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Construction Management: Soils & Foundations


Site analysis : informing context-sensitive and sustainable site planning and design 2013 by LaGro

Geotechnical site characterization 2015 by De

Advances in geosciences and the built environment 2009 by Haghi

Print Book Text Principles of Geotechnical Engineering 2014 by Das

Advanced Geotechnical Engineering Soil-Structure Interaction using Computer and Material Models 2013 by Desai, et al

Soil and rock construction materials 1998 by McNally

Print Book Text Principles of Foundation Engineering 2016 by Das

Print Book Essentials of soil mechanics and foundations : basic geotechnics 2002 by McCarthy

Print Book Soil mechanics and foundation engineering 2008 by Raj

Problem solving in foundation engineering using foundationPro 2016 by Yamin

Principles and practices of ground improvement 2015 by Han

Shallow foundations : discussions and problem solving 2016 by Baban

Anchorage in Concrete Construction 2013 by Silva

Earth anchors 2007 by Das

su:Anchorage (Structural engineering)

Strengthening and retrofitting of existing structures 2017 by Varum

LRFD design and construction of shallow foundations for highway bridge structures 2010 by United States Federal Highway Administration

Rock fall engineering 2015 by Wyllie

Design of column-reinforced foundations 2016 by Bouassida

Pile design and construction rules of thumb 2008 by Rajapakse

Quality control of soil compaction using ASTM standards 2011 by ASTM Committee D-18 on Soil and Rock

Reinforced Soil Engineering 2003 by Ling, et al

Thermoactive Foundations for Sustainable Buildings 2015 by Krarti

Site engineering for landscape architects 2013 by Strom, et al

Seismic evaluation and retrofit of existing buildings 2014 by American Society of Civil Engineers

Print Book Design manual for segmental retaining walls 1997 by National Concrete Masonry Association

Print Book Guidelines of engineering practice for braced and tied-back excavations 1997 by American Society of Civil Engineers Committee on Earth Retaining Structures

Manual for design & construction monitoring of soil nail walls 1998 by Federal Highway Administration

Rock Grouting at Dam Sites 2018 by Ewert, et al

Railroad ballast testing and properties 2018 by ASTM International Symposium on Railroad Ballast Testing and Properties

Drilled shafts : construction procedures and design methods 1999 United States Federal Highway Administration

Recommendations on Piling (EA Pfhle) 2013 by Johnson, et al

Deepwater Foundations and Pipeline Geomechanics 2010 by McCarron


su:Foundations Design and construction

su:Bridges Foundations and piers Design and construction

Quality control of soil compaction using ASTM standards 2011 by ASTM Committee D-18 on Soil and Rock

Constructing and controlling compaction of earth fills 2000 by ASTM International

The design and application of controlled low-strength materials (flowable fill) 1998 by ASTM International


su:Fills (Earthwork)

su:Fills (Earthwork) Testing

su:Retaining walls

su:Piling (Civil engineering)


Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering

Structural Engineering / Earthquake Engineering