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Electrical & Computer Engineering: Electromech Conversion


KNOVEL Handbooks Subject Area - Electrical & Power Engineering

Mathematical foundations of computational electromagnetism 2018 by Assous

Grid-side converters control and design : interfacing between the AC grid and renewable power sources 2018 by Vukosavić

Designing impedance networks converters 2018 by Zhang, et al

Hybrid and fully thermoelectric solar harvesting 2018 by Narducci, et al

Energy-saving principles and technologies for induction motors 2018 by Ma, et al

Lithium-ion supercapacitors : fundamentals and energy applications 2018 by Zhang, et al

Analysis and design of power converter topologies for application in future more electric aircraft 2018 by Singh

Six-phase electric machines 2018 by Buksnaitis

Reliability improvement technology for power converters 2017 by Lee, et al

Advanced control of electrical drives and power electronic converters 2017 by Kabziński

Electric energy storage systems : flexibility options for smart grids 2017 by Komarnicki, et al

Power electronics and motor drive systems 2017 by Manias

Modeling power electronics and interfacing energy conversion systems 2016 by Simões, et al

Power converters with digital filter feedback control 2016 by Wu

Periodic control of power electronic converters 2016 by Zhou

Impedance source power electronic converters 2016 by Liu

Reliability of power electronic converter systems 2016 by Chung, et al

Model predictive control of high power converters and industrial drives 2016 by Geyer

Power electronic converters and systems : frontiers and applications 2016 by Trzynadlowski

Reliability in power electronics and electrical machines : industrial applications and performance models 2016 by Simões, et al

Motors for makers : a guide to steppers, servos, and other electrical machines 2016 by Scarpino, et al

Electrical machine drives control : an introduction 2016 by Pyrhönen,et al

Electric motors and drives : fundamentals, types and applications 2013 by Hughes, et al

Mobile electric vehicles : online charging and discharging 2016 by Wang, et al

Physics of energy conversion 2015 by Krischer, et al

Digital control of high-frequency switched-mode power converters 2015 by Corradini, et al

Power electronics applied to industrial systems and transport [converters] 2015

High voltage direct current transmission : converters, systems and DC grids 2015 by Jovcic, et al

Overcoming barriers to deployment of plug-in electric vehicles 2015 by National Research Council

Vehicle-to-grid : linking electric vehicles to the smart grid 2015 by Lu, et al

Electromagnetics for electrical machines 2015 by Mukerji, et al

Multilevel converters for industrial applications 2014 byGonzalez, et al

Advanced electric drives : analysis, control, and modeling using MATLAB/Simulink 2014 by Mohan

Electromech Conversion 3

The principles of electronic and electromechanic power conversion : a systems approach 2014 by Ferreira, et al

Mechanical design of electric motors 2014 by Tong

Electrical energy conversion and transport : an interactive computer-based approach 2013 by Karady, et al

Rotating electrical machines 2013 by Le Doeuff, et al

Ultra-Capacitors in Power Conversion Systems : Analysis, Modeling and Design in Theory and Practice 2013 by Grbovic

Supercapacitors : materials, systems, and applications 2013 by Béguin, et al

Electric motors and drives : fundamentals, types and applications 2013 by Hughes, et al

Predictive control of power converters and electrical drives 2012 by Rodríguez, et al

Electric Energy : an Introduction 2012 by El-Sharkawi

Electrical machines with MATLAB 2012 by El-Sharkawi

Linear synchronous motors : transportation and automation systems 2012 by Gieras, et al

Power conversion of renewable energy systems 2011 by Fuchs, et al

Grid converters for photovoltaic and wind power systems 2011 by Teodorescu, et al

Ultracapacitor Applications 2011 by Milller, et al

Technologies for electrical power conversion, efficiency, and distribution : methods and processes 2010 by Antchev

Energy conversion 2008 by Yogi, et al

Electrical motor diagnostics 2008 by Penrose

Distributed generation : induction and permanent magnet generators 2007 by Lai, et al

Electrical insulation for rotating machines : design, evaluation, aging, testing, and repair 2004 by Stone, et al

Paper Book Electric machinery and power system fundamentals 2002 by Chapman

Practical transformer handbook 1998 by Gottlieb

Small Electric Motors 1998 by Moczala

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su:Electric machinery

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