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Computer Science & Information Systems: Linux

Selected Books

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Paper Book UNIX and LINUX System Administration Handbook 5th 2018 by Nemeth QA76.76 .063 2018

Systems programming in Unix/Linux 2018 by Wang

Beginning Fedora Desktop : Fedora 28 edition 2018 by Petersen

Practical Android : 14 complete projects on advanced techniques and approaches 2018 by Wickham

Build Android-based smart applications : using rules engines, NLP and automation frameworks 2018 by Mukherjee

Android apps for absolute beginners : covering Android 7 2017 by Jackson

Processing for Android : create mobile, sensor-aware, and VR applications using processing 2017 by Colubri

The definitive guide to Firebase : build Android Apps on Google's mobile platform 2017 by Moroney

Learn CentOS Linux network services 2016 by Vazquez, et al

Practical Linux topics 2016 by Binnie

Exploring Raspberry Pi : interfacing to the real world with embedded Linux 2016 by Molloy

Expert Android® Studio 2016 by yener, et al

Learn Raspberry Pi 2 with Linux and Windows 10 2015 by Membrey, et al

Linux essentials 2015 by Bresnahan, et al

Linux bible 2015 by Negus

How Linux works : what every superuser should know 2015 by Ward

Practical Linux infrastructure 2015 by Ali

Beginning the Linux command line 2015 by Vugt

Troubleshooting Linux 2015 by Negus

Understanding Basic Linux Security 2015 by Negus

Raspberry Pi system software reference 2014 by Gay

Raspberry Pi hardware reference 2014 by Gay

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Administration 2013 by Vugt

The Linux command line : a complete introduction 2012 by Shotts

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