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Electrical & Computer Engineering: RF Design


Microwave, radar & RF engineering : with laboratory manual 2018 by Chaturvedi

Microwave electronics 2018 by Grigoriev, et al

Antenna design solutions for RFID tags based on metamaterial-inspired resonators and other resonant structures 2018 by Zuffanelli

Radio telescope reflectors : historical development of design and construction 2018 by Baars, et al

Millimeter-wave power amplifiers 2017 by Preez, et al

Operational amplifiers : theory and design 2016 by Huijsing

High Speed Data Converters 2016 by Ali

Microwave amplifier and active circuit design using the real frequency technique 2016 by Jarry, et al

Understanding spectrum liberalization 2016 by Sims

Tunable RF components and circuits : applications in mobile handsets 2016 by Hilbert

Introduction to RF power amplifier design and simulation 2015 by Eroglu

Radio-frequency integrated-circuit engineering 2015 by Nguyen

Radio frequency propagation made easy 2015 by Faruque

White space communication technologies 2014 by Carvalho, et al

SC-FDMA for mobile communications 2014 by el-Samie

RF Power Amplifier 2014 by Kazimierczuk

RF/microwave circuit design for wireless applications 2013 by Rohde

Ultra-wideband RF system engineering 2013 by Zwick, et al

Current feedback operational amplifiers and their applications 2013 by Senani

Wireless radio-frequency standards and system design : advanced techniques 2012 by Cornetta, et al

Handbook of RF, microwave, and millimeter-wave components 2012 by Belov, et al

RF circuit design 2012 by Li

RF microelectronics 2012 by Razavi

Electronic Devices and Amplifier Circuits : with MATLAB 2012 by Karris

Analog filters using MATLAB 2009 by Wanhammar

RF-frontend design for process-variation-tolerant receivers 2012 by Sakian, et al

RFID design principles 2012 by Lehpamer

Smart trash : study on RFID tags and the recycling industry 2012 by European Commission

TV white space spectrum technologies : regulations, standards, and applications 2012 by Saeed, et al

The industrial electronics handbook Industrial communication systems 2011 by Wilamowski, et al

Low power RF circuit design in standard CMOS technology 2011 by Alvarado, et al

Radio frequency identification 2011 by McAdams

Measurements using optic and RF waves 2010 by Fornel, et al

Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit Design 2010 by Rogers, Plett

Handbook of smart antennas for RFID systems 2010 by Karmakar

Spectrum management for science in the 21st century 2010 by National Research Council

Communications, Radar and Electronic Warfare 2010 by Graham

Systems engineering in wireless communications 2009 by Koivo, et al

DSP for MATLAB and LabVIEW Volume I – IV 2009 by Isen

Radio frequency integrated circuits and technologies 2008 by Ellinger

RF measurements for cellular phones and wireless data systems 2008 by Scott, et al

Airborne doppler radar : applications, theory, and philosophy 2006 by Schetzen

Encyclopedia of RF and Microwave Engineering 2005 by Chang

How free is the radio spectrum? 2006 by Bohlin, et al

IEEE recommended practice for radio frequency safety programs, 3 kHz to 300 GHz 2006 by IEEE Standards

RF and Microwave Oscillator Design 2006 by Odyniec

An introduction to radio frequency engineering 2004 by Coleman

Radio-frequency and microwave communication circuits : analysis and design 2004 by Misra, et al

Modern receiver front-ends : systems, circuits, and integration 2004 by Laskar

RF and microwave integrated circuits : passive components and control devices 2004 by Maloratsky

Practical RF system design 2003 by Egan

RF components and circuits 2002 by Radio Society of Great Britain

RF photonic technology in optical fiber links 2002 by Chang

Radio frequency transistors : principles and practical applications 2001 by Dye

RF radiation safety handbook 1993 by Kitchen

su:Radio frequency integrated circuits

su:Radio circuits Design and construction

su:Radio frequency

su:Radio frequency allocation

su:Radio frequency integrated circuits Design and construction

su:Radio resource management (Wireless communications)

su:TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING Mobile & Wireless Communications




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