Google it : total information awareness 2016 by Lee

Options and derivatives programming in C++ 2016 by Oliveira

Roboethics : a navigating overview 2016 by Tzafestas

Drone : remote control warfare 2016 by Gusterson

Crafting Wearables : Blending Technology with Fashion 2016 by Guler, et al

Beauty technology : designing seamless interfaces for wearable computing 2016 by Vega, et al

Penetration testing basics : a quick-start guide to breaking into systems 2016 by Messier

The car hacker's handbook : a guide for the penetration tester 2016 by Smith

The technological singularity 2015 by Shanahan

Information theory 2015 by Alencar

Smart information systems : computational intelligence for real-life applications 2015 by Hopfgartner

Foundations of biomedical knowledge representation : methods and applications 2015 by Hommersom, et al

Wearable Android : Android wear & Google Fit app development 2015 by Mishra

Cognitively inspired audiovisual speech filtering : towards an intelligent, fuzzy based, multimodal, two-stage speech enhancement system 2015 by Abel, et al

A practical introduction to fuzzy logic using LISP 2015 by Méndez

Soft computing and its applications 2015 by Ray

Hybrid soft computing approaches : research and applications 2015 by Bhattacharyya, et al

Fifty years of fuzzy logic and its applications 2015 by Tamir, et al

Introduction to evolutionary computing 2015 by Eiben

Functional Python Programming 2015 by Lott

Automate the boring stuff with Python : practical programming for total beginners 2015 by Sweigart

Python projects 2015 by Cassell

Building machine learning systems with Python : get more from your data through creating practical machine learning systems with Python 2015 by Coelho, et al

Emergent collaboration infrastructures : technology design for inter-organizational crisis management 2015 by Reuter

Manual of electrophysiology 2015 by Anderson, et al

services for toy computing 2015 by Hung

Screen Relations : the Limits of Computer-Mediated Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy 2015 by Russell

Ethical hacking and penetration testing guide  2015 by Baloch

Computational creativity research : towards creative machines 2015 by Besold, et al

Automation, production systems, and computer-integrated manufacturing 2015 by Groover

Efficacy of assistive technology interventions 2015 by Edyburn

Fundamentals of wearable computers and augmented reality 2015 by Barfield

Wearable electronics sensors : for safe and healthy living 2015 by Mukhopadhyay

Wearable Android : Android wear & Google Fit app development 2015 by Mishra

Beginning Android wearables 2015 by Calvo

Pro Android wearables : building apps for smartwatches 2015 by Wallace

Apple watch for developers : advice & techniques from five top professionals 2015 by Riches, et al

Screen Relations : the Limits of Computer-Mediated Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy 2015 by Russell

Medical robotics 2015 by Schweikard, et al

Fusion of smart, multimedia and computer gaming technologies : research, systems and perspectives 2015 by Sharma, et al

Handling uncertainty and networked structure in robot control 2015 by Busoniu, et al

WorldCALL : sustainability and computer-assisted language learning 2015 by Gimeno, et al

Robots that talk and listen : technology and social impact 2015 by Markowitz

Intelligent assistive robots : recent advances in assistive robotics for everyday activities 2015 by Mohammed, et al

Analysis and design of networked control systems 2015 by You

Efficient learning machines : theories, concepts, and applications for engineers and system Designers 2015 by Awad, et al

Self-repair networks : a mechanism design 2015 by Ishida

Diffusion in social networks 2015 by Shakarian, et al

Crowdsourcing : cloud-based software development 2015 by Li, et al

Advances in crowdsourcing 2015 by Garrigos-Simon, et al

Political Parties in the Digital Age 2015 by Lachapelle

Software engineering for collective autonomic systems : the ASCENS Approach 2015 by Wirsing, et al

Autonomous Guided Vehicles : Methods and Models for Optimal Path Planning 2015 by Fazlollahtabar

Integrating information into the engineering design process 2014 by Fosmire, et al

