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Mechanical Engineering Libguide: Materials Science


Print Textbook Materials science and engineering : an introduction 2014 9th by Callister, Rethwisch

Forensic Materials Engineering: Case Studies by Lewis, Reynolds, Gagg

Materials selection deskbook by Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff

Dictionary of materials and testing by Tomsic, Hodder

Materials and design : the art and science of material selection in product design by Ashby, Johnson

Materials science and design for engineers by Huda, Bulpett

Materials science for engineering students by Traugott E. Fischer

Materials experience : fundamentals of materials and design by Karana, Pedgley, Rognoli

Materials Processing and Manufacturing Science  by Asthana, Kumar, Dahotre

Engineering applications for new materials and technologies by Andreas Öchsner

Materials for the 21st century by David Segal

Materials selection in mechanical design by M. F. Ashby

Mechanical behavior of materials by William F. Hosford

Mechanical behaviour of materials Volume 1, Micro- and macroscopic constitutive behavior by François, Pineau, Zaoui

Mechanical behaviour of materials. Vol. 2, Fracture mechanics and damage by François, Pineau, Zaoui

Materials characterization : introduction to microscopic and spectroscopic methods by Y. Leng

3D images of materials structures : processing and analysis by Ohser, Schladitz

Strength of materials by Mendes, Lago

Advanced strength of materials by J. P. Den Hartog

Strength of materials and structures by Case, Baron, Ross

Strength and stiffness of engineering systems by Leckie, Bello

su:Materials science

su:Materials Analysis

su:Operating Procedures, Materials Treatment

Mechanics of materials : an introduction to the mechanics of elastic and plastic deformation of solids and structural materials by E. J. Hearn

Mechanics of materials. 2 : an introduction to the mechanics of elastic and plastic deformation of solids and structural materials by E. J. Hearn

Theory of materials failure by R. M. Christensen

Handbook of reference data for nondestructive testing by Leonard Mordfin

Nondestructive testing : methods, analyses and applications by Earl N. Mallory

Fatigue testing and analysis : theory and practice by Yung-Li. Lee

Surface wear : analysis, treatment, and prevention by R. Chattopadhyay

su:Strength of materials

su:Mechanical wear

su:Materials Testing

su:Nondestructive testing

Creep mechanics by Josef Betten

Modeling of creep for structural analysis by Naumenko, Altenbach

su:Materials Creep Mathematical models

su:Materials Mechanical properties

Materials chemistry by Bradley D. Fahlman

su:Wood Science & Technology

Dictionary of metals by Harold M. Cobb

Smithells metals reference book by Smithells, Gale, Totemeier

Materials selection for corrosion control by Chawla, Gupta

Principles of corrosion engineering and corrosion control by Institution of Chemical Engineers (Great Britain)

Corrosion protection and control using nanomaterials by Saji, Cook

su:Corrosion and anti corrosives

su:Corrosion resistant materials

Fatigue and durability of metals at high temperatures by Manson, Halford

Heat treatment : theory, techniques, and applications by Gregory J. Bonami

Practical induction heat treating by Richard E. Haimbaugh

su:Metals Heat treatment

su:Induction hardening


Mechanics of wood machining by Csanády, Magoss

New Polymeric Composite Materials by Inamuddin

Multicomponent polymeric materials by Kim, Thomas, Saha


su:Polymeric composites

Green composites : polymer composites and the environment by Caroline Baillie

Polymers from plant oils by Gandini, Lacerda

Bio-based polymers and composites by Wool, Sun


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