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Mechanical Engineering Libguide: Turbo Machines


Steam turbines for modern fossil-fuel power plants by A. Sh. Leĭzerovich

Combined-cycle gas & steam turbine power plants by Rolf Kehlhofer

su:Steam turbines

su:Steam power plants

Pumps as turbines : fundamentals and applications  by  Carravetta, Houreh, Ramos

Aerodynamics of Turbines and Compressors by W. R. Hawthorne

Gas turbines: technology, efficiency, and performance by Donna J. Ciafone

Principles of turbomachinery in air-breathing engines by Erian A. Baskharone

The jet engine by Rolls-Royce plc

The design of high-efficiency turbomachinery and gas turbines by Wilson, Korakianitis

Structural dynamics of turbo-machines by A. S. Rangwala

Fluid dynamics of cavitation and cavitating turbopumps by D'Agostino, Salvetti



2016 ASHRAE handbook by American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers

Real-time energy consumption measurements in data centers by American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers

su:Ventilation Handbooks, manuals, etc

Understanding wind power technology : theory, deployment and optimization by Alois. Schaffarczyk

General momentum theory for horizontal axis wind turbines by J. N. Sørensen

su:Wind power

Tidal power : harnessing energy from water currents by V. M. Li︠a︡tkher

Modeling and Dynamic Behaviour of Hydropower Plants by Nand Kishor

Introduction to hydro energy systems : basics, technology and operation by Wagner, Mathur

su:Hydroelectric power plants

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