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Electrical & Computer Engineering: Alternative Energy

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KNOVEL Handbooks Subject Area - Electrical & Power Engineering

Eco-design in Electrical Engineering : Eco-friendly Methodologies, Solutions and Example for Application to Electrical Engineering 2018 by Bessède

Grid-side converters control and design : interfacing between the AC grid and renewable power sources 2018 by Vukosavić

Applications of solar energy 2018 by Tyagi, et al

Future solar energy devices 2018 by Girtan

Airborne wind energy : advances in technology development and research 2018 by Schmehl

Introduction to wind energy systems : basics, technology and operation 2018 by Wagner, et al

Wind driven doubly fed induction generator : grid synchronization and control 2018 by Mohamed, et al

Hybrid and fully thermoelectric solar harvesting 2018 by Narducci, et al

Ultra-high voltage AC/DC power transmission 2018 by Zhou

Fault diagnosis and sustainable control of wind turbines : robust data-driven and model-based strategies 2018 by Simani, et al

Behaviour of lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles : battery health, performance, safety, and cost 2018 by Pistoia, et al

Challenges of a rechargeable magnesium battery : a guide to the viability of this post lithium-ion battery 2018 by Bucur

Modeling and control of hybrid propulsion system for ground vehicles 2018 by Zou

Grid optimal integration of electric vehicles : examples with Matlab implementation 2018 by Ovalle, et al

Electric energy storage systems : flexibility options for smart grids 2017 by Komarnicki, et al

Modeling and Dynamic Behaviour of Hydropower Plants 2017 by Kishor

Marine renewable energy : resource characterization and physical effects 2017 by Yang, et al

Handbook of ocean wave energy 2017 by Pecher, et al

Birds of prey and wind farms : analysis of problems and possible solutions 2017 by Hötker, et al

Design, control and application of modular multilevel converters for HVDC transmission systems 2016 by Sharifabadi, et al

Risk based assessment of subsynchronous resonance in AC/DC Systems 2016 by Adrees

Power converters with digital filter feedback control 2016 by Wu

su:Electric current converters

su:Electric current converters Automatic control

Advances in solar photovoltaic power plants 2016 by Islam, et al

Harmonics in offshore wind power plants : application of power electronic devices in transmission systems 2016 by Glasdam

Cyber-physical-social systems and constructs in electric power engineering 2016 by Suryanarayanan, et al

Advances in solar photovoltaic power plants 2016 by Islam, et al

Modeling of photovoltaic systems using MATLAB® : simplified green codes 2016 by Khatib, et al

Fuel cell fundamentals 2016 by O'Hayre, et al

Energy Systems for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles 2016 by Chau

Mobile electric vehicles : online charging and discharging 2016 by Wang, et al

Lead-acid battery technologies : fundamentals, materials, and applications 2016 by Jung

High voltage direct current transmission : converters, systems and DC grids 2015 by Jovcic, et al

Dams and development in China : the moral economy of water and power 2015 by Tilt

Numerical analysis of power system transients and dynamics 2015 by Ametani

Big data analytics strategies for the smart grid 2015 by Stimmel

Vehicle-to-grid : linking electric vehicles to the smart grid 2015 by Lu, et al

Polymer photovoltaics : materials, physics, and device engineering 2015 by Huang

Energy efficient smart phones for 5G networks 2015 by Radwan, et al

Green computing book : tackling energy efficiency at large scale 2014 by Feng

Understanding wind power technology : theory, deployment and optimization 2014 by Schaffarczyk, et al

Wind power integration : connection and system operational aspects 2014 by Fox, et al

Paper Book Lithium-ion batteries : advances and applications 2014 by Pistoia

Advances in batteries for medium- and large- scale energy storage 2014 by Menictas, et al

Space Power Systems 2014 by Snyder

Intelligent energy demand forecasting 2013 by Hong

HVDC power transmission systems 2013 by Padiyar

Modelling and controlling hydropower plants 2013 by Munoz-Hernandez, et al

Reactive power management of power networks with wind generation 2013 by Amarís, et al

Reliability and risk evaluation of wind integrated power systems 2013 by Billinton, et al

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Grid integration and dynamic impact of wind energy 2013 by Vittal

Hybrid, electric & fuel-cell vehicles 2013 by Erjavec

Photovoltaic sources : modeling and emulation 2013 by Di Piazza, et al

Advanced DC/AC inverters : applications in renewable energy 2013 by Luo, Ye

Small wind : planning & building successful installations, with case studies from the field 2013 by Clark

Electrical design for ocean wave and tidal energy systems 2013 by Alcorn, et al

Marine renewable energy handbook 2012 by Multon

Fuel cell science and engineering : materials, processes, systems and technology 2012 by Stolten, et al

Wind energy conversion systems : technology and trends 2012 by Muyeen

Wind energy systems : solutions for power quality and stabilization 2012 by Ali

Optimization of photovoltaic power systems : modelization, simulation and control 2012 by Rekioua, Matagne

Signal processing for solar array monitoring, fault detection, and optimization 2012 by Braun

DC power supplies : power management and surge protection for power electronic systems 2012 by Kularatna

Power conversion and control of wind energy systems 2011 by Wu, et al

Grid converters for photovoltaic and wind power systems 2011 by Teodorescu, et al

Electric power quality 2011 by Chattopadhyay, et al

Power conversion of renewable energy systems 2011 by Fuchs, et al

Lithium-ion batteries hazard and use assessment 2011 by Mikolajczak

Serious microhydro : water power solutions from the experts 2010 by Davis

HVDC transmission : power conversion applications in power systems 2009 by Kim

Microgrids and active distribution networks 2009 by Chowdhury, et al

Stability augmentation of a grid-connected wind farm 2009 by Muyeen

Power electronics in smart electrical energy networks 2008 by Strzelecki, et al

High voltage direct current transmission 2008 by Arrillaga

Pragmatic circuits : DC and time domain 2006 by Patrick, et al

Power electronics for modern wind turbines 2006 by Blaabjerg, et al

Spacecraft power technologies 2000 by Hyder

Understanding DC circuits 2000 by Patrick, et al

Books by Subject

su:Alternative & renewable energy sources & technology

su:Solar energy

su:Wind power

su:Wind power plants

su:Hydroelectric power plants

su:Electric power transmission Direct current

su:Electric power transmission Alternating current

su:Smart power grids Security measures

su:Energy conversion & storage

su:Electric current converters

su:Electric current converters Automatic control

su:Fuel cells

su:Energy Storage

su:Storage batteries

su:Lead acid batteries

su:Lithium ion batteries

su:Electric vehicles Design and construction

su:Electric power systems Quality control

su:Photovoltaic power systems Mathematical models

su:Thermoelectric generators

su:Renewable energy sources

su:Small power production facilities

su:Electric power Conservation

su:Photovoltaic power systems

su:Photovoltaic power systems Technological innovations

su:Wind energy conversion systems

su:Ocean energy resources

su:Offshore wind power plants

su:Wind power plants Environmental aspects

su:Electric inverters

su:Electric vehicles Power supply

su:Space vehicles Electric equipment

su:Embedded computer systems

su:Lead free electronics manufacturing processes

su:Green electronics

su:Electronic systems Energy consumption

su:Smartphones Energy consumption


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