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Electrical & Computer Engineering: Fiber Optics


Advanced optical and wireless communications systems 2018 by Djordjevic

Advances in the application of lasers in materials science 2018 by Ossi

LED-based visible light communications 2018 by Chi

Fibre optic communication : key devices 2017 by Venghaus

Fiber-wireless convergence in next-generation communication networks : systems, architectures, and management 2017 by Tornatore, et al

Fiber optics : physics and technology 2016 by Mitschke

Essentials of modern optical fiber communication 2016 by Noé

Optical and microwave technologies for telecommunication networks 2016 by Strobel

Advanced manufacturing for optical fibers and integrated photonic devices 2016 by Al-Azzawi

Fiber optic sensors : current status and future possibilities 2016 by Matias, et al

Building Telephony Systems with OpenSIPS 2016 by Goncalves, et al

VoIP and PBX security and forensics : a practical approach 2016 by Androulidakis

Ultra-broadly tunable light sources based on the nonlinear effects in photonic crystal fibers 2016 by Zhang

Visible light communication 2015 by Shlomi

Understanding fiber optics 2015 by Hecht

The undersea network 2015 by Starosielski

Optical fiber sensors : advanced techniques and applications 2015 by Rajan

Odyssey of light in nonlinear optical fibers : theory and applications 2015 by Porsezian, et al

Managing the PSTN transformation : a blueprint for a successful migration to IP-based networks 2015 by Dornheim

Modeling and simulation of computer networks and systems : methodologies and applications 2015 by Obaidat, et al

Characterization of the Electrical Environment 2014 by Bodle

Fiber Optic Communications : Fundamentals and Applications 2014 by Kumar, et al

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Fundamentals of Plastic Optical Fibers 2014 by Koike

Field guide to fiber optic sensors 2014 by Spillman