Towards the multilingual semantic web : principles, methods and applications 2014 by Buitelaar, et al

Semantic Knowledge Representation for Information Retrieval 2014 by Gödert, et al

The reference guide to data sources 2014 by Bauder

Automatic Text Summarization 2014 by Moreno

Knowledge cartography : software tools and mapping techniques 2014 by Okada, et al

Cybersecurity systems for human cognition augmentation 2014 by Pino, et al

Medical informatics, e-Health : fundamentals and applications 2014 by Venot, et al

Digital library applications : CBIR, education, social networks, eScience/simulation, and GIS 2014 by Fox, et al

Machine learning in healthcare informatics 2014 by Dua, et al

Machine learning in medicine—Cookbook 2014 by Cleophas, et al

Machine learning in medicine-- Cookbook two 2014 by Cleophas, et al

Raspberry Pi cookbook for Python programmers : over 50 easy-to-comprehend tailor-made recipes to get the most out of the Raspberry Pi and unleash its huge potential using Python 2014 by Cox

Raspberry Pi system software reference 2014 by Gay

Raspberry Pi hardware reference 2014 by Gay

Beginning programming with Python for dummies 2014 by Mueller

The Python quick syntax reference 2014 by Walters

Python Algorithms : mastering basic algorithms in the Python language 2014 by Hetland

Language processing with Perl and Prolog : theories, implementation, and application 2014 by Nugues

Soft computing in artificial intelligence 2014 by Cho, et al

Hardware for soft computing and soft computing for hardware 2014 by Nedjah, et al

Superintelligence : paths, dangers, strategies 2014 by Bostrom

Interactive technologies for autism 2014 by Kientz, et al

Wearable Sensors : Fundamentals, Implementation and Applications 2014 by Sazonov, et al

Beginning Google Glass development 2014 by Tang

Visual control of wheeled mobile robots : unifying vision and control in generic approaches 2014 by Becerra, et al

Stochastic reactive distributed robotic systems 2014 by Mermoud

Robot learning from human teachers 2014 by Chernova

Design methodology for intelligent technical systems 2014 by Gausemeier, et al

Automatic speech recognition : a deep learning approach 2014 by Yu, et al

Speech and Automata in Health Care 2014 by Neustein

New trends in medical and service robots : challenges and solutions 2014 by Rodic, et al

Introduction to mobile robot control 2014 by Tzafestas

Disaster robotics 2014 by Murphy

Autonomic Computing Enabled Cooperative Networked Design 2014 by Wódczak

Internet of Things based on smart objects : technology, middleware and applications 2014 by Fortino, et al

Internet of things with the Arduino Yún : projects to help you build a world of smarter things 2014 by Schwartz

MATLAB control systems engineering 2014 by López

Feedback control for computer systems 2014 by Janert

Implantable hearing devices other than cochlear implants 2014 by Mankekar

Personality capture and emulation 2014 by Bainbridge

Advances in physiological computing 2014 by Fairclough, et al

Body sensor networks 2014 by Yang

Emotion recognition : a pattern analysis approach 2014 by Konar, et al

Simulations, serious games and their applications 2014 by Cai, et al

Digital Aerial Survey : Theory and Practice 2014 by Graham, et al

Knowledge Needs and Information Extraction : Towards an Artificial Consciousness 2013 by Turenne

Soft computing : state of the art theory and novel applications 2013 by Yager

Computational analysis of terrorist groups : Lashkar-e-Taiba 2013 by Subrahmanian

SmartShadow : models and methods for pervasive computing 2013 by Wu, et al

Phonetic search methods for large speech databases 2013 by Moyal

Combinatorial search : from algorithms to systems 2013 by Hamadi

Professionalism in the information and communication technology industry 2013 Weckert, et al

Analyzing evolutionary algorithms : the computer science perspective 2013 by Jansen

