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Electrical & Computer Engineering: Computer Architecture


Paper TextBook Computer organization and design: the hardware/software interface 2012 by Patterson, et al

Data Structures and Program Design Using C : A Self-Teaching Introduction2019 by Malhotra, et al

Data structures and program design using C++ : a self-teaching introduction 2019 by Malhotra, et a

Introduction to parallel computing : from algorithms to programming on state-of-the-art platforms 2018 by Trobec, et al

Topics in parallel and distributed computing : enhancing the undergraduate curriculum: performance, concurrency, and programming on modern platforms 2018 by Prasad, et al

Inventing the Cloud Century : How Cloudiness Keeps Changing Our Life, Economy and Technology 2018 by Oppitz, et al

Mobile cloud computing : foundations and service models 2018 by Huang

Dependable multicore architectures at nanoscale 2018 by Ottavi, et al

Reliable and energy efficient streaming multiprocessor systems 2018 by Das, et al

Computer systems : digital design, fundamentals of computer architecture and assembly language 2018 by Elahi

Invasive computing for mapping parallel programs to many-core architectures 2018 by Weichslgartner,et al

Fundamentals of computer architecture and design 2017 by Bindal

Architectural transformations in network services and distributed systems 2017 by Luntovskyy, et al

Separation logic for high-level synthesis 2017 by Winterstein

Deep learning for computer architects 2017 by Reagen, et al

Automotive software architectures : an introduction 2017 by Staron

Enterprise architecture at work : modelling, communication and analysis 2017 by  Lankhorst

su:Automotive computers

Computing in smart toys 2017 by Tang, et al

Heterogeneous system architecture 2016 by Hwu

Interaction design for tangible interfaces 2016 by Anderson

Modeling and optimization of parallel and distributed embedded systems 2016 by Munir, et al

Instruction level parallelism 2016 by Aiken, et al

The essentials of computer organization and architecture 2015 by Null, et al

Programming models for parallel computing 2015 by Balaji

Game engine architecture 2015 by Gregory

Basics of Computer Organization and Architecture 2014 by Rao

Optimization and mathematical modeling in computer architecture 2014 by Nowatzki, et al

Fundamentals of Parallel Computing 2014 by Razdan

Multicore technology : architecture, reconfiguration, and modeling 2014 by Samgwine, et al

Time-Predictable Architectures 2014 by Rochange

Digital design and computer architecture 2013 by Harris

Computer Architecture 2013 by Blanchet, et al

System-level validation : high-level modeling and directed test generation techniques 2013 by Chen

Multicore systems on-chip : practical software/hardware design 2013 by Abdallah

Mobile Networks Architecture 2013 by Perez

Computer organization and design : the hardware/software interface 2012 by Patterson, et al

The art of hardware architecture : design methods and techniques for digital circuits 2012 by Arora

Computer architecture : a quantitative approach 2012 by Hennessy, et al

Computer architecture and organization : from 8085 to Core2Duo & beyond 2011 by Ghoshal

Designing interfaces 2011 by Tidwell

Principles of Computer System Design : an Introduction 2009 by Saltzer

VLSI and computer architecture 2009 by Wattanbe

Computer organization and architecture : designing for performance 2006 by Stallings

su:Computer architecture

su:Systems on a chip

su:Computer organization

su:Computer interfaces

su:Logic design

su:COMPUTERS Machine Theory

su:Parallel processing (Electronic computers)

su:Cloud computing

su:Computer network architectures

su:Computer systems Verification

su:User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction

su:Mobile computing Industrial applications

su:Mobile communication systems Standards

su:Artificial intelligence Industrial applications

su:Electronic toys

su:Software architecture


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