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Mechanical Engineering Libguide: Thermodynamics


Print Textbook Fundamentals of engineering thermodynamics 2014 8th by Moran, Shapiro, Boettner, Bailey

Engineering thermodynamics and 21st century energy problems : a textbook companion for student engagement by Donna Riley

Thermodynamics by Prasanna Kumar

Thermodynamics Made Simple for Energy Engineers by S. Bobby Rauf

Applied thermodynamics by Onkar Singh

Modern engineering thermodynamics by Robert T. Balmer

Energy : production, conversion, storage, conservation, and coupling by Yaşar. Demirel

Thermodynamics and heat powered cycles : a cognitive engineering approach by Chih Wu

Thermodynamics and the destruction of resources by Bakshi, Gutowski, Sekulić

Imaging heat and mass transfer processes : visualization and analysis by Panigrahi, Muralidhar

Sustainable development in energy systems by Brian Azzopardi

Sustainable development and disaster risk reduction by Uitto, Shaw

Advanced thermodynamics for engineers by D. E. Winterbone

Advanced thermodynamics : fundamentals, mathematics, applications by Tabatabaian, Rajput

Applied Thermodynamics of Fluids by Goodman, Sengers, Peters

Exergy analysis and design optimization for aerospace vehicles and systems by Camberos, Moorhouse, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Print Chemical and engineering thermodynamics by Stanley I. Sandler

Thermodynamics : Principles Characterizing Physical and Chemical Processes by J. M. Honig

Thermodynamics : applications in chemical engineering and the petroleum industry by Jean Vidal

Finite time thermodynamics of power and refrigeration cycles by Kaushik, Tyagi, Kumar

Integrated absorption refrigeration systems : comparative energy and exergy analyses by Dinçer, Ratlamwala

Thermal power plant performance analysis by Gilberto Souza

Thermodynamics Made Simple for Energy Engineers by S. Bobby Rauf

Internal combustion engines : applied thermosciences by Ferguson, Kirkpatrick



Thermodynamics Engineering

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