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Computer Science & Information Systems: Game Development

See also Computer Graphics , Artificial Intelligence , Robotics , Drafting Graphics

Selected Books

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Paper Book Ultimate Guide to Game Writing and Design 2007 by Dille QA76.76 .C672 D57

Value sensitive design : shaping technology with moral imagination 2019 by Friedman, et al

Problem-based learning : a didactic strategy in the teaching of system simulation 2019 by Cevallos-Torres, et al

Emotional engineering Vols. 1 – 7,  2011 – 2019 by Fukuda

New directions in music and human-computer interaction 2019 by Holland, et al

The creation of iGiselle : classical ballet meets contemporary video games 2019 by Stovel

se:International series on computer entertainment and media technology 2015 - 2018

Designing with the body : somaesthetic interaction design 2018 by Höök

Rhythm, play and interaction design 2018 by Costello

Musical haptics 2018 by Papetti, et al

Designing immersive video games using 3DUI technologies : improving the gamer's user experience 2018 by Kulshreshth, et al

Funology 2 : from usability to enjoyment 2018 by Blythe, et al

Programming visual illusions for everyone 2018 by Bertamini

Clinical rehabilitation experience utilizing serious games : rehabilitation technology and a technical concept for health data collection 2018 by Lawo, et al

STEAM jobs in game development 2018 by Rosenberg

Stories : screen narrative in the digital era 2018 by Christie, et al

Education, narrative technologies and digital learning : designing storytelling for creativity with computing 2018 by Hall

Artificial intelligence and games 2018 by Yannakakis, et al

Beginning SVG : a practical introduction to SVG using real-world examples 2018 by Libby

Recent advances in technologies for inclusive well-being : from worn to off-body sensing, virtual worlds, and games for serious applications 2018 by Brooks, et al

Gamification in learning and education : enjoy learning like gaming 2018 by Kim, et al

Behavior engineering and applications 2018 by Wong, et al

Video game influences on aggression, cognition, and attention 2018 by Ferguson

The innovation in computing companion : a compendium of select, pivotal inventions 2018 by O'Regan

Cognitive biases in visualizations 2018 by Ellis

A play of bodies : how we perceive videogames 2018 by Keogh

Resonant games : design principles for learning games that connect hearts, minds, and the everyday 2018 by Klopfer

Advances in culturally-aware intelligent systems and in cross-cultural psychological studies 2018 by Faucher

UX optimization : combining behavioral UX and usability testing data to optimize websites 2018 by Tomlin

The metainterface : the art of platforms, cities, and clouds 2018 by Andersen, et al

Playing smart : on games, intelligence and Artificial Intelligence 2018 by Togelius

Artificial intelligence and games 2018 by Yannakakis, et al

Game on! : gamification, gameful design, and the rise of the gamer educator 2018 by Bell

Comprehensive healthcare simulation : neurosurgery 2018 by Alaraj

Multidisciplinary approaches to neural computing 2018 by Ulrik

Practical video game bots : automating game processes using C++, Python, and AutoIt 2018 by Shpigor

Practical Bot development : designing and building Bots with Node.js and Microsoft Bot framework 2018 by Rozga

STEAM jobs in game development 2018 by Rosenberg

Python 3 : Pocket primer 2018 by Parker

Spring Boot 2 recipes : a problem-solution approach 2018 by Deinum

Practical GameMaker projects : build games with GameMaker Studio 2 2018 by Tyers

Developing turn-based multiplayer games : with Gamemaker studio 2 and NodeJS 2018 by Rajiv

Building games with Ethereum smart contracts : intermediate projects for solidity developers 2018 by Iyer, et al

Programming LEGO® EV3 my blocks : teaching concepts and preparing for FLL® Competition 2018 by Harding

Physically based shader development for Unity 2017 : develop custom lighting systems 2018 by Doppioslash

Designing immersive video games using 3DUI technologies : improving the gamer's user experience 2018 by Kulshreshth, et al

Authentic virtual world education : facilitating cultural engagement and creativity 2018 by Gregory

