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Electrical & Computer Engineering: Electrical Circuits


Textbook Paper Basic engineering circuit analysis 2015 by Irwin, et al

Textbook eBook Engineering circuit analysis : international student version 2011 by Irwin, et al

Textbook Paper Electrical circuit theory and technology 2003 by Bird

Textbook Paper CMOS circuit design, layout, and simulation 1998 by Baker, et al

Fundamentals of electrical circuit analysis 2018 by Salam, et al

Synchronized phasor measurements and their applications 2017 by Phadke, et al

The Circuit Designer's Companion 2017 by Wilson

Introduction to electrical circuit analysis 2017 by Ergül

Three-dimensional integrated circuit design 2017 by Pavlidis, et al

Hardware security and trust : design and deployment of integrated circuits in a threatened environment 2017 by Sklavos, et al

Mathematical foundations for linear circuits and systems in engineering 2016 by Shynk

Analysis of electrical circuits with variable load regime parameters : projective geometry method 2016 by Penin

Paper Book Basic engineering circuit analysis 2015 by Irwin

Feedback in analog circuits 2015 by Ochoa

Electricity for the entertainment electrician & technician 2014 by Cardena

Electrical contacts : principles and applications 2014 by Slade

Electric Circuit Analysis 2013 by Kumar

Circuit analysis for dummies 2013 by Santiago

Electric Circuit Analysis 2013 by Suresh

Circuit modeling for electromagnetic compatibility 2013 by Darney

CMOS voltage references : an analytical and practical perspective 2013 by Kok, et al

Electronic circuit analysis 2012 by Rao

DC power supplies : power management and surge protection for power electronic systems 2012 by Kularatna

Electrical, electronics, and digital hardware essentials for scientists and engineers 2012 by Lipiansky

SPICE for power electronics and electric power 2012 by Rashid

Circuit analysis 2011 by Wright

Engineering circuit analysis : international student version 2011 by Irwin, et al

A Student's Guide to Fourier Transforms : With Applications in Physics and Engineering 2011 by James

Understandable electric circuits 2010 by Wang

Modern Fourier analysis 2009 by Grafakos

Classical circuit theory 2008 by Wing

Introductory circuits 2008 by Spence

CMOS current-mode circuits for data communications 2007 by Yuan

Pragmatic circuits : DC and time domain 2006 by Patrick, et al