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Civil Engineering: General


Print Book FE civil review 2017 by Michael R. Lindeburg

Fundamentals of Civil Engineering: An Introduction to the ASCE Body of Knowledge 2011 by McCuen, Ezzell, Wong

Handbook of occupational health and wellness 2012 by Gatchel, Schultz

Raise the bar : strengthening the civil engineering profession 2013 by Russell, Lenox

Introduction to infrastructure : an introduction to civil and environmental engineering 2012 by Penn, Parker

A dictionary of construction, surveying, and civil engineering 2012 by Gorse, Johnston, Pritchard

The civil engineering handbook 2003 by Chen, Liew

Preparation of construction specifications for civil projects 2013 by American Society of Civil Engineers

Introduction to civil engineering systems : a systems perspective to the development of civil engineering facilities 2014 by Samuel Labi

Autocad civil 3d 2016 essentials : autodesk official press 2015 by Eric Chappell

Mastering AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014 : Autodesk Official Press 2013 by Holland, Davenport, Chappell

Mastering AutoCAD Civil 3D 2013 2012 by Holland, Mercier

Advanced civil engineering 2009 by Gwen Bloom

Civil engineering technology 2007 by Kevin Gray

Basic civil and environmental engineering 2010 by Kaushik, Bhavikatti, Kaushik

Basic civil engineering 2010 by S. S. Bhavikatti

Mechanics, models and methods in civil engineering 2012 by FreĢmond, Maceri

Multi-hazard approaches to civil infrastructure engineering 2016 by Gardoni, LaFave

Failure case studies in civil engineering : structures, foundations, and the geoenvironment 2012 by Technical Council on Forensic Engineering (American Society of Civil Engineers)

Beyond failure : forensic case studies for civil engineers 2009 by Norbert J. Delatte

Encyclopedia of natural hazards 2013 by Peter T. Bobrowsky

Service life estimation and extension of civil engineering structures 2011 by Karbhari, Lee

Sustainability issues in civil engineering 2016 by Babu, Saride, Basha

Critical Infrastructure Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness 2009 by Radvanovsky, McDougall

Transportation Systems Security 2008 by Radvanovsky, McDougall

Managing measurement risk in building and civil engineering 2015 by Peter Williams

Geological and geotechnical engineering in the new millennium : opportunities for research and technological innovation 2006 by National Research Council (U.S.)

Geothermal Energy Renewable Energy and the Environment 2010 by William E. Glassley

Landmarks in American civil engineering 1987 by Daniel L. Schodek

Print Book Great bridges : from ancient times to the twentieth century 2006 by Wilbur J. Watson

Print Book West Virginia's historic bridges 1984 by Emory L. Kemp

Engineering earth : the impacts of megaengineering projects 2011 by Stanley D. Brunn

Macro-engineering : a challenge for the future 2006 by Badescu, Cathcart, Schuiling

Megaprojects : lessons on risk and project management from the Big Dig  2013 by Virginia Greiman

au="American Society of Civil Engineers."

Rehabilitation of pipelines using fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites 2014 by Vistasp M. Karbhari

Guideline for structural condition assessment of existing buildings 2000 by American Society of Civil Engineers

Below ground pipeline networks for utility cables 2009 by American Society of Civil Engineers

Pedestrian bridges : ramps, walkways, structures 2013 by Keil, McKenna

Art Nature Dialogues : Interviews with Environmental Artists by Grande, Lucie-Smith


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su:Sustainable buildings

su:Pipelines Design and construction

su:Pipelines Maintenance and repair

au="American Society of Civil Engineers."


su:Earthworks (Art)


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Seven wonders of the industrial world Series. Episodes 1-7 2014 by Cadbury, Lindsay, Kanopy


au="American Society of Civil Engineers"

au:(Federal Highway Administration)

au="American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials"

au="National Cooperative Highway Research Program."

au="Structural Engineering Institute."

au="American Association of State Highway and Transportation.”

au="American Water Works Association."

au="National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health."