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Civil Engineering: Traffic Eng.

Evaluation of Intelligent Road Transport Systems : Methods and Results 2016 by Meng Lu

Smart Planning : Sustainability and Mobility in the Age of Change 2018 by Papa, Fistola, Gargiulo

Driver acceptance of new technology : theory, measurement and optimization 2014 by Regan, Horberry, Stevens

Sustainable transportation planning : tools for creating vibrant, healthy, and resilient communities 2012 by Jeffrey Tumlin

Sustainable logistics and transportation : optimization models and algorithms 2017 by Cinar, Gakis, Pardalos

Concise encyclopedia of traffic & transportation systems 1991 by M. Papageorgiou

Applications of agent technology in traffic and transportation 2005 by Klügl, Bazzan, Ossowski

Preservation approaches for high-traffic-volume roadways 2011 National Research Council (U.S.). Transportation Research Board

Freeway traffic modelling and control 2018 by Ferrara, Sacone, Siri

UR:BAN human factors in traffic : approaches for safe, efficient and stress-free urban traffic 2018 by Bengler, et al

Pedestrian facilities : engineering and geometric design 2010 by John G. Schoon

Within walking distance : creating livable communities for all 2017 by Philip Langdon

Cycling and sustainability 2012 by John Parkin

Planning and preliminary engineering applications guide to the Highway capacity manual 2016 by National Cooperative Highway Research Program

Highway capacity manual : U.S. customary units 2000 by National Research Council (U.S.) Transportation Research Board

Traffic engineering handbook 2016 Institute of Transportation Engineers

California manual of temporary traffic control : 2012 field guide for temporary traffic control : for construction and maintenance work zones 2012 by California Department of Transportation

Practical road safety auditing 2015 by Belcher, Proctor, Cook

Road traffic : safety, modeling & impacts 2009 by Paterson, Allan

Mathematical methods for accident reconstruction : a forensic engineering perspective 2010 by Franck, Franck

Strengthening road safety legislation : a practice and resource manual for countries 2013 by World Health Organization

Statistical techniques for transportation engineering 2017 by Molugaram, Rao

Highway travel time estimation with data fusion 2016 by Francesc Soriguera Martí

Highway traffic monitoring and data quality 2008 by Michael Dalgleish

Human factors for highway engineers 2002 by Fuller, Santos

Strategic highway research : saving lives, reducing congestion, improving quality of life 2001

Where the weather meets the road : a research agenda for improving road weather services 2004 by National Research Council (U.S.)

Geographic information systems in transportation research 2000 by Jean-Claude Thill

Manual on uniform traffic control devices : for streets and highways 2009 by United States Federal Highway Administration

Transportation Planning Handbook 2016 by Institute of Transportation Engineers

Making public transport work 2004 by Mark Bunting

Infrastructure : rebuilding, repairing and restructuring 2009 by Jason R. Baren

Handbook of transport systems and traffic control 2009 by Button, Hensher

Introduction to modern traffic flow theory and control : the long road to three-phase traffic theory 2009 by B. S. Kerner

A field guide to roadside technology 2006 by Edwin J. C. Sobey

Statistical techniques for transportation engineering 2017 by Molugaram, Rao

Mileage-based user fees for transportation funding : a primer for state and local decisionmakers 2012 by Sorensen, Ecola, Wachs

Fatal exit : the automotive black box debate 2005 by Tom Kowalick

The Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program : assessing 10 years of experience 2002 by National Research Council (U.S.)

Control of traffic systems in buildings 2006 by Sandor A. Markon

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