Modeling, simulation and optimization 2018 by Vasant, et al

Emotion in video game soundtracking 2018 by Williams

Learning Java with games 2018 by Xu

Java game development with LibGDX : from beginner to professional 2018 by Stemkoski

Location-based mobile games : design perspectives 2018 by Spallazzo, et al

UX optimization : combining behavioral UX and usability testing data to optimize websites 2018 by Tomlin

Principles of package design : creating reusable software components 2018 by Noback

Coding the Arduino : building fun programs, games, and electronic projects 2018 by Dukish

Basic music technology : an introduction 2018 by Mazzola, et al

Musicality of human brain through fractal analytics 2018 by Ghosh

From content-based music emotion recognition to emotion maps of musical pieces 2018 by Grekow

Computational models of rhythm and meter 2018 by Boenn

Artificial vision : a clinical guide 2017 by Gabel

Internet addiction : neuroscientific approaches and therapeutical implications including smartphone addiction 2017 by Montag, et al

Computing in smart toys 2017 by Tang, et al

Super power, spoony bards, and silverware : the Super Nintendo Entertainment System 2017 by Arsenault

Making believe : screen performance and special effects in popular cinema 2017 by Bode

Mob control : models of threshold collective behavior 2017 by Breer, et al

Video Games and the Law 2017 by Gard, et al

Learn unity 2017 for iOS game development : create amazing 3D games for iphone and ipad 2017 by Fowler

Gamification: using game elements in serious contexts 2017 by Stieglitz, et al

Beginning Windows mixed reality programming : for HoloLens and mixed reality headsets 2017 by Ong

Mixed reality and gamification for culture heritage 2017 by Ioannides, et al

Pro Processing for Images and Computer Vision With OpenCV : Solutions for Media Artists and Creative Coders 2017 by Chung

GameMaker : Studio 100 programming challenges 2017 by Tyers

The advanced game developer's toolkit : create amazing Web-based games with JavaScript and HTML5 2017 by Spuy

Cross over to HTML5 game development : use your programming experience to create mobile games 2017 by Chisti

Mathematics for Computer Graphics 2017 by Vince

Gaming representation : race, gender, and sexuality in video games 2017 by Malkowski, et al

Cuteness engineering : designing adorable products and services 2017 by Marcus, et al

Lean game development : apply lean frameworks to the process of game development 2017 by Boeira

Choosing and Using Digital Games in the Classroom : a Practical Guide 2017 by Becker

Ready player two : women gamers and designed identity 2017 by Chess

The use of online forum data in the study of gaming behavior 2017 by Griffitihs, et al

America's digital army : games at work and war 2017 by Allen

Atari age: the emergence of video games in America 2017 by Newman

GameMaker : Studio 100 programming challenges 2017 by Tyers

Game AI Pro 3 : Collected Wisdom of Game AI Professionals 2017 by Rabin

Network programming with Go : essential skills for using and securing networks 2017 by Newmarch

Pro Java 9 games development : leveraging the JavaFX APIs 2017 by Jackson

Cross over to HTML5 game development: use your programming experience to create mobile games 2017 by Chishti

The systemic image : a new theory of interactive real-time simulations 2017 by Hinterwaldner, et al

The advanced game developer's toolkit : create amazing Web-based games with JavaScript and HTML5 2017 by Spuy

Learn Unity for Android game development : a guide to game design, development, and marketing 2017 by Sinicki

Super power, spoony bards, and silverware : the Super Nintendo Entertainment System 2017 by Arsenault

Beginning Swift games development for iOS : develop 2D and 3D games using Apple's SceneKit and SpriteKit 2017 by Goodwill, et al

Mostly codeless game development : new school game engines 2017 by Ciesla

Pro HTML5 Games : Learn to Build your Own Games using HTML5 and JavaScript 2017 by Shankar

Building a 2D game physics engine : using HTML5 and JavaScript 2017 by Tanaya, et al

Game dynamics : best practices in procedural and dynamic game content generation 2017 by Korn, et al

