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Mechanical Engineering Libguide: Eng. Analysis


EngNetBase [Handbooks]

Print Textbook Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists 2012 by Anthony J. Hayter

The engineering handbook by Richard C. Dorf

Probability and statistics for scientists and engineers by Rao V. Dukkipati

Print Probability and statistics for scientists and engineers by Anthony J. Hayter

Statistics and probability with applications for engineers and scientists by Gupta, Guttman

Uncertainty forecasting in engineering by Möller, Reuter

Reporting results : a practical guide for engineers and scientists by Aken, Hosford

The art of modeling mechanical systems by Pfeiffer, Bremer

Essential MATLAB for Engineers and Scientists by Hahn, Valentine

MATLAB : an introduction with applications by Amos Gilat

Print Applied numerical methods with MATLAB for engineers and scientists by Steven C. Chapra

MATLAB Graphics and Data Visualization Cookbook by Majumdar, Banerjee

Engineering Design and Graphics with SolidWorks 2016 by James Bethune

SolidWorks basics : a project based approach by Fred Fulkerson

Handbook of applied algorithms : solving scientific, engineering and practical problems by Nayak, Stojmenović

Handbook of applied analysis by Papageorgiou, Kyritsi-Yiallourou

Mechanical Instability by Krysinski, Malburet

Applied reliability engineering and risk analysis : probabilistic models and statistical inference by Frenkel, Karagrigoriou, Lisnianski, Kleyner, Gnedenko

Engineering a safer world : systems thinking applied to safety by Nancy Leveson

Hazard analysis techniques for system safety by Clifton A. Ericson II

Reliability engineering by Kapur, Pecht

Visualization of fields and applications in engineering by Stephen Tou

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