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Electrical & Computer Engineering: Instrument Lab


Paper Book Introduction to instrumentation and measurements 2014 by Northrop

Lock-in thermography : basics and use for evaluating electronic devices and materials 2019 Breitenstein, et al

Prognostics and health management of electronics 2018 by Pecht

Formal system verification : state-of the-art and future trends 2018 by Drechsler

Radio monitoring : automated systems and their components 2018 by Rembovsky, et al

Tools of radio astronomy -- problems and solutions 2018 by Wilson, et al

Industrial automation and robotics 2017 by Gupta

String analysis for software verification and security 2017 by Bultan, et al

Electrical measurements in the laboratory practice 2016 by Bartiromo, et al

The boundary-scan handbook 2016 by Parker

Windows installation and update troubleshooting 2016 by Rhodes

Controlled atmosphere transmission electron microscopy : principles and practice 2016 by Hansen

Next generation HALT and HASS : robust design of electronics and systems 2016 by Gray

Metrology and physical mechanisms in new generation ionic devices 2016 by Celano

Reliability in power electronics and electrical machines : industrial applications and performance models 2016 by SimoĢƒes, et al

IEEE standard for Automatic Test Markup Language (ATML) test adapter description 2015

Motion estimation for video coding : efficient algorithms and architectures 2015 by Chakrabarti, et al

Principles of Electrical Safety 2014 by Sutherland

Spectrum and network measurements 2014 by Witte

Paper Book Introduction to instrumentation and measurements 2014 by Northrop

Meteorological Measurements and Instrumentation 2014 by Harrison

Ultra and extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields 2014 by Surkov

BackTrack : Testing Wireless Network Security 2013 by Cardwell

Handbook of measurement in science and engineering 2013 by Eremia

IEEE standard for software interface for maintenance information collection and analysis 2013

The handbook of Electrical Resistivity : new materials and pressure effects 2012 by Dyos

Electromagnetic measurements in the near field 2012 by Bienkowski, et al

Audel electrical trades pocket manual 2012 by Brittian

Failure Analysis : a Practical Guide for Manufacturers of Electronic Components and Systems 2011 by Bazu

Microelectronics failure analysis : desk reference 2011 by Ross

Coaxial electrical circuits for interference-free measurements 2011 by Awan, et al

The industrial electronics handbook Industrial communication systems 2011 by Wilamowski, et al

Verification, validation, and testing of engineered systems 2010 by Engel

American national standard recommended practice for the immunity measurement of electrical and electronic equipment 2010 by ANSI

Handbook of international electrical safety practices 2010 by Princeton Energy…

Electronic measurements and instrumentation 2010 by Kishore

An introduction to electrostatic measurements 2010 by Chubb

Instrumentation reference book 2010 by Boyes

Electrical codes, standards, recommended practices and regulations : an examination of relevant safety considerations 2010 by Alonzo

Simulating spacecraft systems 2009 by Eickoff

RF measurements for cellular phones and wireless data systems 2008 by Scott

Microwave measurements 2007 by Collier, et al

A handbook for EMC testing and measurement 2007 by Morgan, IEE

Digital Timing Measurements 2006 by Maichen

Control of Machines 2006 by Bhattacharya, et al

Newnes electrical power engineer's handbook 2005 Warne

Demystifying mixed-signal test methods 2003 by Baker

A designer's guide to built-in self-test 2002 by Stroud

Voltage quality in electrical power systems 2001 by Schlabbach, et al

Temperature measurement 2001 by Michalski

Engineering measurements : methods and intrinsic errors 1999 by Polak, et al

Electrical instruments in hazardous locations 1998 by Magison

The story of electrical and magnetic measurements : from 500 B.C. to the 1940s 1999 by Keithley

Lord Kelvin, his influence on electrical measurements and units 1992 by IEE

Temperature measurement & control 1988 by Leigh

su:Electronic instruments

su:Electric measurements

su:Automatic test equipment

su:Electronic systems Testing

su:Electronic apparatus and appliances Testing

su:Electronic systems Maintenance and repair

su:Electronic apparatus and appliances Maintenance and repair

su:Electronic apparatus and appliances Thermal properties

su:Electronics and Microelectronics, Instrumentation

su:Digital electronics Standards

su:Microwave measurements

su:Temperature measurements

su:Instrumentation and measurement

su:Manufacturing processes Automation

su:Robots, Industrial

su:Factory automation

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