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Construction Management: Heavy Construct


Handbook of geotechnical investigation and design tables 2014 by Look

Landscaping SMART3D- Machine Control Systems Stormwater Management 2014 by Petschek

su:Grading (Earthwork)

su:Landscape architecture Technique

Case studies of rehabilitation, repair, retrofitting, and strengthening of structures 2010 by International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering

Constructing and controlling compaction of earth fills 2000 by ASTM International

Fundamental theories of mega infrastructure construction management : theoretical considerations from Chinese practices 2018 by Sheng

Environmental management in mega construction projects 2017 by Yang, et al

Broken buildings, busted budgets : how to fix America's trillion-dollar construction industry 2007 by LePatner, et al

Managing construction and infrastructure in the 21st century Bureau of Reclamation 2006 by National Research Council

Print book Heavy construction : equipment and methods 1977 by Wood

Principles of applied civil engineering design : producing drawings, specifications, and cost estimates for heavy civil projects 2017 by Choi

Art Nature Dialogues : Interviews with Environmental Artists 2004 by Grande, et al


su:Earthmoving machinery

Journal The earthmover & civil contractor

Highways : construction, management, and maintenance 2010 by Samantha R. Jones

Highway engineering : planning, design, and operations 2016 by Findley, Schroeder, Cunningham, Brown

Estimating highway preconstruction services costs. Volume 1, Guidebook 2016 by Federal Highway Administration, et al

Estimating highway preconstruction services costs. Volume 2, Research report 2016 by Federal Highway Administration, et al

Life cycle costing for the analysis, management and maintenance of civil engineering infrastructure 2015 by John W. Bull

Preservation approaches for high-traffic-volume roadways 2011 National Research Council (U.S.). Transportation Research Board

Highways : construction, management, and maintenance 2010 by Samantha R. Jones

Low-volume road engineering : design, construction, and maintenance 2016 by Robert A. Douglas

AASHTO maintenance manual for roadways and bridges 2007 by American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials

su:Roads Maintenance and repair Management

Building rural roads 2009 by Bjørn Johannessen

Performance-based routine maintenance of rural roads by maintenance groups : manual for maintenance groups 2012

Development of an equipment management system 1981 by A. I. Morris, West Virginia Department of Highways

su:Roads Design and construction

su:Roads Design and construction Management

su:Roads Maintenance and repair

su:Streets Design and construction

su:Roads Subgrades

su:Grading (Earthwork)

su:Road drainage

su:Runoff Management

Principles of pavement engineering 2014 by Thom

Pavement Asset Management 2015 by Haas, et al

Pavement design and materials 2008 by Papagiannakis, et al

Pavements and Materials : Modeling, Testing, and Performance 2008 by Wang, et al

Journal Road materials and pavement design : an international journal

su:Pavements, Asphalt

Bridge management 2010 by Ryall

Standard specifications for highway bridges 2002 by American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials

Best practices in bridge management decision-making 2009 National Research Council

Bridge collapse frequencies versus failure probabilities 2018 by Proske

Failed bridges : case studies, causes and consequences 2010 by Scheer

AASHTO LRFD bridge construction specifications 4th edition 2017by American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials

Guidelines for analysis methods and construction engineering of curved and skewed steel girder bridges 2012 by American Association of State Highway and Transportation

Print Book Fatigue and fracture in steel bridges : case studies 1984 by Fisher

Steel bridges : conceptual and structural design of steel and steel-concrete composite bridges 2013 by Lebet, et al

Construction and design of cable-stayed bridges 1976 by Podolny, et al

Structural bearings and expansion joints for bridges 2002 International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering

su:Bridges United States Design and construction

su:Bridges Maintenance and repair

su:Bridge failures

Steel Bridges

Pipelines : design, applications, and safety 2012 by Rivero, et al

Inspecting pipeline installation 2009 by American Society of Civil Engineers

Handbook of PVC pipe design and construction 2013 by Uni-Bell PVC Pipe Association

Water engineering : hydraulics, distribution, and treatment 2015 by Wang, et al

Pipelines for water conveyance and drainage by Environmental and Water Resources Institute

Water engineering 2011 by Torres

Safe water from every tap : improving water service to small communities 1997 by National Research Council

Renewal engineering for drinking water pipelines by Sinha

Water reuse : potential for expanding the nation's water supply through reuse of municipal wastewater 2012 by National Research Council

The great lead water pipe disaster 2006 by Werner, et al

Piping and pipeline calculations manual : construction, design fabrication, and examination 2014 by Ellenberger

Plastics and sustainable piping systems 2014 by Chasis

su:Water pipes Design and construction


su:Water supply

su:Municipal water supply

au=American Water Works Association

su:Hydraulic structures Design and construction

su:Dams Design and construction  

Oil and gas pipelines and piping systems : design, construction, management, and inspection 2017 by Bahadori

Oil and gas pipelines : integrity and safety handbook 2015 by Revie

Pipelines and risers 2001 by Bai

Subsea pipelines and risers by Bai

Offshore pipelines 2005 by Guo

su:Pipelines Design and construction

Predicting the remaining economic life of wastewater pipes ; Phase 1 development of standard data structure to support wastewater pipe condition and performance prediction 2011 by Sinha, et al

Wastewater collection system modeling and design 2007 by Walski, et al

Gravity sanitary sewer design and construction 2007 by American Society of Civil Engineers

Sewers : replacement and new construction 2004 by Read

Alternative sewer systems 2008 by Water Environment Federation

Source Separation and Decentralization for Wastewater Management 2013 by Larsen

Managing wastewater in coastal urban areas 1993 by National Research Council

su:Sewerage Design and construction

su:Sewerage, Rural Design and construction

su:Sewer pipe Design and construction

su:Sewerage Maintenance and repair

Power plant construction management : a survival guide 2015 by Hessler

Understanding electric power systems : an overview of the technology and the marketplace 2003 by Casazza, et al

Electric power generation, transmission, and distribution 2012 by Grigsby

Aging power delivery infrastructures 2001 by Willis, et al

Electrifying Europe : the power of Europe in the construction of electricity networks 2009 by Lagendijk

Electric power generation, transmission, and distribution 2012 by Grigsby

Power transmission and distribution 2005 by Pansini

Ultra-high voltage AC/DC power transmission 2018 by Zhou

Grid integration of electric vehicles in open electricity markets 2013 by Wu

su:Electric power systems

su:Electric power transmission

su:Electric power distribution

su:Construction equipment

Underground construction (Tunneling) 2003 Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Underground engineering for sustainable urban development 2013 by National Research Council

Underground infrastructures : planning, design, and construction 2012 by Goel, et al

Design-build subsurface projects 2010 by Brierley, et al

Handbook of Tunnel Engineering I : Structures and Methods 2013 by Maidl, et al

Handbook of Tunnel Engineering II : basics and additional services for design and construction by Maidl, et al

Tunnelling : management by design 2000 by Wood

Monitoring underground construction : a best practice guide 2011 by British Tunnelling Society

Sustainable management of mining operations 2009 by Botin

Recommended Contract Practices for Underground Construction 2008 by Edgerton

Concrete for underground structures : guidelines for design and construction 2011 by Goodfellow

su:Underground construction