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Civil Engineering: Construction Materials


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Basic construction materials 2011 by Theodore W. Marotta

The science of construction materials 2009 by  Hansen, Jensen

Construction calculations manual 2012 by Sidney M. Levy

Print Materials for civil and highway engineers 1998 Derucher, Korfiatis, Ezeldin

Print Civil engineering materials 2001 by Shan Somayaji

Print Materials for civil and construction engineers 2011 by Mamlouk, Zaniewski

Building materials in civil engineering 2011 by Haimei Zhang

Building materials : properties, performance, and applications by Cornejo, Haro

High-performance construction materials : science and applications 2008 by Shi, Mo

Developments in fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites for civil engineering 2013 by Nasim Uddin

Fundamentals of building construction : materials and methods 2013 by Allen, Iano

Multi-story precast concrete framed structures 2013 by Kim S. Elliott

The science of construction materials 2009 by Freiesleben. Ole Mejlhede. Jensen

Materials and technologies for green construction 2015 by Mohammad Arif Kamal

Green building products : the GreenSpec guide to residential building materials 2008 by Wilson, Piepkorn, BuildingGreen, Inc.

Toxicity of building materials 2012 by Torgal, Jalali, Fucic

Sensor technologies for civil infrastructures. Volume 1, Sensing hardware and data collection methods for performance assessment 2014 by Wang, Lynch, Sohn

Cement manufacturer's handbook 1979 by Kurt E. Peray

Print Book PCI design handbook : precast and prestressed concrete 2004 by Martin, Perry, Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute.

Print Book Seismic design of precast/prestressed concrete structures 2007 by Cleland, Ghosh, Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute.

Modern Concrete Construction Manual : Structural Design, Material Properties, Sustainability 2014 by Martin Peck

Advanced concrete technology : constituent materials 2003 by Newman, Choo

Concrete construction engineering handbook 2008 by Edward G. Nawy

Concrete materials : problems and solutions 1997 by M. Levitt

Corrosion of Steel in Concrete : Prevention, Diagnosis, Repair 2013 by Luca Bertolini, et al

Design of concrete structures using high-strength steel reinforcement 2011 by Federal Highway Administration

Composite structures of steel and concrete beams, slabs, columns, and frames for buildings 2007 by R. P. Johnson

Prestressed concrete bridges : design and construction 2012 by Nigel R. Hewson

Eco-efficient concrete 2013 by Fernando Pacheco Torgal

Soil and rock construction materials 1998 by G. H. McNally

Standard specifications for transportation materials and methods of sampling and testing and AASHTO provisional standards 2017 by American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials

Asphalt Pavements 2014 by Y. Richard Kim, ed.

Asphalt materials and mix design manual 1998 by Irving Kett

Pavement design and materials 2008 by Papagiannakis, Masad

Guide for pavement-type selection 2011 by Federal Highway Administration, et al

Advances in asphalt materials : road and pavement construction 2015 by Huang, Di Benedetto

A performance-related specification for hot-mixed asphalt 2011 by National Research Council (U.S.). Transportation Research Board., National Cooperative Highway Research Program., American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials., United States. Federal Highway Administration.

Performance specifications for asphalt mixtures 2016 National Research Council (U.S.). Transportation Research Board,, National Cooperative Highway Research Program, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, United States. Federal Highway Administration

Pavements and Materials : Modeling, Testing, and Performance 2008 by Wang, You, Abbas

Wood handbook : wood as an engineering material 1999 by Forest Products Laboratory (U.S.)

Timber Construction Manual 2012 by Jeff D. D. Linville

Timber construction manual 2004 by Thomas Herzog

Print Standards and design tools 2005 : engineered and traditional wood products 2007 by American Forest & Paper Association, American Wood Council

Structural detailing in timber : a comparative study of international codes and practices 2009 by M. Y. H. Bangash

Emergent timber technologies : materials, structures, engineering, projects 2015 by Jeska, Pascha, Hascher

Environmental geomechanics 2010 by Schrefler, Delage

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