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Construction Management: Methods & Materials


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Construction Methods And Technology 2015 by Hanizzam, et al

Basic construction materials 2011 by Marotta

The science of construction materials 2009 by Hansen, et al

Construction calculations manual 2012 by Levy

Construction Reliability : Safety, Variability and Sustainability 2013 by Baroth, et al

Advanced building construction and materials II 2014 by Palko

Print Materials for civil and highway engineers 1998 Derucher, et al

Print Civil engineering materials 2001 by Somayaji

Print Materials for civil and construction engineers 2011 by Mamlouk, et al

Building materials in civil engineering 2011 by Zhang

Building materials : properties, performance, and applications by Cornejo, et al

High-performance construction materials : science and applications 2008 by Shi, et al

Developments in fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites for civil engineering 2013 by Uddin

Fundamentals of building construction : materials and methods 2013 by Allen, et al

The science of construction materials 2009 by Freiesleben et al

Materials and technologies for green construction 2015 by Kamal

Green building products : the GreenSpec guide to residential building materials 2008 by BuildingGreen, Inc.

Toxicity of building materials 2012 by Torgal, et al

Sensor technologies for civil infrastructures. Volume 1, Sensing hardware and data collection methods for performance assessment 2014 by Wang, et al

Cement manufacturer's handbook 1979 by Peray

Modern Concrete Construction Manual : Structural Design, Material Properties, Sustainability 2014 by Peck

Structural Masonry Designers' Manual 2008 by Curtin, et al

Design of masonry structures 1997 by Hendry, et al

Masonry wall construction 2003 by Hendry, et al

Print Book Masonry by 1996 Parkinson, Curtins Consulting Engineers

Concrete and masonry movements 2014 by Brooks


au="National Concrete Masonry Association."

Journal ACI Structural Journal [concrete]

su:Masonry Maintenance and repair

Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete : Behavior, Modelling and Design 2016 by Singh

Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete : Principles, Production, Properties and Applications 2017 by Bartos

Developments in fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites for civil engineering 2013 by Uddin

Reinforced concrete design with FRP composites 2007 by GangaRao, et al

Development of recycled polypropylene plastic fibres to reinforce concrete 2017 by Yin

Strengthening of reinforced concrete structures : using externally-bonded FRP composites in structural and civil engineering 1999 by Hollaway, et al

Strain-hardening cement-based composites : SHCC4 2018 by Mechtcherine, et al

su:Fiber reinforced concrete

Advanced concrete technology : constituent materials 2003 by Newman, et al

Concrete construction engineering handbook 2008 by Nawy

Concrete materials : problems and solutions 1997 by Levitt

Eco-efficient concrete 2013 by Torgal

Corrosion of Steel in Concrete : Prevention, Diagnosis, Repair 2013 by Bertolini, et al

Design of concrete structures using high-strength steel reinforcement 2011 by Federal Highway Administration

Composite structures of steel and concrete beams, slabs, columns, and frames for buildings 2007 by Johnson

Prestressed concrete bridges : design and construction 2012 by Hewson

Sustainable concrete solutions 2014 by Georgopoulos

Reinforced Concrete Beams, Columns and Frames : Mechanics and ULS Design 2013 by Hellesland, et al

su:Buildings, Reinforced concrete

su:Concrete construction

su:Reinforced concrete construction

su:Fiber reinforced concrete

Journal Cement and Concrete Composites

Masonry wall construction 2003 by Hendry, et al

Stone in architecture : properties, durability 2011 by Siegesmund, et al

Dimension stone use in building construction 2007 by ASTM International

Dressed stone : types of stone, details, examples 2005 by Hugues, et al

Dimension stone cladding : design, construction, evaluation, and repair 2000 by ASTM International

Journal Contemporary stone & tile design

su:Building stones

su:Brick walls Design and construction

su:Stone walls Design and construction

Theory and technology of rock excavation for civil engineering 2016 by Zou

Soil and rock description in engineering practice 2016 by Norbury

Soil and rock construction materials 1998 by McNally

Handbook of clay science 2013 by Bergaya, et al

Sedimentation engineering 2006 by American Society of Civil Engineers


Standard specifications for transportation materials and methods of sampling and testing and AASHTO provisional standards 2017 by American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials

Asphalt materials and mix design manual 1998 by Kett

Pavement design and materials 2008 by Papagiannakis, et al

Advances in asphalt materials : road and pavement construction 2015 by Huang, et al

A performance-related specification for hot-mixed asphalt 2011 by Federal Highway Administration

Performance specifications for asphalt mixtures 2016 by Federal Highway Administration

Pavements and Materials : Modeling, Testing, and Performance 2008 by Wang, et al


Journal Lumber and wood products industry yearbook

Wood handbook : wood as an engineering material 1999 by Forest Products Laboratory

Structural timber design to Eurocode 5 2013 by Porteous, et al

Timber Construction Manual 2012 by Linville

Timber construction manual 2004 by Herzog

Design of wood structures—ASD 2003 by Breyer

Print Standards and design tools 2005 : engineered and traditional wood products 2007 by American Forest & Paper Association, American Wood Council

Structural detailing in timber : a comparative study of international codes and practices 2009 by Bangash

Emergent timber technologies : materials, structures, engineering, projects 2015 by Jeska, et al

Print Book Simplified design of structural wood 1979 by Parker, et al

su:Wood Science & Technology

su:Building, Wooden

su:Forest products industry

Recent advances in the processing of wood-plastic composites 2010 by Kim, et al

Environmental geomechanics 2010 by Schrefler, et al

Piping materials : selection and applications 2005 by Peter Smith

Flexible pipes 2017 by Bai, et al

su:Pipe Materials

Structural materials and global climate : a primer on carbon emissions for structural engineers 2017 by Carbon Task Group (U.S.)

Materials for a healthy, ecological and sustainable built environment : principles for evaluation 2017 by Petrović, et al

Sustainable building materials and materials for energy efficiency : special topic volume with invited peer reviewed papers only 2015 by Kamal

Sustainable Construction Materials 2015 by Luso-Brazilian Conference of Sustainable Construction Materials

Low Impact Building : Housing using Renewable Materials 2012 by Woolley

Green building products : the GreenSpec guide to residential building materials 2008 by BuildingGreen, Inc.

Toxicity of building materials 2012 by Torgal, et al

Building with earth : design and technology of a sustainable architecture 2013 by Minke

The Hempcrete Book : Designing and Building with Hemp-Lime 2014 by Sparrow

The natural plaster book : earth, lime and gypsum plasters for natural homes 2003 by Guelberth, et al

Fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composites for infrastructure applications : focusing on innovation, technology implementation and sustainability 2012 by Jain, et al

su:Building materials Environmental aspects Periodicals

su:Building Environmental aspects Periodicals

su:Construction industry Environmental aspects Periodicals

su:Building materials Service life

ti:Sustainable Construction Materials

su:Building materials

timber construction


American Society for Testing and Materials Construction Standards

American Concrete Institute


Seeing and Touching Structural Concepts

Structurae (structures / bridges)

AEC Info

Sweets [Bldg. Products]


Whole Building Design Guide (WBDG)

WBDG Federal Facility Criteria

Comprehensive Procurement Guideline (CPG) Program


Center for the Built Environment

HUD user

National Institute of Building Sciences