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Construction Management: Methods & Materials 2


Modern construction handbook 2016 by Watts

Building construction handbook 2016 by Greeno

Complete building construction 2004 by Miller, et al


Print Book Steel design 2018 by Segui

ASHRAE design guide for tall, supertall, and megatall building systems 2015 by ASHRAE

Understanding Steel Design : a Handbook of Steel in Architecture 2012 by Boake

Post-ductility : metals in architecture and engineering 2012 by Bell, et al

Structural steel and castings : shapes and standards, properties, and applications  by Becker

Design Of Steel Structures 2010 by Ram

North American standard for cold-formed steel framing : lateral design 2009 by American Iron and Steel Institute

Print Book Steel construction manual 2005 by American Institute of Steel Construction 2011 by Becker

Print Book Steel construction manual 2005 by American Institute of Steel Construction

Steel construction manual 2000 by Schulitz, et al

Journal Journal of constructional steel research

su:Steel structures

su:Building, Iron and steel Tables

Print Book LRFD steel design 2003 by Segui

Steel Detailers' Manual 2011 by Hayward, et al

Advanced analysis in steel frame design : guidelines for direct second-order inelastic advanced analysis 2012 by Structural Engineering Institute

Steel structures - analysis and design for vibrations and earthquakes : based on Eurocode 3 and Eurocode 8 2011 by Ghosh

Semi-Rigid Connections Handbook 2010 by Komuro, et al

Journal Journal of constructional steel research

su:Building, Iron and steel

ut:Steel construction


su:Building, Iron and steel Handbooks, manuals, etc

su:Steel, Structural Handbooks, manuals, etc

su:Building, Iron and steel Details

Introduction to structural aluminium design 2011 by Mùˆller

Aluminium design and construction 1999 by Dwight

su:Aluminum construction

Exterior building enclosures : design process and composition for innovative facades 2013 by Boswell

Building Skins 2012 by Krippner, et al

Flexible Manufacture of Lightweight Frame Structures, 2006 by Kleiner, et al

Lightweight Sandwich Construction 2008 by Davies

Dynamic failure of composite and sandwich structures 2013 by Abrate, et al

Tensile fabric structures : analysis, design, and construction 2013 by Structural Engineering Institute

su:Lightweight construction

su:Exterior walls

su:Sandwich construction

Goss's roofing ready reckoner : from timberwork to tiles 2016 by Mindham, et al

Flat roof construction manual : materials, design, applications 2010 by Sedlbauer, et al

Print Book SPRI/NRCA manual of roof inspection, maintenance, and emergency repair for existing single-ply roofing systems 1992 by Single Ply Roofing Institute

Print Book SDI manual of construction with steel deck by Steel Deck Institute (U.S.)

Building a roll-off roof observatory : a complete guide for design and construction 2009 by Hicks


su:Roofing Handbooks, manuals, etc

su:Green roofs (Gardening)

Challenging Glass 3 2012 by Bos, et al

The future envelope 1 : a multidisciplinary approach 2008 by Knaack, et al

The future envelope 2 : architecture, climate, skin 2009 by Knaack, et al

Guidelines for use of glass in buildings 2007 by Garg

Glass in building : principles, applications, examples 2009 by Bos, et al

Glass construction manual 2007 by Schittich

Advanced connection systems for architectural glazing 2015 by Khoraskani

EU COST C13 Glass and Interactive Building Envelopes 2007 by Crisinel, et al

su:Glass construction

Print Book Construction waterproofing handbook 2000 by Kubal

Repair, protection and waterproofing of concrete structures 1997 by Perkins

Building deck waterproofing 1990 by American Society for Testing and Materials

The Manual of Below-Grade Waterproofing 2016 by Henshell






Structurae (structures / bridges)

AEC Info

Sweets [Bldg. Products]


Whole Building Design Guide (WBDG)

WBDG Federal Facility Criteria

Comprehensive Procurement Guideline (CPG) Program


Center for the Built Environment

HUD user

National Institute of Building Sciences


Fastening and assembly 2014 by Kanopy (Firm)