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Civil Engineering: Reinforced Concrete


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Concrete Formwork


ASTM Standards and Engineering Digital Library

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Portland cement specification

Concrete Columns

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Concrete Formwork



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ACI manual of concrete practice

ACI materials journal

Cement and concrete research

Cement and Concrete Composites

ACI Structural Journal [concrete]

Concrete international : design & construction


Print Book Text Design of Reinforced Concrete 2016 by McCormac, et al

Some writers on concrete : the literature of reinforced concrete, 1897-1935 2013 by Trout

Shear strengthening of T-beam with GFRP : a systematic approach 2018 by Panda, et al

Strain-hardening cement-based composites : SHCC4 2018 by Mechtcherine, et al

Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete : Principles, Production, Properties and Applications 2017 by Bartos

Development of recycled polypropylene plastic fibres to reinforce concrete 2017 by Yin

Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete : Behavior, Modelling and Design 2016 by Singh

Advanced materials and techniques for reinforced concrete structures 2016 by El-Reedy

Structural concrete : theory and design 2015 by Hassoun, et al

Finite-element modelling of structural concrete : short-term static and dynamic loading conditions 2015 by Kotsovos

Designing green cement plants 2015 by Deolalkar

Seismic design of concrete buildings to Eurocode 8 2015 by Fardis

Reinforced concrete structures under cyclic loading 2015 by Aslani

Fire-resistant geopolymers : role of fibres and fillers to enhance thermal properties 2015 by Vickers

Principles of reinforced concrete 2014 by Guo

Computational engineering for concrete structures 2014 by Ulrich Häuler-Combe

Concrete and masonry movements 2014 by Brooks

Modern Concrete Construction Manual : Structural Design, Material Properties, Sustainability 2014 by Peck

Sustainable concrete solutions 2014 by Georgopoulos



Design of liquid retaining concrete structures 2014 by Forth, et al

Structural Investigation for Reinforcing Congestion Alleviation in Concrete Members and Connections 2013 by Kang, et al

Steel bridges : conceptual and structural design of steel and steel-concrete composite bridges 2013 by Lebet, et al

Concrete and steel construction : quality control and assurance 2013 by El-Reedy

Multi-story precast concrete framed structures 2013 by Elliott

Developments in fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites for civil engineering 2013 by Uddin

Reinforced Concrete Beams, Columns and Frames : Mechanics and ULS Design 2013 by Hellesland, et al

No nails, no lumber : the bubble houses of Wallace Neff 2013 by Jeffrey Head

Eco-efficient concrete 2013 by Torgal

Corrosion of Steel in Concrete : Prevention, Diagnosis, Repair 2013 by Bertolini, et

Reinforced concrete beams, columns and frames : mechanics and design 2013 by Casandjian

Anchorage in Concrete Construction 2013 by Silva

Guide to Diagnosis and Appraisal of AAR Damage to Concrete in Structures. Part 1, Diagnosis 2013 by Godart, et al

Infrastructure systems for nuclear energy 2013 by Hsu

Prestressed concrete bridges : design and construction 2012 by Hewson

Concrete portable handbook 2012 by Woodson

Design of concrete structures using high-strength steel reinforcement 2011 by Federal Highway Administration

Concrete for underground structures : guidelines for design and construction 2011 by Goodfellow

Experiment and calculation of reinforced concrete at elevated temperatures 2011 by Guo, et al

Non-destructive evaluation of reinforced concrete structures. Volume 1, Deterioration processes and standard test methods 2010 by Maierhofer, et al

Non-destructive evaluation of reinforced concrete structures. Volume 2, Non-destructive testing methods 2010 by Maierhofer, et al

Unified theory of concrete structures 2010 by Hsu, et al

Crack analysis in structural concrete : theory and applications 2009 by Shi

Building code requirements for structural concrete (ACI 318-08 : metric) and commentary 2008 by American Concrete Institute

Concrete construction engineering handbook 2008 by Nawy

Structural Masonry Designers' Manual 2008 by Curtin, et al

Print Book Seismic design of precast/prestressed concrete structures 2007 by Precast /Prestressed Concrete Institute

Reinforced concrete design with FRP composites 2007 by GangaRao, et al

Composite structures of steel and concrete beams, slabs, columns, and frames for buildings 2007 by Johnson

Concrete : design, construction, examples 2006 by Peck

Concrete vaulted construction in imperial Rome : innovations in context 2005 by Lancaster

Print Book Reinforced concrete : a fundamental approach 2005 by Nawy

Corrosion in reinforced concrete structures 2005 by Böhni

Print Book PCI design handbook : precast and prestressed concrete 2004 by Precast /Prestressed Concrete Institute

Print Book Simplified design : reinforced concrete buildings of moderate size and height 2004 by Alsamsam, et al

Design handbook for reinforced concrete elements 2003 by Beletich, et al

Advanced concrete technology : constituent materials 2003 by Newman, et al

Design handbook for reinforced concrete elements 2003 by Beletich, et al

Masonry wall construction 2003 by Hendry, et al

Print Book Reinforced concrete design 2003 by Spiegel, et al

Strengthening of reinforced concrete structures : using externally-bonded FRP composites in structural and civil engineering 1999 by Hollaway, et al

Concrete Formwork Structures 1998 by Hanna

Electrochemical rehabilitation methods for reinforced concrete structures : a state of the art report 1998 by European Federation of Corrosion

Design of masonry structures 1997 by Hendry, et al

Concrete materials : problems and solutions 1997 by Levitt

Print Book Design manual for segmental retaining walls 1997 by National Concrete Masonry Association




Repair, protection and waterproofing of concrete structures 1997 by Perkins

Print Book Masonry by 1996 Parkinson, Curtins Consulting Engineers

Schaum's outline of theory and problems of reinforced concrete design 1993 by Everard

Design of a soccer stadium 1984 by Hamidi-Sakr

Reinforced concrete structures subjected to wind and earthquake forces 1980 by American Concrete Institute

Cement manufacturer's handbook 1979 by Kurt E. Peray

Print Book Formwork for concrete, prepared under direction of AGI Committee 377, Formwork for Concrete 1979 by ACI Committee 347

For More Books try:

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su:Reinforced concrete construction

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au="American Concrete Institute"

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su:Concrete construction Standards

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su:Reinforced concrete construction Nondestructive testing

su:Concrete Creep


su:Masonry Maintenance and repair


American Concrete Institute

Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute

National Concrete Masonry Association


Concrete Construction

Concrete Products

Concrete Decor

Concrete Plant International

National Ready Mixed Concrete Assoc.

American Society of Concrete Contractors

Concrete Pumping


Structurae (structures / bridges)

Just Biofiber

38 Creative Cement Innovations

Wavestone Sculpture

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American Concrete Institute Free Videos

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