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Mechanical Engineering Libguide: Aerodynamics


Print Textbook Fundamentals of aerodynamics 2017 6th by John D. Anderson

Theoretical and Computational Aerodynamics by Tapan K. Sengupta

Introduction to theoretical aerodynamics and hydrodynamics by William Rees Sears

Applied Computational Aerodynamics by P. A. Henne

Print Fundamentals of aerodynamics by John D. Anderson

Understanding aerodynamics : arguing from the real physics by Doug McLean

Aerodynamics of Turbines and Compressors by W. R. Hawthorne

Compressor instability with integral methods by Ng, Liu

Theory of Lift : Introductory Computational Aerodynamics with MATLAB and Octave by G. D. McBain

Basic aerodynamics : incompressible flow by Flandro, McMahon, Roach

Wind tunnels : aerodynamics, models, and experiments by Justin D. Pereira

Dimensional analysis by J. C. Gibbings

Dimensional analysis for engineers by Simon, Weigand, Gomaa

Applied Dimensional Analysis and Modeling by Thomas Szirtes

Mathematical tools for shape analysis and description by Biasotti, Falcidieno, Giorgi, Spagnuolo

Incompressible flow by Ronald L. Panton

Plumbing engineering & design handbook of tables by American Society of Plumbing Engineers

Pipe Flow : a Practical and Comprehensive Guide by Rennels, Hudson

Fluid mechanics and pipe flow : turbulence, simulation, and dynamics by Matos, Valerio

Natural gas processing : technology and engineering design by Alireza Bahadori

Automotive aerodynamics by Joseph Katz


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