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Print Book Text Fundamentals of Hydraulic Engineering Systems  2010 by Houghtalen, Akan, Hwang

Nalluri & Featherstone's civil engineering hydraulics : essential theory with worked examples 2016 by Marriott, Featherstone, Nalluri

Engineering fluid mechanics 2018 by Hongqing Song

Principles of hydraulic systems design 2015 by Peter Chapple

Print Hydraulics field manual 2001 by Robert O. Parmley

Laboratory work in hydraulic engineering 2006 by G. L. Asawa

Hydraulic modeling 2016 by Li︠a︡tkher, Prudovskiĭ

Fluid mechanics and pipe flow : turbulence, simulation, and dynamics 2009 by Matos, Valerio

Pipe Flow : a Practical and Comprehensive Guide 2012 by Rennels, Hudson

Steel Pipe : a Guide For Design And Installation (M14) 2004 by American Water Works Association

Fluid transport : pipes 2016 by Jean-Paul Duroudier

Variable flow pipework systems 2006 by Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers

Analysis and modelling of non-steady flow in pipe and channel networks 2013 by Vinko Jovic

Pipelines : design, applications, and safety 2012 by Rivero, Mansillo

Oil and gas pipelines : integrity and safety handbook 2015 by R. Winston Revie

Modeling and monitoring of pipelines and networks : advanced tools for automatic monitoring and supervision of pipelines 2017 by Verde, Torres

Open Channel Hydraulics 2006 by A. Osman Akan

Hydraulics of Open Channel Flow 2004 by Hubert Chanson

Numerical modeling in open channel hydraulics 2010 by Romuald Szymkiewicz

Environmental Hydraulics for Open Channel Flows 2004 by Hubert Chanson

su:Channels (Hydraulic engineering)

Modeling, control and optimization of water systems : systems engineering methods for control and decision making tasks

Mathematical optimization of water networks 2012 by Alexander Martin

Offshore pipelines : design, installation, and maintenance 2014 by Boyun Guo

Water engineering : hydraulics, distribution, and treatment 2015 by Wang, Shammas

Water engineering 2011 by Dominic P. Torres

Water resources planning and management 2011 by Grafton, Hussey

Print Book Water-resources engineering 2006 by David A. Chin

Geospatial tools for urban water resources 2013 by Patrick Lloyd Lawrence

The Water Sensitive City 2016 by Gary Grant

Forecasting urban water demand 2008 by Billings, Jones

Preparing Urban Water Use Efficiency Plans A Best Practice Guide 2013 by Lisa Maddaus

su:Water conservation

The great lead water pipe disaster 2006 by Werner, Troesken

Safe water from every tap : improving water service to small communities 1997 by National Research Council (U.S.)

Renewal engineering for drinking water pipelines by Sunil Sinha

Water reuse : potential for expanding the nation's water supply through reuse of municipal wastewater 2012 by National Research Council (U.S.)

Xenobiotics in the urban water cycle : mass flows, environmental processes, mitigation and treatment strategies 2010 by Fatta-Kassinos, Bester, Kümmerer

Water supply in emergency situations 2007 by NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Supply of Water to Cities in Emergency Situations

Training workbook on water safety plans for urban systems 2008 by World Health Organization

Rainwater tank systems for urban water supply : design, yield, energy, health risks, economics and social perceptions 2015 by Sharma, Begbie, Gardner

Contested water : the struggle against water privatization in the United States and Canada 2013 by Joanna L. Robinson

Privatizing water : governance failure and the world's urban water crisis 2010 by Karen J. Bakker

Water utility capital financing 2014 by American Water Works Association


su:Water supply

su:Municipal water supply

Buried flexible steel pipe : design and structural analysis 2009 by William R. Whidden, American Society of Civil Engineers

Wastewater collection system modeling and design 2007 by Thomas M. Walski, et al

Gravity sanitary sewer design and construction 2007 by American Society of Civil Engineers, Water Environment Federation, et al

Sewers : replacement and new construction 2004 by Geoffrey F. Read

Alternative sewer systems 2008 by James F. Kreissl, Water Environment Federation

Source Separation and Decentralization for Wastewater Management 2013 by Tove A. Larsen