Learn RPGs in GameMaker: Studio : build and design role playing games 2017 by Tyers

Introducing JavaScript game development : build a 2D game from the ground up 2017 by Stuart

Game development with Construct 2 : from design to realization 2017 by Stemkoski, et al

Introduction to devops with Chocolate, LEGO and Scrum game 2017 by Pylayeva

Computer Music Instruments : Foundations, Design and Development 2017 by Lazzarini

Serious games and edutainment applications Volume II 2017 by Ma, et al

Physical play and children's digital games 2016 by Madej

VFX fundamentals : visual special effects using Fusion 8.0 2016 by Jackson

Research and development in art, design and creativity 2016 by Earnshaw

Artificial intelligence in behavioral and mental health care 2016 by Luxton

Socialbots and Their Friends : Digital Media and the Automation of Sociality 2016 by Gehl

Roboethics : a navigating overview 2016 by Tzafestas

Toward robotic socially believable behaving systems. Volume I, Modeling emotions 2016 by Esposito, et al

Toward robotic socially believable behaving systems. Volume II, Modeling social signals 2016 by Esposito, et al

Google it : total information awareness 2016 by Lee

Missed information : better information for building a wealthier, more sustainable future 2016 by Sarokin, et al

Perspectives on libraries as institutions of human rights and social justice 2016 by Gorham, et al

Bridging worlds : emerging models and practices of U.S. academic libraries around the globe 2016 by Pun, et al

Machine learning for health informatics : state-of-the-art and future challenges 2016 by Holzinger

Cross-cultural multimedia computing : semantic and aesthetic modeling 2016 by Dubnov, et al

Interdisciplinary knowledge organization 2016 by Szostak, et al

Healthcare Interoperability Standards Compliance Handbook : Conformance and Testing of Healthcare Data Exchange Standards 2016 by Oemig, et al

Situation recognition using EventShop 2016 by Singh

Building a virtual assistant for Raspberry Pi : the practical guide for constructing a voice-controlled virtual assistant 2016 by Pant

Robot operating system (ROS) : the complete reference. (Volume 1) 2016 by Koubâa

Robot operating system (ROS) : the complete reference. (Volume 2) 2017 by Koubâa

Computational sustainability 2016 by Lässig, et al

Retrogame archeology : exploring old computer games 2016 by Aycock

Editing and special/visual effects 2016 by Keil, et al

Cinema's bodily illusions : flying, floating, and hallucinating 2016 by Richmond

Develop Microsoft HoloLens Apps Now 2016 by Taylor

Data visualization & presentation with Microsoft Office 2016 by Sue, et al

Simulation in healthcare education : an extensive history 2016 by Owen, et al

Games-to-teach or games-to-learn : unlocking the power of digital game-based learning through performance 2016 by Chee, et al

Simulation and Gaming in the Network Society 2016 by Kaneda, et al

Digital make-believe 2016 by Turner, et al

Beginning Platino Game Engine 2016 by Nand, et al

Handbook of digital games and entertainment technologies 2016 by Nakatsu, et al

Space and time visualization 2016 by Dan, et al

Hyperconnectivity 2016 by Cheok

Polished game development : from first steps to final release 2016 by Goodwin

Procedural content generation in games 2016 by Shaker, et al

Practical GameMaker: Studio : language projects 2016 by Tyers

Elastography : a Practical Approach 2016 by Barr

Gamer psychology and behavior 2016 by Bostan

The business of gamification : a critical analysis 2016 by Dymek

Atari to Zelda: Japan's video games in global contexts 2016 by Consalvo

Program arcade games: with Python and Pygame 2016 by Craven

Python, PyGame and Raspberry Pi Game Development 2016 by Kelly

BlitzMax for absolute beginners : games programming for the absolute beginner 2016 by Kelly

Inside the Video Game Industry : Game Developers Talk About the Business of Play 2016 by Ruggill, et al

