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Civil Engineering: Transport Eng.

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Print Book Text Traffic and Highway Engineering 2009 by Garber, Hoel

Critical Infrastructure Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness 2009 by Radvanovsky, McDougall

Transportation Systems Security 2008 by Radvanovsky, McDougall

Modern Protective Structures 2008 by Theodor Krauthammer

Engineering economics and finance for transportation infrastructure 2013 by Prassas, Roess

Transportation Planning Handbook 2016 by Institute of Transportation Engineers

Sustainable transportation planning : tools for creating vibrant, healthy, and resilient communities 2012 by Jeffrey Tumlin

Handbook of road ecology by Ree, Smith, Grilo

Making public transport work 2004 by Mark Bunting

Infrastructure : rebuilding, repairing and restructuring 2009 by Jason R. Baren

Handbook of transport systems and traffic control 2009 by Button, Hensher

Geopositioning and Mobility 2013 by Ahmed Nait-Sidi-Moh, et al

Traffic engineering handbook 2015 Institute of Transportation Engineers

Geographic information systems in transportation research 2000 by Jean-Claude Thill

Introduction to modern traffic flow theory and control : the long road to three-phase traffic theory 2009 by B. S. Kerner

Statistical techniques for transportation engineering 2017 by Molugaram, Rao

Transport Eng. 2

Highway engineering 2016 by Martin Rogers

Highway engineering : planning, design, and operations 2016 by Findley, Schroeder, Cunningham, Brown

Highways : the location, design, construction and maintenance of road pavements 2016 by Institution of Civil Engineers (Great Britain)

Print A policy on geometric design of highways and streets, 2001 by American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials

Geometric design projects for highways : an introduction 2000 by John G. Schoon

Trade-off considerations in highway geometric design 2011 by Federal Highway Administration, et al

Freeway geometric design for active traffic management in Europe 2011 by Federal Highway Administration, et al

City logistics : network modelling and intelligent transport systems 2001 by Eiichi Taniguchi

Environmental noise barriers : a guide to their acoustic and visual design 1999 by Kotzen, English

Streets & patterns 2005 by Stephen Marshall

Residential streets 2001 by Walter M. Kulash, American Society of Civil Engineers., Institute of Transportation Engineers., National Association of Home Builders (U.S.), Urban Land Institute

Urban Design : Street and Square 2003 by Cliff Moughtin

Streets and the shaping of towns and cities 2003 by Southworth, Ben-Joseph

Service network design of bike sharing systems : analysis and optimization 2016 by Patrick Vogel

Bike Lanes Are White Lanes : Bicycle Advocacy and Urban Planning 2016 by Melody L. Hoffmann

Creating walkable & bikeable communities 2016 by United States Department of Housing and Urban Development

Freeway traffic modelling and control 2018 by Ferrara, Sacone, Siri

Optimal transportation networks : models and theory by 2009 Bernot, Caselles, Morel

Human factors for highway engineers 2002 by Fuller, Santos

Standard specifications for highway bridges 2002 by American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials

Autonomous vehicle technology : a guide for policymakers 2014 by Rand Corporation, et al

Asphalt materials and mix design manual 1998 by Irving Kett

Pavement design and materials 2008 by Papagiannakis, Masad

Advances in asphalt materials : road and pavement construction 2015 by Huang, Di Benedetto

A performance-related specification for hot-mixed asphalt 2011 by National Research Council (U.S.). Transportation Research Board., National Cooperative Highway Research Program., American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials., United States. Federal Highway Administration.

Performance specifications for asphalt mixtures 2016 National Research Council (U.S.). Transportation Research Board,, National Cooperative Highway Research Program, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, United States. Federal Highway Administration

Pavements and Materials : Modeling, Testing, and Performance 2008 by Wang, You, Abbas

Landmark American bridges 1993 by Eric. DeLony, American Society of Civil Engineers

Strengthening historic covered bridges to carry modern traffic 2010 by Martin B. Reece

Transportation tunnels 2016 by Ponnuswamy, Victor

Practical tunnel construction 2013 by Gary B. Hemphill

Highway and rail transit tunnel inspection manual 2005 by United States Federal Highway Administration

au="Automated Vehicles Symposium"

Evaluation of Intelligent Road Transport Systems : Methods and Results 2016 by Meng Lu

Automotive radar sensors in silicon technologies 2013 by Jain, Heydari

Automotive sensors 2009 by J. D. Turner

Wireless technologies in intelligent transportation systems 2010 by Zhou, Zhang, Yang

Antenna arrays and automotive applications 2013 by Rabinovich, Alexandrov

Transportation in a climate-constrained world 2009 by Andreas Scha╠łfer

Transportation technologies for sustainability 2013 by Ehsani, Wang, Brosch

Creating green roadways : integrating cultural, natural, and visual resources into transportation 2012 by Sipes, Sipes

The future of post-human transportation : a preface to a new theory of networks and operations 2012 by Peter Baofu

Transportation security 2014 by John G. Voeller

Hydrogen storage technologies : new materials, transport, and infrastructure 2012 by Godula-Jopek, Jehle, Wellnitz

Advanced mobility and transport engineering 2012 by Hammadi, Ksouri

Track design handbook for light rail transit 2012 by National Research Council (U.S.). Transportation Research Board

Railway transportation : policies, technology and perspectives 2009 by Nicholas P. Scott

Modelling and managing airport performance 2013 by Zografos, Andreatta, Odoni

Air transportation systems engineering 2001 by George L. Donohue

au="American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials"

su:Transportation Planning

su:Transportation engineering United States Finance

su:Highway engineering

su:Roads Design and construction

su:Streets Design and construction

su:Transportation engineering

su:Transport Planification

su:Bicycle lanes United States

su:Roads Design and construction Environmental aspects



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