Managing wastewater in coastal urban areas 1993 by National Research Council (U.S.)

su:Coastal zone management

Predicting the remaining economic life of wastewater pipes ; Phase 1 development of standard data structure to support wastewater pipe condition and performance prediction 2011 by Sinha, Angkasuwansiri, Thomasson

Optimal real-time control of sewer networks 2005 by Marinaki, Papageorgiou

Sewer Lateral Electro Scan Field Verification Pilot 2014 by Jerome Flogel

Assessing the Impacts of Pulp Loading from Non-Dispersible Materials on Downstream Sewer Systems 2016 by John Pastore

Carbon monoxide poisoning and death after the use of explosives in a sewer construction project 1998 by National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

su:Sewerage Design and construction

su:Sewerage, Rural Design and construction

su:Sewer pipe Design and construction

su:Sewerage Maintenance and repair

Dams : impacts, stability and design 2009 by Hayes, Barnes

Steel penstocks 2012 by John H. Bambei Jr., American Society of Civil Engineers

Rock Grouting at Dam Sites 2018 by Ewert, Hungsberg

Check dams, morphological adjustments and erosion control in torrential streams 2010 by Consesa Garcia, Lenzi

Dam Failure Mechanisms and Risk Assessment 2016 by Zhang, Peng, Chang, Xu

Hydraulic fracturing in earth-rock fill dams 2014 by Wang, Jiaotong

Three Gorges Dam : environmental monitoring network and practice 2018 by Huang, Wu

Steel Water Storage Tanks 1997 by AWWA Staff


su:TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING Civil Dams & Reservoirs


Plumbing engineering & design handbook of tables 2008 by American Society of Plumbing Engineers

Basic science concepts and applications : student workbook 2010 by American Water Works Association

Hydrodynamics of pumps 2011 by Christopher E. Brennen

Pumps & pump systems II 2015 American Society of Plumbing Engineers

Pump wisdom : problem solving for operators and specialists 2011 by Heinz P. Bloch

su:Pumping machinery

National water resources challenges facing the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 2011 by National Research Council (U.S.)

Water sources 2010 by Paul Koch, American Water Works Association

Twort's water supply 2009 by Don D. Ratnayaka, et al

Sustainable water engineering : theory and practice 2014 by Chandrappa, Das

Alternative water supply systems 2015 by Memon, Ward

A practical approach to water conservation for commercial and industrial facilities 2007 by Mohan Seneviratne

au="American Water Works Association."

Hydraulic Structures : Probabilistic Approaches to Maintenance 2004 by Walter O. Wunderlich

Stormwater conveyance modeling and design 2003 by S. Rocky Durrans

Urban stormwater management in the United States 2009 by National Research Council (U.S.)

Wetland systems : storm water management control 2011 by Miklas Scholz

su:Runoff Management

Opportunities in Dam Planning and Management : a Communication Practitioner's Handbook for Large Water Infrastructure 2011 by Haas, Mazzei, O'Leary

Hydropolitics of Dams : Engineering or Ecosystems? 2009 by Mark Everard

Concrete pressure pipe 2008 by American Water Works Association

su:Hydraulic structures Design and construction

su:Dams Design and construction   

Fluid flow in the subsurface : history, generalization and applications of physical laws 2016 by Hui-Hai Liu

Hydraulic fracturing 2015 by Smith, Montgomery

Handbook of hydraulic fracturing 2016 by James G. Speight

Fracking : the operations and environmental consequences of hydraulic fracturing 2013 by Holloway, Rudd

Principles of water treatment 2012 by Crittenden, et al

Wave mechanics and wave loads on marine structures 2015 by P. Boccotti

su:Hydraulic engineering


su:Pipe Fluid dynamics


su:Gas distribution

su:Gas pipes

su:Channels (Hydraulic engineering)

su:Water supply

su:Water Purification

su:Hydraulic fracturing

au=American Water Works Association


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Hydraulic Engineering by Federal Waterways Engineering, Germany

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Seven wonders of the industrial world. Episode 4 : The Sewer King 2014 by Kanopy (Firm)

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