Beginning Rails 4 2013 by Gamble, et al

Perl One-Liners : 130 programs that get things done 2013 by Krumins

Logic programming with Prolog 2013 by Bramer

Swarm intelligence and bio-inspired computation : theory and applications 2013 by Yang, et al

Geometry of knowledge for intelligent systems 2013 by Resconi

Human factors in augmented reality environments 2013 by Huang, et al

Smart Machines : IBM's Watson and the Era of Cognitive Computing 2013 by Kelly, et al

Solving the mind-body problem by the CODAM neural model of consciousness? 2013 by Taylor

Autonomic computing : principles, design and implementation 2013 by Lalanda, et al

Cognitive radio networks : from theory to practice 2013 by Khattab, et al

Mechanical self-assembly : science and applications 2013 by Chen

Semantic analysis and understanding of human behavior in video streaming 2013 by Amato, et al

Siri for dummies 2013 by Saltzman

Towards safe robots : approaching Asimov's 1st law 2013 by Haddadin

Vehicle propulsion systems : introduction to modeling and optimization 2013 by Guzzella, et al

Integration of world knowledge for natural language understanding 2012 by Ovchinnikova

Consciousness and robot sentience 2012 by Haikonen

Google's PageRank and beyond : the science of search engine rankings 2012 by Langville, et al

Who's #1? : the science of rating and ranking 2012 by Langville, et al

Advances in real-time systems 2012 by Chakraborty, et al

Beginning Perl 2012 by Poe

Geolocation in iOS 2012 by Allan

Variants of evolutionary algorithms for real-world applications 2012 by Chiong, et al

Handbook of intellectual styles : preferences in cognition, learning, and thinking 2012 by Zhang, et al

Visual prosthetics : physiology, bioengineering and rehabilitation 2011 by Dagnelie

Neosentience : the benevolence engine 2011 by Seaman

Autonomous intelligent vehicles : theory, algorithms, and implementation 2011 by Cheng

Frames of mind : the theory of multiple intelligences 2011 by Howard Gardner

Applications of swarm intelligence 2011 by Walters

Paper Book In the plex : how Google thinks, works, and shapes our lives 2011 by Levy

Measuring multiple intelligences and moral sensitivities in education 2011 by Tirri, et al

The seductive computer : why IT systems always fail 2011 by Partridge

The search for a theory of cognition : early mechanisms and new ideas 2011 by Bianchini, et al

Advances in electrical engineering and electrical machines 2011 by Zheng

Control theory and its applications 2011 by Massari

Musical creativity : strategies and tools in composition and improvisation 2011 by Mazzola, et al

Technological nature : adaptation and the future of human life 2011 by Kahn

SPSS for Starters 2010 by Cleophas, et al

A roadmap for cognitive development in humanoid robots 2010 by Vernon, et al

Beginning Perl 2010 by Lee, et al

Paper Book Artificial intelligence : a modern approach 2010 by Russell, et al

Intelligent engineering systems and computational cybernetics 2009 by Machado, et al

Introduction of intelligent machine fault diagnosis and prognosis 2009 by Yang, et al

Spatial temporal patterns for action-oriented perception in roving robots 2009 by Arena

Engineering ethics : concepts and cases 2009 by Harris, et al

A system architecture approach to the brain : from neurons to consciousness 2009 by Coward

Robot brains : circuits and systems for conscious machines 2007 by Haikonen

Minds and computers : an introduction to the philosophy of artificial intelligence 2007 by Carter

Algorithms and architectures of artificial intelligence 2007 by Tyugu

Industrial robots programming : building applications for the factories of the future 2007 by Pires

An introduction to language processing with Perl and Prolog : an outline of theories, implementation, and application with special consideration of English, French, and German 2006 by Nugues

Multiple intelligences : new horizons 2006 by Howard Gardner

Control of Machines 2006 by Bhattacharya, et al

Jeff Bezos : king of Amazon 2001 by Sherman

A beautiful math : John Nash, game theory, and the modern quest for a code of nature 2006 by Siegried. John Nash born and grew up in Bluefield, WV. Another book about him, A Beautiful Mind was made into a famous movie. High level researchers today are contemplating his “Nash Equalibrium” Game Theory as an alternative to conventional computer logic.