Video Game Marketing : a student textbook 2016 by Zackariasson, et al

Retrogame archeology : exploring old computer games 2016 by Aycock

Beginning Platino Game Engine 2016 by Nandy

Making games : with JavaScript 2016 by Pitt

Learn unity for windows mobile game development 2016 by Blackman

Beginning RPG Maker MV 2016 by Perez

MMOs from the inside out : the history, design, fun, and art of massively-multiplayer online role-playing games 2016 by Bartle

MMOs from the outside in : the massively-multiplayer online role-playing games of psychology, law, government, and real life 2016 by Bartle

Beginning Android games 2016 by Zechner, et al

Debugging game history: a critical lexicon 2016 by Lowood, et al

Atari to Zelda : Japan's video games in global contexts 2016 by Consalvo

Design for experience : where technology meets design and strategy 2015 by Kim

Two bit circus and the future of entertainment 2015 by Lemle

Wearable Android : Android wear & Google Fit app development 2015 by Mishra

Critical gaming : interactive history and virtual heritage 2015 by Champion

Human factors of stereoscopic 3d displays 2015 by Patterson

Hidden in plain sight : an archaeology of magic and the cinema 2015 by Williamson

My fair ladies : female robots, androids, and other artificial Eves 2015 by Wosk

More playful user interfaces : interfaces that invite social and physical interaction 2015 by Nijholt

Playful identities : the ludification of digital media cultures 2015 by Frissen, et al

Playing to win : sports, video games, and the culture of play 2015 by Brookey, et al

Unity 3D UI Essentials 2015 by Jackson

Works of game : on the aesthetics of games and art 2015 by Sharp

Video games around the world 2015 by Wolf

More Books

Coin-operated Americans : rebooting boyhood at the video game arcade 2015 by Kocurek

Game engine architecture 2015 by Gregory

Cognitive informatics for biomedicine : human computer interaction in healthcare 2015 by Patel, et al

Re-engineering the uptake of ICT in schools 2015 by Assche

IOS for Game Programmers 2015 by Sherrod

IOS game programming cookbook : over 45 interesting game recipes that will help you create your next enthralling game 2015 by Vaishnav, et al

Fusion of smart, multimedia and computer gaming technologies : research, systems and perspectives 2015 by Sharma

Tempest : geometries of play 2015 by Ruggill, et al

Cocos2d-x by example beginner's guide : unleash your inner creativity and learn how to build great cross-platform 2D games with the popular Cocos2d-x framework 2015 by Engelbert

Online game pioneers at work : interviews with some of the top online game pioneers of our times 2015 by Ramsay

Thinking about video games : interviews with the experts 2015 by Heineman

Tempest : geometries of play 2015 Ruggill

Game user experience evaluation 2015 by Bernhaupt

How to talk about videogames 2015 by Bogost

A survey of characteristic engine features for technology-sustained pervasive games 2015 by Nevelsteen

Playing to win: sports, video games, and the culture of play 2015 by Brookey, et al

Mental health in the digital age : grave dangers, great promise 2015 by Aboujaoude, et al

Real-time visual effects for game programming 2015 by Kim, et al

Swift game programming for absolute beginners 2015 by Egges

Pro Android games 2015 by Nardone, et al

Kivy Blueprints 2015 by Vasilkov

Android studio game development : concepts and design 2015 by DiMarzio

Creative Greenfoot : build engaging interactive applications, games, and simulations using Java and Greenfoot 2015 by Huangs

Digital electronics for musicians 2015 by Drymonitis

Introduction to game development using Processing 2015 by Parker

Beginning Python games development : with Pygame 2015 by Kinsley, et al

Beginning Java game development with LibGDX 2015 by Stemkoski

Works of game : on the aesthetics of games and art 2015 by Sharp

Gaming at the edge : sexuality and gender at the margins of gamer culture 2015 by Shaw

Cocos2D Game Development Essentials 2015 by Trengrove

Sudoku programming with C 2015 by Zambon

Unity 2D game development cookbook : over 50 hands-on recipes that leverage the features of Unity to help you create 2D games and game prototypes 2015 by Scolastici

