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Electrical & Computer Engineering: Power Systems


Textbook Paper Electric machinery fundamentals 2012 by Chapman

Textbook Paper Electric machinery and power system fundamentals 2002 by Chapman

Power systems resilience : modeling, analysis and practice 2019 by Mahdavi, et al

A survey on coordinated power management in multi-tenant data centers 2018 by Oo, et al

Eco-design in Electrical Engineering : Eco-friendly Methodologies, Solutions and Example for Application to Electrical Engineering 2018 by Bessède

Modeling and simulation of smart grid integrated with hybrid renewable energy systems 2018 by Mohamed, et al

Sustainable Cloud and Energy Services : Principles and Practice 2018 by Rivera

The essentials of power system dynamics and control 2018 by Pota

Grid optimal integration of electric vehicles : examples with Matlab implementation 2018 by Ovalle, et al

Hybrid energy systems : driving reliable renewables sources of energy storage 2018 by Zohuri

Greening video distribution networks : energy-efficient internet video delivery 2018 by Popescu

Mathematical models of electrical network systems : theory and applications -- an introduction 2017 by Klos

Clean energy microgrids 2017 by Obara

Linking the space shuttle and space stations : early docking technologies from concept to implementation 2017 by Shayler

Advances in Power System Modelling 2016 by Milano

Energy storage in power systems 2016 by Díaz-González, et al

Energy storage : fundamentals, materials and applications 2016 by Huggins

Introduction to modern power electronics 2016 by Trzynadlowski

Control circuits in power electronics : practical issues in design and implementation 2016 by Castilla

Distribution system analysis and automation 2013 by Gers

High performance computing in power and energy systems 2013 by Khaitan, et al

Numerical and analytical methods with MATLAB for electrical engineers 2013 by Bober

Broadband networks, smart grids and climate change 2013 by Noam, et al