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Electrical & Computer Engineering: Control Systems


Paper TextBook Modern control systems 2017 by Dorf, et al

Control theory tutorial : basic concepts illustrated by software examples 2018 by Frank

Flight systems and control : a practical approach 2018 by Ng

Control oriented modelling of AC electric machines 2018 by Masmoudi

Intelligent control : a stochastic optimization based adaptive fuzzy approach 2018 by Sharma, et al

Advanced topics on computer vision, control and robotics in mechatronics 2018 by Villegas

Classic papers in control theory 2017 by Bellman

MATLAB machine learning 2017 by Paluszek, et al

Control of mechatronic systems 2017 by Güvenç, et al

Industrial automation and robotics 2017 by Gupta

Optimal control : novel directions and applications 2017 by Tonon

Design and analysis of control systems : case studies 2017 by Shiromoto

Modeling and control in air-conditioning systems 2017 by Yao, et al

Real time control engineering : systems and automation 2016 by Ng

Real time modeling, simulation and control of dynamical systems 2016 by Mughal

Introduction to dynamics and control in mechanical engineering systems 2016 by To

Smart electromechanical systems 2016 by Gorodetsky

Automation, production systems, and computer-integrated manufacturing 2015 by Groover

Analysis and design of networked control systems 2015 by You

MATLAB control systems engineering 2014 by López

Feedback control for computer systems 2014 by Janert

Control of quantum systems : theory and methods 2014 by Cong

Sensors, Actuators, and their Interfaces : a Multidisciplinary Introduction 2014 by Ida

Robust control design with MATLAB® 2013 by Gu, et al

Linear Control System Analysis and Design with MATLAB 2013 by Houpis, et al

Common rail system for GDI engines : modelling, identification, and control 2013 by Fiengo