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Mechanical Engineering Libguide: Systems Design


Print Textbook Engineering Design by Dieter and Schmidt 5th ed. 2013

Philosophy and engineering : an emerging agenda by Poel, Goldberg, Davis

Plato and the nerd : the creative partnership of humans and technology by Edward A. Lee, MIT

Teaching about Technology : an Introduction to the Philosophy of Technology for Non-philosophers by Marc J. de Vries

Teaching Ethics in an Engineering Program by Andrzej J Gapinski

Engineers, society, and sustainability by Sarah Bell

Engineering ethics : an industrial perspective by Gail D. Baura

Print Engineering ethics : concepts and cases by Harris, Pritchard, Rabins

Social, ethical, and policy implications of engineering : selected readings by Joseph R. Herkert

Engineering and war : militarism, ethics, institutions, alternatives by Blue, Levine, Nieusma

Design of demining machines by Dinko Mikulic

Steve Jobs and Philosophy by Shawn Klein

su:Engineering Philosophy

su:Engineering ethics

su:Technology Philosophy

su:Technological innovations Moral and ethical aspects

su:BUSINESS & ECONOMICS Business Ethics

The engineering design of systems : models and method by Buede, Miller

Systems engineering : design principles and models by Dahai Liu

Systems engineering agile design methodologies by Crowder, Friess

Print Systems analysis and design by Shelly, Cashman, Rosenblatt

Green manufacturing processes and systems by J. Paulo Davim

Environmentally friendly machining by Dixit, Sarma, Davim

Handbook of sustainable engineering by Kauffman, Lee

Handbook of environmental engineering by Frank R. Spellman

Handbook of mathematics and statistics for the environment by Spellman, Whiting

Environmental engineering : principles and practice by Richard O. Mines

Environmental modeling : using MATLAB® by Ekkehard O. Holzbecher

Industrial waste treatment handbook by Frank Woodard, Woodard & Curran, Inc.

Innovation for Engineers : Developing Creative and Entrepreneurial Success by Mehran Mehregany

Blogging Business : Step-By-Step Startup Guide by Entrepreneur Magazine

Entrepreneurship for engineers by Kenji Uchino

Teaching the Entrepreneurial Mindset to Engineers by Lisa Bosman, Stephanie Fernhaber

Technology entrepreneurship : creating, capturing, and protecting value by Duening, Hisrich, Lechter

Driving the economy through innovation and entrepreneurship : emerging agenda for technology management by Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

From science to business : preparing female scientists and engineers for successful transitions into entrepreneurship: summary of a workshop by Didion, Guenther, Gunderson

Articulating design decisions : communicate with stakeholders, keep your sanity, and deliver the best user experience by Tom Greever

Tragic design : the impact of bad product design and how to fix it by Shariat, Saucier

The design of everyday things by Donald A. Norman

Experience design : technology for all the right reasons by Marc Hassenzahl

Conceptual design for interactive systems : designing for performance and user experience by Avi Parush

Orchestrating human-centered design by Guy A. Boy

Designing UX : prototyping by Coleman, Goodwin

Observing the user experience : a practitioner's guide to user research by Kuniavsky, Goodman, Moed

Fieldwork for design : theory and practice by Randall, Harper, Rouncefield

Creativity and rationale : enhancing human experience by design by John M. Carroll

su:Systems engineering

su:Engineering design

su:Environmental engineering

se:Green energy and technology

su:Industries Environmental aspects

su:User centered system design

su:Industrial design Psychological aspects

su:Human engineering


su:(Entrepreneurship) AND kw:(engineering)


Cutting An Anvil In Half With A 60,000 PSI Waterjet

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