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Civil Engineering: Foundation Eng.

Print Book Soil mechanics and foundation engineering 2008 by P. Purushothama. Raj

Problem solving in foundation engineering using foundationPro 2016 by Mohammad Yamin

Principles and practices of ground improvement 2015 by Jie Han

Holistic simulation of geotechnical installation processes : benchmarks and simulations 2016 by Theodoros Triantafyllidis

Shallow foundations : discussions and problem solving 2016 by Tharwat M. Baban

LRFD design and construction of shallow foundations for highway bridge structures 2010 by United States Federal Highway Administration

Analysis of structures on elastic foundations 2013 by Edward Tsudik

Geotechnical engineering design 2015 by Xiao, Barreto

Print Book Principles of geotechnical engineering 2014 by Braja M. Das

Geotechnical engineering : unsaturated and saturated soils 2013 by J.-L. Briaud

In Situ tests in geotechnical engineering 2015 by Jacques Monnet

Correlations of soil and rock properties in geotechnical engineering 2015 by Ameratunga, Sivakugan, Das

Engineering geomorphology : theory and practice 2007 by Fookes, Lee, Griffiths

Geotechnical engineering design 2015 by Ming, Barreto

Rock Mechanics: Achievements and Ambitions 2011 by Meifeng Cai

Experimental Rock Mechanics 2006 by Kiyoo Mogi

Theory and technology of rock excavation for civil engineering 2016 by Dingxiang Zou

Rock fall engineering 2015 by Duncan C. Wyllie

Soil and rock description in engineering practice 2016 by David Norbury

Soil and rock construction materials 1998 by G. H. McNally

Handbook of clay science 2013 by Bergaya, Lagaly

Sedimentation engineering 2006 by Vito A. Vanoni, American Society of Civil Engineers

Forensic geotechnical engineering 2015 by Rao, Babu

ICE specification for piling and embedded retaining walls 2007 by Institution of Civil Engineers (Great Britain)

Design guidelines for increasing the lateral resistance of highway-bridge pile foundations by improving weak soils 2011 by Rollins, Brown, NRC (U.S.). TRB, NCHRP, AASHTO, USFHA

Design of column-reinforced foundations 2016 by Mounir Bouassida

Pile design and construction rules of thumb 2008 by Ruwan. Rajapakse

Response of Piled Buildings to the Construction of Deep Excavations 2013

Behavior of pipe piles in sand : plugging and pore-water pressure generation during installation and loading 2010 by Magued Iskander

Design Of Pile Foundations In Liquefiable Soils 2009 by Madabhushi Gopal, et al

Single piles in liquefiable ground : seismic response and numerical analysis methods 2016 by Rui Wang

Ground improvement case histories : embankments with special reference to consolidation and other physical methods 2015 by Indraratna, Chu, Rujikiatkamjorn

The Drilling Manual 2015 Edited By Australian Drilling Industry Training Committee Limited

Quality control of soil compaction using ASTM standards 2011 by James R. Talbot, ASTM Committee D-18 on Soil and Rock

Reinforced Soil Engineering 2003 by Ling, Leshchinsky, Tatsuoka

Expansive soils : recent advances in characterization and treatment 2006 by Al-Rawas, Goosen

Engineering Rock Mass Classification : Tunnelling, Foundations and Landslides 2011 by R. K. Goel, Bhawani. Singh

Print Book Manual of below-grade waterproofing systems 2000 by Henshell, Griffin

Permafrost foundations : state of the practice 2007 by Edwin S. Clarke, Technical Council on Cold Regions Engineering

Print Book Design manual for segmental retaining walls 1997 by James G. Collin, National Concrete Masonry Association

Print Book Guidelines of engineering practice for braced and tied-back excavations 1997 by American Society of Civil Engineers Committee on Earth Retaining Structures

Manual for design & construction monitoring of soil nail walls 1998 United States Federal Highway Administration

Rock Grouting at Dam Sites 2018 by Ewert, Hungsberg

Railroad ballast testing and properties 2018 by ASTM International Symposium on Railroad Ballast Testing and Properties

Drilled shafts : construction procedures and design methods 1999 United States. Federal Highway Administration

Recommendations on Piling (EA Pfhle) 2013 Johnson, "Pfähle."

Deepwater Foundations and Pipeline Geomechanics 2010 by William O. McCarron

Testing and specification of recycled materials for sustainable geotechnical construction 2012 by Tuncer B. Edil

Too high and too steep : reshaping Seattle's topography 2015 by David B. Williams

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