Talking nets : an oral history of neural networks 1998 by Anderson, et al

Computational intelligence imitating life 1994 co-authored by Robert Jackson Marks II born & grew up in WV. In 1988 he became the 1st President of the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society.

Plans and the structure of behavior 1960 by George A. Miller b. 1920 Kanawha City, WV. Very early book about A.I.. He is most famous as a founder of scientific psychology.

Paper Book Giant brains : or, machines that think 1949 by Berkeley This author founded the ACM and sold plans for the first “Personal Computer”.

Non-Artificial Intelligence

Global History of Philosophy Volumes 1-5 1963-2000 John Culpeper Plott, et al [Someone WordNet this.]

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su:Freedom of information

su:Information policy

su:Artificial intelligence Moral and ethical aspects

su:Ethical & social aspects of IT

su:Computer programming Moral and ethical aspects

su:Computer programmers Professional ethics

su:Disclosure of information

su:Information technology Environmental aspects

su:Knowledge representation (Information theory)

su:Decision making

su:Knowledge management

su:SCIENCE System Theory

su:Errors Prevention

su:Digital libraries

su:5S framework

su:digital libraries (DLs)


su:Library science

su:Information architecture

su:Automatic abstracting

su:Artificial intelligence Forecasting

su:Information theory

su:Computers Information Theory

su:COMPUTERS Machine Theory

su:Artificial intelligence Philosophy

su:Artificial intelligence

su:Artificial Intelligence (incl  Robotics)

su:Computer logic

su:Logics and Meanings of Programs

su:Automatic theorem proving

su:Artificial intelligence Psychological aspects

su:Information science

su:Information organization

su:MATHEMATICS Counting & Numeration

su:Ranking and selection (Statistics)

su:Information Retrieval (IR) Models

su:Information retrieval Mathematical models


su:Markov chains


su:Information retrieval

su:Web search engines

su:Internet searching Mathematics

su:Theoretical computer science

su:Computing Methodologies

su:Soft computing

su:Fuzzy logic

su:COMPUTERS Cybernetics

su:Natural computation

su:Soft computing

su:Evolutionary computation

su:Swarm intelligence

su:Neural networks (Computer science) Design and construction

su:Mathematical Models of Cognitive Processes and Neural Networks

su:Learning Theory

su:Mathematical Models of Cognitive Processes and Neural Networks

su:Computers Expert Systems

su:Expert systems (Computer science)

su:Machine learning

su:Autonomic computing

su:Self organizing systems

su:Multiple intelligences

su:Creative ability Data processing


su:High performance computing

su:SCIENCE Cognitive Science

su:Computational intelligence

su:Context aware computing

su:Parsing (Computer grammar)

su:LISP (Computer program language)

su:COMPUTERS Programming Languages LISP

su:Perl (Computer program language)

su:COMPUTERS Programming Languages Perl

su:Python (Computer program language)

su:COMPUTERS Programming Languages Python

su:Ruby (Computer program language)

su:COMPUTERS Programming Languages Ruby


su:Maya (Computer file)


su:COMPUTERS Enterprise Applications Business Intelligence Tools

su:Web search engines

su:Internet searching

su:Assistive computer technology

su:Voice response technology

su:conversational agents

su:Intelligent personal assistant

su:Intelligent personal assistants (Computer software) Design

su:Watson (Computer)

su:Siri (Electronic resource)

su:Amazon com (Firm)

su:Amazon Echo

su:Recommender systems (Information filtering)

