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Electrical & Computer Engineering: Communications


Paper Textbook: Introduction to Communications Systems 1990 by Stremler

Communication systems for electrical engineers 2018 by Matin

Low Earth Orbit Satellite Design 2018 by Sebestyen, et al

Signals and systems 2018 by Rao

LED-based visible light communications 2018 by Chi

Network routing : algorithms, protocols, and architectures 2018 by Medhi, et al

Application of wavelets in speech processing 2018 by Farouk

5G wireless systems : simulation and evaluation techniques 2018 by Yang, et al

Slow tech and ICT : a responsible, sustainable and ethical approach 2018 by Patrignani, et al

Wireless indoor localization : a crowdsourcing approach 2018 by Wu, et al

Understanding telecommunications networks 2017 by Valdar

Connectivity of communication networks 2017 by Mao

Routing and switching essentials v6 companion guide 2017 by Cisco Networking Academy Program

RFID protocol design, optimization, and security for the Internet of things 2017 by Liu, et al

Signal interference in WiFi and ZigBee networks 2017 by Shi, et al

Matching theory for wireless networks 2017 by Han, et al

Satellite communications systems engineering : atmospheric effects, satellite link design and system performance 2017 by Ippolito

Terrestrial-satellite communication networks : transceivers design and resource allocation 2017 by Kuang

Handbook of satellite applications 2017 by Pelton, et al

Quality of synthetic speech : perceptual dimensions, influencing factors, and instrumental assessment 2017 by Hinterleitner

Multimedia networks : protocols, design, and applications 2016 by Barz, et al

Introduction to Radio Engineering 2016 by Blaunstein, et al

Managing the Internet of Things : Architectures, theories, and applications 2016 by Hua

Optical and microwave technologies for telecommunication networks 2016 by Strobel

Advanced relay technologies in next generation wireless communications 2016 by Krikidis

The LTE-advanced deployment handbook : the planning guidelines for the fourth generation networks 2016 by Penttinen

Optical and microwave technologies for telecommunication networks 2016 by Strobel

Wireless traffic steering for green cellular networks 2016 by Zhang, et al

Introduction to Analog and Digital Communication 2016 by Bhagyaveni

Broadband telecommunications technologies and management 2016 by Esmailzadeh

Wireless communications systems design 2015 by Haesik

Digital terrestrial television broadcasting : technology and system 2015 by IEEE

Signal traffic : critical studies of media infrastructures 2015 by Parks

A signal theoretic introduction to random processes 2015 by Howard

Connections management strategies in satellite cellular networks 2015 by Benslama, et al

Visible light communication 2015 by Shlomi

Practical communication theory 2014 by Adamy

Digital communications : principles and systems 2014 by Institution of Engineering and Technology

Design of microwave active devices 2014 by Gautier

Satellite networking : principles and protocols 2014 by Sun

Signals, processes, and systems : an interactive multimedia introduction to signal processing 2013 by Karrenberg

3D-TV system with depth-image-based rendering : architectures, techniques and challenges 2013 by Zhu

Mobile communications handbook 2013 by Gibson

Linear programming and algorithms for communication networks : a practical guide to network design, control, and management 2013 by Oki

Energy-efficient communication processors : design and implementation for emerging wireless systems 2013 by Fasthuber, et al

Random signals and processes primer with MATLAB 2013 by Jovanovic-Dolecek

Multimedia signals and systems 2012 by Stanković, et al

A tutorial on queuing and trunking with applications to communications 2012 by Tranter, et al

Analog Circuit Design for Communication SOC 2012 by Tu

Geolocation in iOS 2012 by Allan

Block transceivers : OFDM and beyond 2012 by Diniz, et al

Unified signal theory 2011 by Cariolaro

Multi-mode/multi-band RF transceivers for wireless communications 2011 Hueber, et al

Control and adaptation in telecommunication systems : mathematical foundations 2011 by Popovskij, et al

High voltage protection for telecommunications 2011 by Blume, et al

Performance models and risk management in communications systems 2011 by Gülpinar, et al

Mobile web design for dummies 2010 by Warner

The Droid pocket guide : ginormous knowledge, pocket-sized 2010 by O’Grady

Disaster recovery planning for communications and critical infrastructure 2009 by Wrobel

Paper Book Modern digital and analog communication systems 2009 by Lathi, et al

Ideal sequence design in time-frequency space : applications to radar, sonar, and communication systems 2009 by An, et al

Mobile handset design 2009 by Das

Introduction to broadband communication systems 2008 by Akujuobi, et al

Handbook of mobile communication studies 2008 by Katz

RF measurements for cellular phones and wireless data systems 2008 by Scott, et al

Electromagnetics for high-speed analog and digital communication circuits 2007 by Niknejad

Mobile phone programming and its application to wireless networking 2007 by Fitzek

Telecommunications planning : innovations in pricing, network design and management 2006 by Raghavan, et al

History of wireless 2006 by Sarkar

Understanding information transmission 2005 by Anderson, et al

Queuing theory and telecommunications : networks and applications 2005 by Giambene

Computer engineering in applied electromagnetism 2005 by Andrzej, et al

An introduction to radio frequency engineering 2004 by Coleman

Algorithms for communications systems and their applications 2002 by Benvenuto, et al

Paper Book Probability, random signals, and statistics : a textgraph with integrated software for electrical and computer engineers 1999 by Li

Paper Book Electronic communications systems : fundamentals through advanced 1998 by Tomasi

Signaling in telecommunication networks 1998 by Van Bosse

An introduction to the theory of random signals and noise 1987 by IEEE Communications Society

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su:Telecommunication systems

su:Telecommunication systems Design and construction

su:TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING Telecommunications

su:Telecommunication systems Management

su:Telecommunication Switching systems

su:Telecommunication systems Management

su:Telecommunication systems Computer simulation

su:analogue digital conversion

su:Digital communications Computer simulation

su:Signal theory (Telecommunication)


su:Wireless communication systems

su:Mobile communication systems

su:Wireless Internet

su:Broadband communication systems

su:Computer network architectures

su:Artificial satellites in telecommunication

su:Cell phones

su:Cell phone systems Standards

su:Cell phones Programming

su:Telecommunication Traffic

su:Atmospheric radio refractivity

su:Speech synthesis

su:Speech processing systems

su:Television broadcasting

su:Digital television

su:Radio Interference

su:Optical fiber communication

su:Microwave communication systems

su:Wireless communication systems History


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