Learning Unity Android game development : learn to create stunning Android games using Unity 2015 by Finnegan

Advanced game design with HTML5 and JavaScript 2015 by Spuy

Mastering Unity Scripting 2015 by Thorn

Learn Pixi.js : create great interactive graphics for games and the Web 2015 by Spuy

Transforming learning and IT management through gamification 2015 by Prakash

Learning LEGO Mindstorms EV3 : build and create interactive, sensor-based robots using your LEGO Mindstorms EV3 kit 2015 by Garber

Build and program your own : Lego Mindstorms EV3 robots 2015 by Karch

Corona SDK mobile game development beginner's guide : learn, explore, and create commercially successful mobile games for iOS and android 2015 by Fernandez

Values at play in digital games 2015 Flanagan, et al

Mathematical basics of motion and deformation in computer graphics 2014 by Anjyo, et al

Logical modeling of biological systems 2014 by Inoue, et al

Playful user interfaces : interfaces that invite social and physical interaction 2014 by Nijholt

Time-Predictable Architectures 2014 by Rochange, et al

Personality capture and emulation 2014 by Bainbridge

Body sensor networks 2014 by Yang

Beginning Google Glass development 2014 by Tang

Physics for JavaScript games, animation, and simulations : with HTML5 canvas 2014 by Ramtal

Processing : a programming handbook for visual designers and artists 2014 by Reas, et al

Cultural diversity for virtual characters : investigating behavioral aspects across cultures 2014 by Endrass

A Practical Introduction to Computer Vision with OpenCV 2014 by Dawson-Howe

Architectures for computer vision : from algorithm to chip with Verilog 2014 by Jeong

Mastering mobile learning 2014 by Udell

IOS 7 Game Development 2014 by Volevodz

Raspberry Pi system software reference 2014 by Gay

Raspberry Pi hardware reference 2014 by Gay

Human computer interaction using hand gestures 2014 by Premaratne

Ebooks in education : realising the vision 2014 by Woodward

Game development tool essentials 2014 by Ardolino

Level up! : the guide to great video game design 2014 by Rogers

Learn C++ for game development 2014 by Sutherland

Making school a game worth playing : digital games in the classroom 2014 by Schaaf, et al

Developer's dilemma : the secret world of videogame creators 2014 by O'Donnell

Learning Construct 2 2014 by Subagio

Gamestar Mechanic For Dummies 2014 by by Cordeiro

HTML5 Game Development HOTSHOT 2014 by Makzan

Source SDK Development Essentials 2014 by Bernier

Level up! : the guide to great video game design 2014 by Rogers

Libgdx Cross-platform Game Development Cookbook 2014 by Márquez, et al

JMonkeyEngine 3.0 cookbook : over 80 practical recipes to expand and enrich your jMonkeyEngine skill set with a close focus on game development 2014 by Edén

Playing smarter in a digital world: the LearningWorks for kids model for using popular video games and apps to teach executive functions 2014 by Kulman

Beginning RPG Maker VX Ace 2014 by Perez

Beginning Java 8 games development 2014 by Jackson

Lego Mindstorms EV3 Essentials 2014 by Mujtaba

Beginning LEGO Mindstorms EV3 2014 by Rollins

From Bricks to Brains : the Embodied Cognitive Science of Lego Robots 2014 by Dawson, et al

The Big Book of Minecraft : the Unofficial Guide to Minecraft & Other Building Games 2014

Learning Unity 2D Game Development by Example 2014 by Pereira

Learning NGUI for Unity 2014 by Pearson

Pro Unity game development with C# 2014 by Thorn

The Foley Grail : the Art of Performing Sound for Film, Games, and Animation 2014 by Ament

Arduino Robotic Projects 2014 by Grimmett, et al

Construct 2 game development by example : learn how to make games for multiple platforms with Construct 2 2014 by Bura

OUYA game development by example : an all-inclusive, fun guide to making professional 3D games fot the OUYA console 2014 by Donovan

