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Construction Management: Commercial


Barry's introduction to construction of buildings 2014 by Emmitt, et al

Simplified engineering for architects and builders 2016 by Ambrose, et al

Building construction illustrated 2014 by Ching

Structure for architects : a primer 2011 by Dabby, et al

Journal The structural design of tall and special buildings

Journal Practice periodical on structural design and construction

Journal Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management

Building structures 2012 by Ambrose, et al

Structural design for the stage 2015 by Holden, et al

Resort development 2008 by Urban Land Institute

Building type basics for senior living 2013 by Perkins, et al

su:Exterior walls Materials Handbooks, manuals, etc

su:Exterior walls Materials

su:Interior walls Materials Handbooks, manuals, etc

Concrete and steel construction : quality control and assurance 2013 by El-Reedy

Concrete portable handbook 2012 by Woodson

Concrete : design, construction, examples 2006 by Peck

su:Concrete construction Standards

Idea of Building : Thought and Action in the Design and Production of Buildings 1992 by Groak

Prefabricated Systems : Principles of Construction 2011 by Knaack, et al

SFPE handbook of fire protection engineering 2016 by Hurley

Fire safety engineering design of structures 2013 by Purkiss, et al

Dictionary of fire protection engineering 2010 by Jones

SFPE engineering guide to performance-based fire protection 2007 by National Fire Protection Association

Print Book Structural design for physical security : state of the practice 1999 by American Society of Civil Engineers

Engineering guide : fire risk assessment 2006 by Society of Fire Protection Engineers

Strengthening and retrofitting of existing structures 2017 by Costa, et al

A life cycle approach to buildings by König, et al

Structural elements for architects and builders : design of columns, beams, and tension elements in wood, steel, and reinforced concrete 2010 by Ochshorn

Energy audits : a workbook for energy management in buildings 2011 by Al-Shemmeri

Thermal comfort assessment of buildings 2013 by Carlucci

Sustainable building adaptation : innovations in decision-making 2014 by Wilkinson, et al

Sustainable renovation : strategies for commercial building systems and envelope 2012 by Gelfand, et al

Handbook of green building design and construction : LEED, BREEAM, and Green Globes 2017 by Kubba

Green roof retrofit : building urban resilience 2016 by Wilkinson, et al

Energy performance of buildings : energy efficiency and built environment in temperate climates 2016 by Boemi, et al

Green Building Certification Systems : Assessing sustainability - International system comparison - Economic impact of certifications 2011 by Ebert, et al

Energy and buildings : efficiency, air quality and conservation 2009 by Utrick

Regenerative and positive impact architecture : learning from case studies 2018 by Attia

Net zero energy design : a guide for commercial architecture 2013 by Hootman

Cost optimal and nearly zero-energy buildings (nZEB) : definitions, calculation principles and case studies 2013 by Kurnitski

Net zero energy buildings : international projects of carbon neutrality in buildings 2013 by Voss, et al

Investing in green buildings : a concise guide to the technologies and companies for investors 2011 by Hanna

Solar Energy : Technologies and Project Delivery for Buildings 2013 by Walker

Large-scale solar power systems : construction and economics 2012 by Gevorkian

Building integrated photovoltaics : a handbook 2009 by Roberts, et al

su:Solar power plants

Journal Solar Energy

Implementing campus greening initiatives : approaches, methods and perspectives 2015 by Filho, et al

The nine elements of a sustainable campus 2014 by Thomashow

The sustainable university : green goals and new challenges for higher education leaders 2012 by Martin, et al

Imagining MIT : designing a campus for the twenty-first century 2007 by Mitchell

Building type basics for college and university facilities 2013 by Neuman

Planning education facilities : what educators needs to know 2013 by Earthman

PEB compendium of exemplary educational facilities 2006 Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

Designs for learning : 55 exemplary educational facilities 2001 Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

School buildings rehabilitation : indoor environmental quality and enclosure optimization 2015 by Almeida, et al

Building for the arts : the strategic design of cultural facilities 2014 by Frumkin, et al

Healing the hospital environment : design, management and maintenance of healthcare premises 1999 by Hosking, et al

The global theme park industry 2007 by Clavé

Site engineering for landscape architects 2013 by Strom, et al

Ecological urban architecture : qualitative approaches to sustainability 2012 by Schröpfer

Green tactics : from retailers and shopping centers 2010 by Milian

Fundamentals of integrated design for sustainable building 2016 by Keeler, et al

Energy-efficiency standards and green building certification systems used by the Department of Defense for military construction and major renovations 2013 by National Academy of Sciences, et al

Sustainable retail development : new success strategies 2009 by Yudelson

Big box reuse 2008 by Christensen

Business park and industrial development handbook 2001 by Frej, et al

Small Structures : Compact dwellings, Temporary structures, Room modules 2010 by Schittich

Pedestrian- & transit-oriented design 2013 by Ewing, et al

Parking management for smart growth 2015 by Willson

Print Book Parking structures : planning, design, construction, maintenance, and repair 1996 by Chrest, et al

Airport urbanism : infrastructure and mobility in Asia 2016 by Hirsh

Green Infrastructure : incorporating plants and enhancing biodiversity in buildings and urban environments 2015 by Dover

Life between buildings : using public space 2011 by Gehl

Constructing urban space with sounds and music 2014 by Belgiojoso

su:Sustainable buildings Design and construction

su:Buildings Energy conservation

su:Energy auditing

su:Business parks Planning

su:Theme parks

su:Automobile parking Planning

su:Parking facilities Planning


CCB: Construction Criteria Base [Federal Facilities]


Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA)

Retail Contractors Association (RCA)

Master Builders Association (MBA)

American Institute of Constructors (AIC)

Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC)

National Institute of Building Sciences

U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)

Associated General Contractors of America (AGC)