su:Learning classifier systems

su:Mind and body

su:Human-machine systems

su:Cognition Computer simulation


su:Computational neuroscience

su:Brain Computer simulation

su:Implantable Neurostimulators

su:Electrodes, Implanted

su:Hearing aids

su:Semantic Web

su:Speech processing systems

su:Translators (Computer programs)

su:language modelling (LM)

su:Language Translation and Linguistics

su:DESIGN/Interactive Design



su:Medical informatics


su:MEDICAL Biotechnology

su:Natural language generation (Computer science)

su:Computational Linguistics

su:Speech synthesis

su:Automatic speech recognition

su:Speech processing systems

su:Machine translating

su:Translating and interpreting Data processing

su:Computational linguistics

su:Natural language processing (Computer science)

su:Natural Language Processing (NLP)

su:Natural language & machine translation

su:Computers Intelligence (AI) & Semantics

su:Programming languages (Electronic computers) Semantics

su:Social networks Mathematical models

su:Social networks Computer simulation

su:Internet of things Security measures

su:User centered system design

su:Artificial intelligence Social aspects

su:Social networks Mathematical models

su:Social networks Computer simulation



su:Google (Firm)

su:Google Analytics


su:Instagram (Firm)

su:Facebook (Electronic resource)

su:Facebook (Firm)

su:Psychotherapy Technological innovations


su:Medical informatics

su:Internet of things

su:Ubiquitous computing

su:Human robot interaction

su:Robotics Human factors

su:Human engineering

su:medical robotics

su:Robotics in medicine

su:Visual discrimination

su:Human body and technology

su:Biological control systems

su:Computers and people with disabilities

su:Wearable computers

su:Wearable computers Programming

su:Body area networks (Electronics)

su:Implants, Artificial

su:Embedded Internet devices

su:Brain computer interfaces


su:Rehabilitation technology

su:Robotic exoskeletons


su:Heart, Artificial

su:Olfactory sensors

su:Composition (Music) Data processing

su:Computer music

su:Internet of things

su:Information society Political aspects

su:Electronic discovery (Law)

su:Cognitive styles

su:user experience

su:emotional design

su:emotional intelligence

su:Social intelligence

su:Learning, Psychology of

su:COMPUTERS Virtual Worlds

su:Augmented reality

su:Virtual reality

su:Virtual computer systems

su:Virtual reality Congresses

su:Virtual reality in education Technological innovations

su:Virtual reality Social aspects

su:Virtual reality Economic aspects

su:Mixed reality

su:Digital Computer Simulation

su:Imaging systems & technology

su:Financial engineering

su:Financial engineering Mathematics

su:Credit Mathematical models

su:Intelligent control systems

su:Automatic test equipment

su:Fault location (Engineering) Automation

su:Automatic control

se:Automation and Control Engineering

su:Factory automation

su:Feedback control systems

su:control engineering computing


su:Autonomous vehicles

su:Vehicles Automatic control

su:Vehicles, Remotely piloted

su:Vehicular ad hoc networks (Computer networks)

su:Vehicular ad hoc networks (Computer networks) Congresses

su:Real time control

su:Control theory

su:Manufacturing processes Automation


su:Robotics and Automation

su:Robots Control systems

su:Mobile robots

su:Automotive computers

su:Robots Programming

su:Robots in search and rescue operations

su:Robots, Industrial

su:Airplanes Control systems

su:Fly by wire control

su:Flight control

su:Airplanes Control systems Design and construction

su:Fly by light control

su:Guidance systems (Flight) Design and construction

su:Space vehicles Automatic control

su:Extraterrestrial anthropology

su:Airplanes Control systems Design and construction

su:Automatic pilot (Airplanes)


su:Flight control Evaluation

su:Electronics and Microelectronics, Instrumentation

su:Coal mining machinery Automatic control

su:Microelectromechanical systems


su:Robotics Moral and ethical aspects

su: Raspberry Pi (Computer)

su:Music Information technology

su:Information theory in music