Sparrow iOS Game Framework Beginner's Guide 2014 by Stein

Getting Started with Clickteam Fusion 2014 by Brunner

Instant Raspberry Pi Gaming 2013 by Silverman

Sonic interaction design 2013 by Franinović, et al

Eye gaze in intelligent user interfaces : gaze-based analyses, models and applications 2013 by Nakano, et al

The digitization of cinematic visual effects : Hollywood's coming of age 2013 by Venkatasawmy

After Effects CC digital classroom 2013 by Smith, et al

Gameworld interfaces 2013 by Jorgensen

IEEE standard for software interface for maintenance information collection and analysis 2013

Game localization : translating for the global digital entertainment industry 2013 by O'Hagan

Playstation mobile development cookbook : over 65 recipes that will help you create and develop amazing mobile applications! 2013 by Fleischauer

Psychology of gaming 2013 by Baek

The art of failure : an essay on the pain of playing video games 2013 by Juul

The history of visual magic in computers : how beautiful images are made in CAD, 3D, VR and AR 2013 by Peddie

Modern Machine Learning Techniques and Their Applications in Cartoon Animation Research 2013 by Yu

New geometric data structures for collision detection and haptics 2013 by Weller

Motion estimation techniques for digital video coding 2013 by Metkar

Basic music reference : a guide for nonspecialist librarians, library assistants, and student employees 2013 by Green, et al

Moving innovation : a history of computer animation 2013 by Sito

Consumer depth cameras for computer vision : research topics and applications 2013 by Fossati, et al

Ouya Unity Game Development 2013 by Riches

Learning Game Physics with Bullet Physics and OpenGL 2013 by Dickinson

Gideros Mobile Game Development : a practical guide to develop exciting cross-platform mobile games with Gideros 2013 by Sosins

Game development with Three.js 2013 by Sukin

Learn Corona SDK game development 2013 by Zammetti

Instant LEGO Mindstorm EV3 : your guide to building and programming your very own advanced robot using LEGO Mindstorm EV3 2013 by Garber

Practical LEGO technics : bring your LEGO creations to life 2013 by Rollins

Arduino and LEGO projects 2013 by Lazar

Make an Arduino-controlled robot 2013 by Margolis

Learning C♯ by programming games 2013 by Egges

Beyond choices : the design of ethical gameplay 2013 by Sicart

Instant Minecraft: Pi Edition coding how-to : expand your Minecraft world by learning to code with Minecraft: Pi Edition 2013 by Bates

Developing Mobile Games with Moai SDK 2013 by Tufró

Learning Libgdx Game Development 2013 by Oehlke

Learning Stencyl 3.x Game Development : Beginner's Guide 2013 by Borkwood

Getting started with C++ audio programming for game development 2013 by Gouveia

Unity Android game development by example beginner's guide : learn how to create exciting games using Unity 3D for Android with the help of hands-on examples 2013 by Finnegan

Unity 4 Shaders and Effects Cookbook 2013 by Lammers

Unity 4.x cookbook : over 100 recipes to spice up your Unity skills 2013 by Smith, et al

Slick2D game development 2013 by Bevilacqua

Game Data Analysis : Tools and Methods 2013 by Thibault

Game analytics : maximizing the value of player data 2013 by El-Nasr, et al

Ant Colony Optimization and Constraint Programming 2013 by Solnon

Torque 3D game development cookbook : over 80 practical recipes and hidden gems for getting the most out of the Torque D game engine 2013 by Wyand

Image and video-based artistic stylization 2013 by Rosin

Super scratch programming adventure! : learn to program by making cool games 2013

Interactive 3D multimedia content : models for creation, management, search and presentation 2012 by Cellary, et al

Game character creation with Blender and Unity 2012 by Totten

Computer animation : algorithms and techniques 2012 by Parent

Engineering principles of combat modeling and distributed simulation 2012 by Tolk

