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Construction Management: Industrial


Site automation : automated robotic on-site factories 2016 by Bock, et al

su:Construction industry Automation

Manufacturing engineering handbook 2015 by Geng

An Applied Guide to Process and Plant Design 2015 by Moran

Manufacturing facilities design and material handling 2013 by Stephens, et al

Process plant layout 2017 by Moran

One-of-a-kind production by 2011 Tu, et al

Production systems engineering 2009 by Li, et al

Selecting the right manufacturing improvement tools : what tool? when? 2007 by Moore

Retooling manufacturing : bridging design, materials, and production 2004 by National Research Council

Process planning : the design/manufacture interface 2003 by Scallan

Responsive production and the agile enterprise 2002 by Forrester

Plant engineer's handbook 2001 by Mobley

su:Plant engineering

Make it! : engineering the manufacturing solution 1999 by Garside

Agricultural production 2011 by Wager

Automotive production systems and standardisation : from Ford to the case of Mercedes-Benz 2005 by Clarke

Journal Automotive production

Journal Advances in production engineering & management

Journal Journal of industrial and production engineering

su:Factories Design and construction

su:Production engineering

Natural gas processing : technology and engineering design 2014 by Bahadori

Handbook of liquefied natural gas 2014 by Mokhatab

Standard handbook of petroleum & natural gas engineering 2005 by Lyons, et al

Coalbed natural gas : energy and environment 2010 by Reddy

su:Natural gas

Advances in steam turbines for modern power plants 2017 by Tanuma

Steam turbines for modern fossil-fuel power plants 2008 by Leĭzerovich

Combined-cycle gas & steam turbine power plants 2009 by Kehlhofer

su:Steam power plants

Thermal power plant : design and operation 2015 by Sarkar

Power plant engineering 2006 by Raja, et al


The global theme park industry 2007 by Clavé

Sustainable industrial design and waste management : cradle-to-cradle for sustainable development 2007 by Haggar

Ullmann's chemical engineering and plant design 2005 by Ullmann

Plant design and operations 2017 by Sutton

su:Chemical plants Design and construction

Financing the operation and maintenance costs of hurricane protection infrastructure : options for the state of Louisiana by RAND Gulf States Policy Institute 2016

Large-scale solar power systems : construction and economics 2012 by Gevorkian

su:Solar power plants

Journal Solar Energy

Fire fighting pumping systems at industrial facilities 2011 by Nolan

su:Health facilities Design and construction

su:Hospital Design and Construction

Oil and gas pipelines and piping systems : design, construction, management, and inspection 2017 by Bahadori

Managing construction and infrastructure in the 21st century Bureau of Reclamation 2006 by National Research Council

The management of quality in construction 1989 by Ashford

su:Construction industry Quality control

Journal Environmental Design & Construction

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