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Electrical & Computer Engineering: Digital Logic


Paper TextBook Fundamentals of digital logic with Verilog design 2014 by Brown, et al

Advanced logic synthesis 2018 by Reis

Logical foundations of cyber-physical systems 2018 by Platzer

Reliable and energy efficient streaming multiprocessor systems 2018 by Das, et al

Fundamentals of computer architecture and design 2017 by Bindal

Digital logic for computing 2017 by Seiffertt

Logic Pro X 10.3 2017 by Nahmani

High-fidelity quantum logic in Ca+ 2017 by Ballance

Introduction to logic circuits & logic design with Verilog 2017 by LaMeres

Fuzzy logic based power-efficient real-time multi-core system 2017 by Ahmed, et al

Fuzzy Logic in Intelligent System Design : Theory and Applications 2017 by Melin, et al

Applied logic for computer scientists : computational deduction and formal proofs 2017 by Ayala-Rincón, et al

Compact representations for the design of quantum logic 2017 by Niemann, et al

Datalog and logic databases 2016 by Greco, et al

New data structures and algorithms for logic synthesis and verification 2016 by Amaru

Digital logic design using Verilog : coding and RTL synthesis 2016 by Taraate

Paper Book Logic and algebraic structures in quantum computing 2016 by Chubb

Reversible logic synthesis methodologies with application to quantum computing 2016 by Taha

Programmable logic controllers 2015 by Bolton

A practical introduction to fuzzy logic using LISP 2015 by Méndez

Using Logic Pro X's updated score editor 2015 by Asher

Logic, Computation, Hierarchies by 2014 Bratka

Fundamentals of digital logic and microcontrollers 2014 by Rafiquzzaman

Digital design and computer architecture 2013 by Harris

Design, analysis and test of logic circuits under uncertainty 2013 by Krishnaswamy, et al