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Electrical & Computer Engineering: Robotics


su:Robotics [ Hundreds of eBooks by clicking this ]

Atlas of orthoses and assistive devices 2019 by Webster

Army of none : autonomous weapons and the future of war 2018 by Scharre

Logical foundations of cyber-physical systems 2018 by Platzer

Performance gaps of machines : a process oriented approach 2018 by Nüsser, et al

Robust perception from optical sensors for reactive behaviors in autonomous robotic vehicles 2018 by Schaub

Robotic manipulators and vehicles : control, estimation and filtering 2018 by Rigatos, et al

Cable-driven parallel robots : theory and application 2018 by Pott

Topology design of robot mechanisms 2018 by Yang

Robust perception from optical sensors for reactive behaviors in autonomous robotic vehicles 2018 by Schaub

Nonlinear circuits and systems for neuro-inspired robot control 2018 by Patanè

Advanced topics on computer vision, control and robotics in mechatronics 2018 by Villegas

Programming LEGO® EV3 my blocks : teaching concepts and preparing for FLL® Competition 2018 by Harding

Robotics, vision and control : fundamental algorithms in MATLAB® 2017 by Corke

Full stride : advancing the state of the art in lower extremity gait systems 2017 by Tepe, et al

Industrial automation and robotics 2017 by Gupta

Automotive software architectures : an introduction 2017 by Staron

Electrophysiology : basics, modern approaches and applications 2016 by Rettinger, et al

Life 3.0 : being human in the age of artificial intelligence 2016 by Tzafestas

Roboethics : a navigating overview 2016 by Tzafestas

Drone : remote control warfare 2016 by Gusterson

Nanobiosensors for personalized and onsite biomedical diagnosis 2016 by by Pranjal Chandra

Roboethics : a navigating overview 2016 by Tzafestas

Learning LEGO Mindstorms EV3 : build and create interactive, sensor-based robots using your LEGO Mindstorms EV3 kit 2015 by Garber

Build and program your own : Lego Mindstorms EV3 robots 2015 by Karch

Robot building for beginners 2015 by Cook

Robots that talk and listen : technology and social impact 2015 by Markowitz

Intelligent networked teleoperation control 2015 by Li

Planning and decision making for aerial robots 2014 by Sebbane

Devices for Mobility and Manipulation for People with Reduced Abilities 2014 by Freire

Practical Robot Design : Game Playing Robots 2014 by Kanniah, et al

From Bricks to Brains : the Embodied Cognitive Science of Lego Robots 2014 by Dawson, et al

Making simple robots 2014 by Ceceri

Advances in high-performance motion control of mechatronic systems 2014 by Yamaguchi

Building sensor networks : from design to applications 2014 by Nikolaidis, et al

Introduction to robotics 2013 by Bajd, et al

A journey from robot to digital human : mathematical principles and applications with MATLAB programming 2013 by Gu

Fundamentals in modeling and control of mobile manipulators 2013 by Li

Robotic tactile sensing : technologies and system 2013 by Dahiya

Robot ethics : the ethical and social implications of robotics 2012 by Lin, et al

Machine vision handbook 2012 by Batchelor

Handbook of intelligent vehicles 2012 by Eskandarian

The machine question : critical perspectives on AI, robots, and ethics 2012 by Gunkel

Lighter than air robots : guidance and control of autonomous airships 2012 by Sebbane

Introduction to autonomous mobile robots 2011 by Siegwart, et al

Paper Book Mechatronics system design 2011 by Shetty

A system architecture approach to the brain : from neurons to consciousness 2009 by Coward

Automotive control systems : for engine, driveline, and vehicle 2005 by Kiencke, et al

Geometric fundamentals of robotics 2005 by Selig

Modular robots + synchronous robots + multi-arm robots 2003 by Buckingham




su:Robotics Moral and ethical aspects

su:Robotics Human factors

su:Robotics Philosophy

su:Artificial intelligence Philosophy

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su:Automobiles Automatic control

su:Automotive computers

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su:Robots Design and construction Amateurs' manuals

su:Robots Design and construction

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su:Virtual reality


su:Brain computer interfaces

su:Brain Electromechanical analogies

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su:Computer vision Industrial applications

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su:Artificial legs

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su:Speech synthesis

su:Speech processing systems



su:body sensor networks

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