Human-computer interaction 2012 by MacKenzie

Game design essentials 2012 by Mitchell

Beginning iOS6 games development 2012 by Jordan

Gazing at games: an introduction to eye tracking control 2012 by Sundstedt

Social exclusion, power and video game play : new research in digital media and technology 2012 by Embrick, et al

WebGL Beginner's Guide 2012 by Cantor

Make : Lego and Arduino projects 2012 by Baichtal, et al

Pro Android games 2012 by Silva

The game jam survival guide : build a game in one crazy weekend and survive to tell the tale! 2012 by Kaitila

Battlefields of negotiation : control, agency, and ownership in World of Warcraft 2012 by Glas

Jacked : the outlaw story of Grand theft auto 2012 by Kushner

Codename revolution : the Nintendo WII platform 2012 by Jones, et al

CryENGINE 3 Game Development Beginner's Guide 2012 by Tracy

Learn Lua for iOS game development 2012 by Varma

WebGL Beginner's Guide 2012 by Cantor, et al

GameSalad beginners guide : a fun, quick, step-by-step guide to creating games with levels, physics, sound… 2012 by DeQadros

Construct Game Development Beginners’ Guide 2012 by Bigelow

The philosophy of computer games 2012 by Fossheim, et al

Unreal development kit game design cookbook : over 100 recipes to accelerate the process of learning game design with UDK 2012 by Mooney

Visual prosthetics : physiology, bioengineering and rehabilitation 2011 by Dagnelie

The essential guide to physics for flash games, animation, and simulations 2011 by Ramtal, et al

Computer graphics 2011 by Davis

Beginning Android tablet games programming 2011 by Kerfs

HTML5 Games : Creating Fun with HTML5, CSS3, and WebGL 2011 by Seidelin

Make: Arduino bots and gadgets : learning by discovery 2011 by Karvinen

Robot development using Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 2011 by Kang

Winning design! : LEGO Mindstorms NXT design patterns for fun and competition 2010 by Trobaugh

Computer animation 2010 by Wright, et al

The LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0 discovery book : a beginner's guide to building and programming robots 2010 by Valk

Lego Mindstorms NXT thinking robots : build a Rubik's cube solver and a tic-tac-toe playing robot! 2010 by Benedettelli

Adaptive control of robot manipulators : a unified regressor-free approach 2010 by Huang, et al

Designing sound 2010 by Farnell

Racing the beam : the Atari video computer system 2009 by Montfort

Critical play : radical game design 2009 by Flanagan

Geometric algebra : an algebraic system for computer games and animation 2009 by Vince

Animating with Blender : how to create short animations from start to finish 2009 by Hess

Blender 3D 2.49 Incredible Machines 2009 by Brito

Blender 3D : Architecture, Buildings, and Scenery 2008 by Brito

Data-driven 3D facial animation 2008 by Deng, et al

GPU-based techniques for global illumination effects 2008 by Szirmay-Kalos, et al

Anatomical imaging : towards a new morphology 2008 by Endō, et al

MoCap for Artists : Workflow and Techniques for Motion Capture 2008 by Kitagawa, et al

The Essential guide to open source flash development 2008 by Allen

A modern approach to intelligent animation : theory and practice 2008 by Zhuang, et al

ZBrush character creation : advanced digital sculpting 2008 by Spencer

Augmented learning: research and design of mobile educational games 2008 by Klopfer

Fundamentals of robotic grasping and fixturing 2007 by Xiong, et al

Videogames and art 2007 by Clarke

Cinema anime : critical engagements with Japanese animation 2006 by Brown

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IEEE Transactions on Games

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3D world : the magazine for 3D artists

Ubisoft Entertainment S.A.

Electronic gaming business

Loading-- : the official journal of the Canadian Game Studies Association

JMIR serious games

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Journal of defense modeling and simulation

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The Journal of visualization and computer animation

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Patents over 20 years old are expired and free for anyone to use.

US Patent Class 463 Amusement Devices

US Patent Class 434/188 relating to the science of numbers and their operations, … [scroll down]

Video Game Accessories Patents (Class 273/148B)

Full List of Patent Classes CS starts at 700

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