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Construction Management: Structural Sys

Structural and vibration guidelines for datacom equipment centers 2007 by American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers

Structural materials and global climate : a primer on carbon emissions for structural engineers 2017 by Carbon Task Group (U.S.)

Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete : Behavior, Modelling and Design 2016 by Singh

su:Steel, Structural Handbooks, manuals, etc

Structural detailing in timber : a comparative study of international codes and practices 2009 by Bangash

Emergent timber technologies : materials, structures, engineering, projects 2015 by Jeska, et al

Modern Concrete Construction Manual : Structural Design, Material Properties, Sustainability 2014 by Peck

Concrete construction engineering handbook 2008 by Nawy

Concrete construction manual 2002 by Barkauskas

Anchorage in Concrete Construction 2013 by Eligehausen, et al

Principles of reinforced concrete 2014 by Guo

Print Book Reinforced concrete design 2003 by Spiegel, et al

Journal Concrete international : design & construction by American Concrete Institute

Journal ACI Structural Journal [concrete]

su:Reinforced concrete construction

su:Concrete construction

Concrete and masonry movements 2014 by Brooks

su:Concrete Creep

su:Structural drawing


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Trusses: The Power of the Triangle 2015 by Kanopy (Firm)